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  1. For me, the plan was to go A+ for all but it popped up out of nowhere after I got most of them.
  2. Good morning/day/evening PSNProfiles family, it has been a few months since I have been away from this website due to focusing on university. Now I have returned and Destiny is becoming the well hyped game with the Beta in a few days and all. The reason for this post is because Bungie has created the clan feature for Destiny which allows players to make clans on the Bungie website for Destiny. I hadn't seen any topics about it and I thought it will be best to post here since the game doesn't have a trophy list and I could recreate this post when it does come with a trophy list on its respected forum section. Also, you can start adding people to clans so it can be helpful for grouping beta players together! I have done something similar with GTA 5 Crews last year and the thread I made for reference can be shown here - Post your GTA 5 Crews here! I thought it will be cool if we can post our clans we have made or are joining and allow others to see and join! I think the best way to post each of our clans would be to follow this structure using my clan as an example: Clan Name: When Pigs Fly Clan Tag: WPF Clan Platforms: PS3/PS4/X360/XB1 (Mainly a PS clan but Xbox players also welcome) Clan Page Link: Clan Message: Bringing players together mainly from Australia and all over the world so we can take on Strikes, Raids and PvP. Clan based on PS4. Clan Membership Restrictions: Open to all.
  3. Yeah, Flair should just avoid TV since there isn't much for him to do. That segment was a waste of a few minutes just for him to say "CENAWINSLOL". I just hope Roman wins and spears the living daylight out of Cena haha.
  4. Yeah, 5GB is pretty much the average size of a digital PS3 game so I hope the DLC is lengthy as the original story itself!
  5. You have a point, there isn't anything to replace it with and I own most of the PS4 retail and digital games. I really did want Outlast.
  6. Excellent month but my concern is with Outlast, reading the comments from the blog, it says that Aussies like myself might not get Outlast due to the classification of the game still being rated. It also says we get a replacement title if we don't get Outlast. So hopefully, we do get Outlast since I would love to play it and also if we don't get it, I hope the replacement is a good PS4 game.
  7. Make this happen Sly! I can see people going over to Premium for features just like this.
  8. Right on the dot on this one, for me, I have been using my real details for my account since I just got a PS3/Vita this year. I doubt anyone has hacked Sony or they would have their whole server down to keep it secure again and tell everyone to change their passwords. Because this isn't happening to everyone, it might also be that the users of those accounts have constant logins at different ip addresses here and there (probably getting dynamic ip addresses) and therefore can make them think its "insecure" and hence the forced password resets. I hadn't been affected by this yet and I have no clue if I would be affected by this. Only time will tell for the rest of us.
  9. Well true, but the dude didn't hack this game and the competition is about A-men 2 which he did legit. I'm not supporting hackers but if one can do a legit completion of a game for a purpose of competition and show proof that they did it legit, then its fine. Although if the rules didn't require you to show proof, then I would be against Solid. The important thing out of this is that we got a competition where people had fun doing their best to complete a very hard game and at the same time trying to earn some super awesome prizes (Thanks Blooper Team for doing the contest here). I just hope we get more competitions in the future, I didn't attempt this competition because I already own a Vita and I'm getting my PS4 in Day 1 Midnight Launch here in Australia so I thought it would be unfair for people who don't own or are getting either console. If I did win it, I would of asked to have the lifetime game prize as that would benefit me more.
  10. You gotta give Vivan credit where credit is due. Vivan basically planned out the trophy unlocking so he can unlock it in a very short time, very deserving and strategic of a PS4 and congratulations! Also happy to see PSNProfiles first competition from a game developer turned out to be a success, lets just hope other developers do the same and have more people enter it next time.
  11. I honestly couldn't care who builds my PS4, as long as I'm able to pick it up on the 29th of November at Midnight with no faults on the console. Even if a bunch of squirrels built my PS4 and left a lot of nuts inside the PS4 but it still runs like a charm, not a problem at all because the damn thing works and that's what it is all about.
  12. Whoever gets 100% on all those achievements for each of those apps has to be either the biggest couch potato on Earth or a very "dedicated" achievement hunter.
  13. Does anyone know if it is possible to link a secondary account from another region to your PS4 to buy out of region games like Sound Shapes so your main account can play it (like how it can be done on the PS3)? Curious to know if it is still possible just like the PS3.
  14. Just hit Trophy Level 15! Now I need your help brothers and sisters, I'm trying to complete as many games as I can before I pick up my PS4 on the 29th of November. Can anyone please recommend me out of the games I own, any easy games that I can plat fast (or any fun plats)? I'm on holidays for 14 weeks anyways so time isn't a factor. The games I own are here -

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Tidus


      Hmm, Saints Row The Third is pretty easy and fun and why not plat Tekken Tag Tournament 2 too since you're so close to getting all the trophies?

    3. GetMitched


      I have Remember Me from PS+ and as for Tekken, I traded it in along with Injustice since I got bored of going for the rest of the trophies. :P

    4. Tidus


      lol so close

  15. Yeah same here, no problems on my end.