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  1. Stock Arthur. Its much easier to get all the golds during your playthrough.
  2. 100% on all story missions and Mentor still hasn't popped. Spent at least an hour countershooting Blighters last night for Most Unsporting, worried other trophies might be failing to unlock as well.
  3. #18 Dragons Dogma, time to finally try out the Yakuza 4

    1. Asuka Langley

      Asuka Langley

      Needing that 30gb space to D/L though xD

    2. Xxleonardo97xX
  4. Star Wars Battlefront. Wasted so much time playing this game. No better feeling than getting that last kill. La Noire. Brilliant and innovative game! I'm surprised they Rockstar never followed up with another. The Last of Us. But I'm torn with this one. As good a developer as ND is, I find it hard to believe they'd be able to capture how good the original was.
  5. This episode felt really short. I don't mind the HUGE wait when it comes to TT bringing out new content, just I'd kinda hoped it would be something more substantial. I'm a little biased because I'm a fan of the Fable comics, so this series really can do no wrong. But for everyone else, I'm not sure this episode is worth the price tag.
  6. Fifa. Usually helps when your team is playing terrible. Though you'll get no pity from me, try supporting the Toon.
  7. Finished Left Behind. Its fantastic, exactly what DLC should be!

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    2. Syfy87


      Mine is still downloading!It's taking forever!

    3. Nfs_Z


      Ouuhh,, I still downloading, and I can't play tonight :(

    4. Syfy87


      Longest download for me ever!

  8. Looking for a Sinistone if anyone is happy to help out. EDIT: All sorted now.
  9. Anyone with Dragon Dogma want to lend me a Sinistone? Been grinding Succubi for ages and found nothing.

  10. Just watched Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Brilliant film. As good as the first which is rare in a sequel. 9/10
  11. Addict is such a strong word. However, the closest I came to being an 'addict' was when a mate got me into a particular MMO when I was a kid. We were playing well into the night and only snatching a few hours sleep a day. Went on for a few months before I realised how daft I was being. I don't touch MMO's now, for me their just a massive time-sink. Haven't had that problem with other games though, I can't play for more than a couple of hours without getting restless.
  12. Platted both. Found TLoU infinitely more enjoyable and emotional than Beyond. Beyond was trying to give you the feels before properly attaching you to the characters and, when it did, it was in a boring, Hollywood PG13 kind of way. On the other hand TLoU worked steadily to build attachment before tugging on those tear ducts by being mean to kittens and puppies and shooting kids in the face.
  13. Proper Football - Newcastle United We are the Geordies, the Geordie boot boys, and we are mental and we are mad, and we're the loyalist football supporters, the world has ever had! Cmon the Mighty Toon!
  14. Meant other than on the internet.