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  1. wow thanks a lot man! That was really kind and well explained! I’ve just created a session so that maybe someone can join and give me a hand. Once again thanks for your tips and help!
  2. Sorry to sneak in. I just got the plat and Baba Yaga DLC and now I’m planning to go for endurance (both solo and coop). Is the online game still active ? Or does it take a lot to find someone to get the trophies?
  3. In case someone is on my situation, I can confirm now that in order to play the DLC cases you MUST play through the whole game in order to complete the last one. What I did was try and speed run with the five stars guide but it still takes quite a while.
  4. Doesn’t sound that tedious then. Thanks!
  5. I platted this game ages ago but I recently got a complete edition version of the game so I can also 100% it. After installing the game I’ve realised they’re meant to be completely different serial numbers so my previous save files won’t work on the complete edition. Does anyone know how long it will take me to the point where I can play the dlc missions? I really don’t feel like going through a whole Rockstar game again only to complete some stuff. Thanks for any help
  6. Thanks for that! I’ll try to keep track of any news regarding those periods. Last time I checked I think I was at around 600, so I’m actually getting closer. Two of those free periods and I might be finally done.
  7. Does anybody know if people who have already paid the subscription at least once can get the free trial too? I’m halfway through the levequest and that would cut a bit of costs towards the trophy...
  8. It might have sounded more catastrophic than what I really meant. I don’t mean the game is a 9/10 on difficulty. I just meant that the vita version of the game is tougher than PS3 version because of the controls and the race trophies and missions. Based on that feeling (and many other players opinions) I think that the difficulty of the vita version should be raised a couple of points, but definitely not more than 5/10. Again, that’s only my opinion. To be totally honest it took me a bit more than it took you to get the race trophies even if I’d read and watched several posts and videos about them. I’m about to plat the game now but I’m really hesitant about R&C 2 and 3. I’ll keep tracking any news that might change my mind!
  9. Although I still don’t have the plat, at the stage I’m at on the road to the platinum I have to say I strongly disagree with the difficulty on the trophy guide. I don’t suck at platforms and I think I have some reasons to give some opinions about difficulty based on my trophy cabinet. The guide is probably based on the PS3 version of the game, but the controls in PsVita are just horrible. The race related trophies are a huge nightmare in PsVita so if you’re planning to start this game based on the info you have on the guide be aware that you’re going to suffer quite a lot even if you’re kind of skilled on platforms. I’d make a note on the guide raising the difficulty to at least 5 for vita users.
  10. NES Game Gear SNES Mega Drive Game Boy (+ pocket +color) Playstation Playstation 2 PSP Wii Nintendo DS (+DSi +3DS) PlayStation 3 PsVita Playstation 4 Nintendo Switch Seriously considering moving to Microsoft on the next gen. I fell like Sony has f* it up quite a lot lately with the PS4 selling strategy (HD size and Pro) and especially with PsPlus and PsNow.
  11. I actually bought the Shadowbringers complete edition, and story wise atm I’m somewhere in between the ARR base game and the first add on (Heaven), but my backlog is pushing so hard and the intense gameplay I’ve had with the game are pushing me to a break. I probably take the story back when I’ll have to get the subscription to unlock the last three trophies, but for now I definitely need a break. I’ll keep playing (if Square Enix let me do so) I order to keep the fates and the leves up but just for a few hours every now and then. I do appreciate your feedback anyway!
  12. That was my plan actually. I really wish I’d found this chart when I started. Atm I only have 8 days left. My plan now is to keep building allowances for the leves and once I’m done with them I’ll pay a month subscription so I can unlock my three trophies left (fates, leves and 10k monsters), because afaik you can keep playing with your level capped to 35 but trophies won’t unlock. Now I’m logging in every 10 days so I can clear the leves and boost some fates. Thanks for your tips and I wish my plan can also help some one else.
  13. Thanks for the tips! It sounds a bit complicated tbh since my only decent level is PLD. I think I’ll just go easy and boost west Thanalan whenever they spawn. Thanks again anyway for the tips!
  14. Guys sorry to sneak in, but how do you manage to do 20 fates in one hour? I’m level 59 (PLD) and because of the sync level I struggle to finish both fates alive, leave aside the time factor... am I missing something?
  15. Sorry if I take advantage, but I’m currently playing the game and I have some questions. I bought the shadowbringers complete edition and I still have some of my available days of play. I’m planning to clean almost every trophy before it ends, but I don’t think I’ll manage to get the 1000 Fates and of course levequest will be pending too. Did you continue playing even if capped so you could make some progress levequest wise or you left it aside completely while there was no free play time.