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  1. I am genuinly offended that you dont as much as pop on and say hello! You play COD for like 30 hours a day! Come on man!

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    2. Kevinnummer1


      That time when you and EP were in his van?

    3. Imperfekt84


      n00b .... Why you banned from .com .?

    4. eburkulosis


      I was defending your honour, they said you like to kill cats and use them as door sweeps and I said no way, you kill cats and make them into underwear and happened to just discard them by the door.

  2. Looks like its you and me buddy. Together at last...two peas in a Mod.

    1. Imperfekt84


      lol welcome to the green side, i've not been able to get into chat for the past 2 weeks and its starting to piss me off now, it just says you've been kicked from chat, next time you see sly let him know and tell him to message me either on here or aim

    2. AlteredFormula


      although it was some time ago, i still think its funny to reply to this little thread saying... lets have a threesome.

  3. I can kind of agreee with you on your "blanket" statement, i'm not going to sit here and bash .com as i've been a moderator for 2 years over there now and a member for 2 and a half years, all i will say is i've seen harsh infractions and i've seen grudges being held however in the worst case scenarios i've stepped in myself and reversed infractions that were given by moderators. This site isn't going to be as strict as what .com is, although i love .com there is no communication between levels of staff which was never the case before, unfortunately as the site got bigger it was kind of neglected as far as communication went. Something you'll never have to worry about on this site as me and Sly are well and truly in communication with each other and everyone else on this site is very welcome to get into contact with us and we will respond ASAP (although not for the past 5 weeks as i've been making way too much money in real life ). Anyway no offense taken im well aware that i am a god when it comes to being a moderator
  4. Am i a reason for .com going shit .?
  5. By teams i assume he means ..... Admins, Super Mods, Trophy Guide Team, Trophy News Team, Review Team, .... much like .com, but because we aren't going in the "Guides" route pointless having a team for guides, Review team (an absolutely pointless team as far as im concerned), Trophy News Team (was only invented because admins had other shit to do rather than post it themselves).
  6. Heyo boyo.

    1. Imperfekt84


      Hi, Where you been .?!

    2. omgitsbounce


      oh ya know. booze and women. they are my vices.

  7. While we'd all like a different font colour (I miss my green may i add) if it isnt possible like Parker said then its no biggie, i think theres more pressing issues than text colour, like my bloody smilie !!. What site is complete without the EP smilie !? Must add i love the private chat feature, it allows me to talk about members behind their backs while i smile and be polite to them in the open chat room. All in all the chat is fine, all you need froma chat is the ability to ... "chat" which we have. We don't need top chatters lists (to grow all those E-Penises out there) and archives (too much space it takes up), just having a chat is good enough, forums just arent the same without chatrooms.
  8. Its easy enough when we have this many members for myself and Sly to do the closing of the threads, however once we have more members its so much easier letting the OP close their own thread when they've received the answer/feedback they require. Problem i've faced in the past is when a mod closes a thread the OP has always had the option to go and re-open it which to be frank, pisses myself and the other mods off that i've worked with. IF theres a way for the OP to open and close his own thread but take away that option when a member of staff does it to their thread, then im all for it.
  9. So many great american programs but if you havent already i'd suggest a program called "Criminal Minds" I bought all the boxsets (5 so far) and i'm just coming to the end of series 4 and have enjoyed it so much
  10. mod over here too :o whoa :P

  11. I think once the site has all the basics well and truly covered we could look at stuff like that but in the meantime like i said we're trying to get the necessary stuff up and running and that is top priority but the idea is right here in black and white so definitely something that would be looked at when the time comes.
  12. We don't need a review team anyway, as you know i was totally against it on .com anyway, i don't see why some regular guy can't come along and post a fantastic review and thats end of, rather than some "team" coming along and putting yours away while they write an "official" one. Having the review in the actual sub forum for that game would be a great idea too, im not sure if they can be stuck to appear at the top (stickied) as i'm not totally to grips with what this forum software can do but if thats possible its definitely something that can be thought about.
  13. I don't need to introduce myself but Hi anyway To anybody that hasn't had the pleasure of tickling my balls, I'm EP :theresnofuckingthumbsupsmilie: