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  1. Ok so I ended up getting the Shadowbringers complete edition which seems to be the final version. Now I’ve been researching again and some people say you need 6 months subscription (because of the levequest trophy) and some others say you can do it with your one month subscription included on the physical game by playing free trial up until you’re one month away from the plat. Can anyone clarify this please? I’m also a bit confused about FATE trophy. Do you need to be at a certain point in the game to start doing this? Do you need to be levelled up? What’s exactly the plan for this trophy? Many thanks in advance
  2. Thanks! Quite useful too! How can I check the servers in my Data Centre? Is that something I need to do in game or through the internet?
  3. Thanks for the info. So let’s say I buy the Shadowbringers complete edition (which I think includes the base game plus most expansions), can I play 6 months and then buy another month subscription? Or do I have to keep buying the subscription if I want to keep playing?
  4. Hi everyone! Recently I have started considering this game as one of my biggest targets. I’ve started my research about the game itself and the trophy guide, but it’s a bit overwhelming how much info there is about it. The first main question is: what’s actually the difference among the different version (trophy wise)? There’s like one thousand versions of the same game even on physical copies! You have the starter pack, the complete edition, the normal shadowbringers, the shadowbringers complete edition... And then... you also have monthly subscriptions!! The funnier thing is after all this mess you go to the trophy guide and it’s 900 hours or 6 months anyway if you plan it really well. So here’s my big main question: What versión of the game so you need for the plat? Also, if the minimum time required is 6 months, do you need to pay the game plus 6 months subscription or is there any other way to skip the subscription? Any help would be much appreciated, so thanks in advance!
  5. Hi! Still waiting for Mortal Kombat Vita conformation I found someone who tried GoneSpy on it and couldn’t connect. It’s actually the first result if you type “GoneSpy Mortal Kombat” (don’t want to post spam). I still see the game on the untested games on the thread though. Any news? thanks!
  6. Thanks again for the info. I have two vitas. Is it possible to play ad hoc using the same account? I would have both game on digital version since it was a psn plus game years ago
  7. Hi! I’m planning to play this game again after so many years. I’ve seen that you can play on either vita, PS3 or PS4. Is there any significant difference among them that might make the platinum easier or more difficult (or grindier)? thanks
  8. Thanks for the info. That wouldn’t include ranked matches anyway right? Basically ranked matches trophy is gone I guess
  9. Not worth it. Thanks for the explanation.
  10. Hi everyone. I have a PsVita with my current European account. I was planning to get some games from the NA store sales but I’m not pretty sure I’ll be able to download them into my European account. I have PS3 and PS4 so I could download them into the consoles and the from them to the Vita, but will the games work? Thanks
  11. That’d be something! Did you manage to play versus ad hoc at the end? We’re also waiting for someone to the test the GoneSpy thing on it. I’m terribly bad at that so I couldn’t even manage to set up the software...
  12. Hi everyone. I’m planning to boost the online trophies of the Ultra version. I’ve been doing some research and the arcade and ultra DLC online trophies are quite easy, but the main game is quite messy. I’ve been looking for a guide for main game online trophies but the one here is a bit over the place. Please don’t get me wrong, the trophy guide is great, but it doesn’t give a guideline to get the online trophies in a quick and tidy way. I know it’s a lot of matches to play and there’s no actual quick way, but the least wasting time path. So my question is: does anybody know any guide that would make the process at least a bit tidier? Thanks in advance!
  13. Thanks for the reply! I kept doing some research and I found out that I can’t actually access US PsNow if I’m in Europe, so I’ll wait for an eventual sale of the Premium Edition from the US Store 😅
  14. First of all, sorry if this is not the correct thread to post about this. I played and plat this game years ago and I’m planning to 100% it now. The issue I have (just as a another user who posted on this thread as well) is that on the EU Psn store I can’t find it anymore. I’ve read and checked that you can buy the premium edition on the US Store, but I’m not planning to spend 20$ on completing 10 trophies. Can any USA PsNow user confirm if it’s still available there please? Many thanks!
  15. I’ve messaged the latest three people who got online trophies after servers closures but got no response...