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  1. So this game is free for PS Plus this month but on the PSN store on the computer it's showing up saying its not available for purchase and on the PS4 store its not showing up at all. Is anyone else having this issue?
  2. "YamaYama is a whacky party game where you fight in all sorts of mini-games on your way to victory. The game utilises the FatSuit mechanic, where characters blow out and push other players. Play it at a party or with your family, anyone can learn!" That's taken directly from the games steam page. here's the trailer for it if anyone wants too see the game.
  3. I have the physical version of both and unfortunately for the physicals your saves don't transfer over too the other versions😑
  4. MotorStorm RC Sound Shapes Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Big Sky Infinity StarDrone Extreme They all have the ability to auto-pop trophies once you have completed one of the other lists. The Korean version of Corpse Party Blood Drive has a dev menu that you can pop up that will auto-pop the trophies for you but the other regions of the game do not have the feature.
  5. I'm not sure if this counts towards the 100% but have you gotten the Godfather criminal ranking? Maybe try that and see if it pops.
  6. There still selling it on the Hong Kong psn store for anyone who wants to still buy it for the easy platinum.!/en-hk/games/briks/cid=EP4312-CUSA07658_00-ASIA000000000000
  7. Terraria has 4 ultra rare trophies and it can be done all offline.
  8. Was looking around on some forms and saw that this games only digital on PS4. Some people are guessing this is the list for a physical version. I guess well find out soon.
  9. Yes if you use your focus ability you should be trying to attack the yellow parts on the machines. The machines have certain weakness when you attack the yellow (like sometimes that part may be more weaker to fire then other parts of the machine) that's the easiest way of going about kill them.
  10. 😑 I didn't even realize that I was a thing now.. My bad I never go back and check the seasons once there over
  11. I really wish they had a system where you can vote on how reliable people are on the boosting page. I've been screwed over too many times by people who don't show up (people not showing up has happened more then people actually showing up for me) and it would be nice to have a star ranking system like: 1 ★ = not reliable 5 ★'s = really reliable. And yeah I know people have real life issues and stuff that may cause people not to show up. But It still would be a nice implement to the site. Edit: Didn't realize that was actually a thing now 🙃
  12. Platinum #106 Dying Light 

  13. You can you just have to type in "N Plus Plus" instead of ++ 😑 kinda inconvenient but that's how I found it.