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  1. I'd have to say Red Dead Redemption 2. I would have to redo about half of the missions to get the top rank, then hunt down hundreds of hummingbirds and other animals. I'm confident I could do it on a deserted island, but I've got too many other games I've bought to dedicate that kind of time. A lot of the Assassin's Creed games have the same requirements for me, but I'm chipping away at those slowly.
  2. It's worth playing, it's just not as good as the first two. I found it easier as well, but maybe that's because after 300+ hours combined I had gotten pretty good at the Judgement Ring.
  3. Shadow Hearts Shadow Hearts Covenant Lunar Silver Story Lunar Eternal Blue Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger vs Dark Death Evilman Xenosaga Xenosaga II Legend of Legaia and throw in Koudelka because I'll never be able to afford it otherwise Well.....I wholeheartedly agree for the first two......
  4. This isn't really a trophy question, but here goes anways... If I purchase the DLC, will it unlock the cosmetics for everyone that plays on my main console (ie: both my kids as well)? I don't mind supporting the devs in a f2p game by buying cosmetics that don't affect gameplay, but I don't want to buy it three times for all three of us.
  5. Were you playing on the same system? We had that issue playing couch co-op on the PS3 with some of the "Reach Lvl 60" trophies...only player 1 would get them.
  6. Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters, trophy #781. It also appears to be my rarest trophy by number of achievers, with 29 total. I was #24.
  7. Yeah, all you need is the one character from each Level Pack to unlock the Level. (You also need a vehicle tag, but you can keep overwriting it.)
  8. I guess it would have to be a super cheap PS1, as Koudelka goes for over $100 on it's own I never played Koudelka, but I played the games that came after it (The Shadow Hearts series), and I really liked them. They were all turn based combat, though.
  9. Hey man, you do you. I've got a few games I keep pushing back because I don't wan't to play multiplayer. Of course, I've got so many games piled up untouched that it's easy to move on from having to replay 30 or so Assassin's Creed levels to get that 100%.
  10. Sadly, I tried this three times today with no luck. I tried quitting just after the whistle, showing the team cheering, and the team celebration pose, all with no luck. Fortunately, I only need 20 more wins to reach level 20 the slow way.
  11. Wow, dude, you are a friggin lifesaver. There it was, big as life, now downloading. I dedicate my upcoming Platinum to you!!!
  12. I had redeemed the game through PS Plus a few years ago, but it won't let me download it. Has anyone else had this problem? I'm at 98% complete, and I deleted it thinking I could just redownload it. The only thing the PSN store says is that it's unavailable because I didn't preorder it.
  13. Through the playstation store website? The game isn't listed in my 388ish "purchases".
  14. I'm only resurrecting this thread because I remembered reading it a while ago. I won the Platinum trophy this week, and out of the blue I got the email with the Theme/Avatar codes.
  15. I never really got around to posting my last completion, but I did finish my last game (Minecraft Story Mode) that I needed for the number 1. Thanks for setting up this challenge, it helped me finish off some games I had wandered away from.
  16. I haven't posted an update in awhile, so here goes. 0 - Burly Men At Sea 1 - nothing yet! 2 - Thomas Was Alone 3 - Tales Of Monkey Island Chapter 1: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal 4 - Dreambreak 5 - Lego Marvel Avengers 6 - nothing yet! 7 - Hitman Go: Definitive Edition 8 - Overcooked! 9 - Jurrasic Park: The Depths So, I've got just two left. I'm thinking Minecraft Story Mode (ps3), and Lara Croft Go.
  17. I wasn't aware that the URL from that place isn't allowed here.... But greetings to my 6/6 challenge brother!
  18. A different trophy tracking website has a "Bean Dive" event, where you start as many unstarted games as you can to tank your completion %. You then have one year to try and recover the % you had before you began your "dive". I personally started 18 games over the last few days, dropping 8.65%. I now need to get 339 trophies to get back to where I started.
  19. I got hung up beginning a Bean Dive, but now I can get back on track and knock out some more games for this website's challenge. Oh, the work I make for myself.
  20. Uhh, yeah....about that....I just completed yesterday.... 0 - Burly Men At Sea Boy, that's awkward.
  21. Well, I was able to knock a couple of quick ones out... 0 - 1 - 2 - Thomas Was Alone (1932) 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - Jurassic Park: The Depths (1189)
  22. Hey, I'll join. This looks like a fun way to get me to concentrate on certain games, rather than just look at my menu and see what I feel like playing.
  23. I screamed and panicked once when the Scissorman was hiding outside the bathroom in Clock Tower...every other time I hid in the bathroom he would wander off, but when I opened the door this time, there he was. I may have screamed a little.
  24. Just incase anyone is wondering, the Hong Kong DLC is STILL available, and STILL works with the US disc. I showed up late to the party, but rolled the dice today, and it all still works as explained above. Thanks to all!
  25. Vancouver? You mean Toronto...I know what you mean, they were 8 minutes away from a first round exit, now they are waiting for the finals to begin...crazy...