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    PS3, Vita, PC and Nintendo exclusive games. I like pizza. I am also a fan of RPGs.

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  1. It would be wise to just buy another slim. But about $120 I'd say to get it fixed. definetly over $100.
  2. I picked less then 10 hours a week. I don't usually play it often but it varies really. I play on my Vita more then my PS3.
  3. This game is really overrated. It's not the best game but it's good. I played it at a friends but I had no desire to buy this game at launch. Beyond two souls on the otherhand is more interesting and it will be a first day release buy. I'll buy this game sometime in the future and I have brothers that want to play this but I'll hold out I'd give this a 8/10 and this game should deserve 8/10-9/10.
  4. 6/10 because of Tobi.
  5. Sorry NightWing You have 2 plat I do not want so I'm going to Dr_mayus. Final fantasy 13-2 trophy.
  6. You will be missed.
  7. July-august of 2010
  8. Good deals but I don't like digital.
  9. Final fantasy X-X-2 Beyond Two souls Kingdom hearts 1.5 HD remix PS4 Lightning returns EDIT:Watch dogs
  10. This happens very rarely (2-3 times) MY vita has froze while playing online on Playstation all stars.
  11. Crysis 3 is very underrated.
  12. Any final fantasy game like 13 would be fantastic on the vita then I can actually play it.
  13. I had a nerdgasm watching this.
  14. I lol'd on the picture. But that's what happens when you put miku on a white PS Vita and make it very limited.
  15. I'm getting the PS3 version. If the Vita ones are 39.99 for both bundled then I'll get the vita ones