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  1. Hey, just a random guy here... just wanted to let you know you're one of the best writers on this site. Your most recent platinum reviews are a delight.


    So, uhh, you're pretty good, I guess. Keep on doing them there good things and stuff.

    1. rjkclarke


      Thank you so much that really does mean a lot!! Thanks for the follow as well by the way. Honestly though, that genuinely put a smile on my face to hear you say that.


      I've really enjoyed writing those platinum reviews over the last few months, I'm almost a bit annoyed at myself I hadn't started to write them sooner, because there are so many games I've played that I'd love to share my thoughts on. I might get find a place to add some of them at some point if I can figure out an appropriate place to put them. I can't really put a platinum from 2010 in the Most Recent Platinum thread haha.


      Seriously though thanks for posting this, its really nice to see someone has actually been reading and enjoyin them, I find them really cathartic write, plus its always nice to read other peoples views on games you've played or maybe plan to play. I worry I'm maybe a little too positive sometimes, but I honestly just try and see the best in things, if theres something I don't like though I won't hesitate to mention it.


      Apologies for the long rambly reply haha!! I guess that tends to be something I do without thinking. Again thank you for the kind words, they really are much appreciated.