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  1. I mean, I do not think this is the best Sims game in the series but I really do enjoy it. I love coming up with fun new scenarios. Building is always fun, of course.
  2. The reason I think the platinum is rare is that people genuinely enjoy the series and take their time getting the platinum. I have been playing this since the day it came out weekly and I still don’t have the platinum. I plan on getting the platinum, but I want to take my time and enjoy the game.
  3. This is a pretty track. I listen to this when relaxing in the tub sometimes.
  4. Trophies have no real value as it is. A company can sell you virtual achievements, but you can’t sell them to anyone else.
  5. It really depends on proportions, homie. Too much tit can be, well... too much sometimes.
  6. Cloud Rap Gabber Chopped and Screwed Digital Hardcore Ambient Grindcore Skate Punk Classical: Impressionist Footwork Emotional Hardcore
  7. I drink mead... Exclusively from the horn of a ram, of course.
  8. You forgot to mention that you have to select the Colts.
  9. Disappointed that no one has shared any XXYYXX yet...
  10. Go for the kill; destroying the limbs is always a trap, allowing the boss to charge its super attack by the time you destroy his/her limbs. Realistic physics or over the top rag-doll physics?
  11. Kappa Mikey. :PPP So glad you can get this show on the Playstation Store. It is almost impossible to find anywhere else.
  12. Smile of a champion, right there! We could have beautiful, awkward-grinning children!!!! So yes.