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  1. Played your levels the other night!
  2. Added to my queue. I'll play them when I hope on the game tonight.
  3. P4P I only need 27 more.
  4. Platinum #154 Fallout Shelter

  5. All I need now is the 50 Raider attack trophy on Fallout Shelter and i'll have the platinum, and 100% for all the Fallout games until 76 comes out!

    1. Squirlruler


      Dang nice! I should go back and do NV, but I don't like the ending trophies. Lmao. So much repeating!

  6. Thanks for the giveaway!
  7. So what he expects someone to buy a AAA game with 10$? 😂 Even if he doesn't allot of good games have quick easy platinum trophies. So he should be excluding those games as well. Since excluding a small number of easy games is complete bs.
  8. Probably because they know more people will buy both of them if they have separate trophies lol. Just trying to get more trophy hunters to go out and pay more money than they should.
  9. The glitch still works for the U.S PS4 Jak 2. I just did it a few minutes ago 🙂
  10. Strange how its coming out in October. Every Call of Duty game prior to this one has been released in November. Ether way i'm excited, as long as they don't bring back that jetpacking crap than i'll be all in with getting this.
  11. Platinum #147 L.A. Noire

  12. Does anyone know if you need to collect the police badges in L.A Noire for the 100%? All of the guides I have read haven't mentioned them

    1. Redgrave


      No, you don't. It's just a DLC for getting an extra costume.

  13. How can they be "impossible" when countless people have earned all the different A++ trophies? 🤔 And 5 people have the platinum.. Nothing is impossible if you actually have the skill to do it and the patience to practice.
  14. What is the point of putting games in there own little series tab if you can't click on them? It says there 100 VR games but yet you can't even click on it to see what games are put in it :(

  15. Platinum #144 Assassin's Creed Origins