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  1. wellcome to the forgotten club! Last news I read was that they’re stuck atm. They’re waiting for a complete update of the software to be able to bypass the online. With the current software it’s not possible
  2. That happened to me too. Apparently if you go to offline lobby with the internet on after doing the first glitch run, you get locked. I have to try today what someone posted: Start the game (internet on) Offline lobby (internet on) Main menu (internet on) Online lobby (after cutscene and blue logo, when loading logo bottom right, then internet off) Offline lobby (internet off and once in the lobby, internet on) Main menu (internet on) Online lobby (internet on then off as described and repeat as before) I’ll post feedback later on
  3. Thanks a lot for the video. I still don’t get why you need to exit the game I order to do the glitch again. That was never explained on the previous posts.
  4. I would rather go to offline without connecting the internet. Today I messed it up with that and I ended up ruining the exploit after only 200k. On the link you posted about a further 3.5m I can’t see anything related to that amount
  5. Thanks for your feedback! 👍🏼
  6. I know that post. I had to get through it since I got flagged because of something that was not fair. So that’s the point of my “stupid question”. Thankfully for you being arrogant was not among the reasons why you can get banned.
  7. Any admin to confirm please?
  8. My question is: is this Online to offline exploit flaggable?
  9. Please someone tell me if I’m wrong, but last thing I read was that once you’re free time is up, you get capped to level 35 but you can still keep playing. Personally I bought Shadowbringers complete edition and now I’m done with main quest and most of the crafting trophies, so my plan is to keep crafting and clearing stuff so by the time my free 30 days end I’ll keep doing levequest until I’m approaching 1000. I’ll get a monthly subscription then so I can unlock that last trophy and the plat. As a Final Fantasy fan I have to say my heart is divided with this game. Is a completely different concept. There’re some parts I like and some others are quite boring/annoying to me. But no means shall you expect a regular Final Fantasy game.
  10. I’ve been doing some research and he’s right. Only the season pass one costs 20€/$ and then you have to get some of the packs from season two (all added is way more than 30€/$). It will drop way more eventually so I won’t get it now.
  11. Thanks a lot man! This game is in my backlog but because of the grind I was looking forward to start. Will do this evening!
  12. I’m also interested. I’ve checked and Green Cities are free indeed. But on the trophy section from the game there are quite a bunch of packs besides Green Cities...
  13. I really appreciate your advice guys. I’m a final fantasy fan so I’m not only playing for the plat. I’m glad that I posted the threat because that’s exactly what I wanted, how to plan this game. I will play with the free trial up until I reach level 30 and then I’ll move to the complete edition, that I bought already some months ago. I read on some different websites that the time limitation for the free trial is not there anymore because squarenix decided to lift. In any case it doesn’t seem a good idea to stay 5 months on the trial and then rush everything else in one month according to your comments. I think I can say I’m kind of familiar with grindy games, and the one thing that I’m kind of glad about this one is that you are capped so you don’t need to play all 1000 levequest in row. @Tetho_mig, when the time comes (I definitely don’t expect it to be in the next months) I’ll be really thankful if you could give me a hand with that beast. Thanks again for that info, I hope it doesn’t glitch anything.
  14. Thanks for the tip!