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  1. Do you need to follow everyone for any trophies for the new South Park game? Asking this because one of the Raisins girls won't allow me to follow her even after buying her pass...

  2. Platinum #126 Amnesia Collection

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Squirlruler


      Saweet. I am a fan of collectibles so that doesn't bother me. :P:D

    3. Spaz


      Is the game any scary at all?


      I have Slender the Arrival, The Evil Within, Layers of Fear on my backlog, in addition to Amnesia. I thought about picking out Outlast 1 and SOMA, but will wait until I clear out my backlog a bit.


      Saw your account get reviewed on KingSuperOne. Keep up the good work.

    4. demonoid321


      @Spaz for me it wasn't scary. On Amnesia Justine there was a part that was pretty nerve racking but nothing in the games that I remember where scary at all just the atmosphere of the games just make some parts seem a little more spooky then other parts.

  3. Finally got Every Walking Dead list platinum/100% including the Japanese PS3 version!

  4. The publisher of the game said it should be rerealsed on the NA store on the 6th of next month!
  5. Why does Sony keep releasing trash like this on the PSN? Like really? By the video I just watched on this game it looks like something that took zero to no effort to make
  6. The minimum time it would take to platinum the games is around 7 hours. But that's really only if you know the game to the point where you can run right through it. Don't worry if you miss any. You can go through the game on collectible mode to get the rest of the pictures that you missed.
  7. Can't wait for this game! Really loved the first one. I see people are complaining that they need the deluxe edition for the platinum though? It's only 25$ which is allot cheaper then then standard versions of games.
  8. Whats your thoughts on the trophies? Looks fairly easy most of the trophies are for just donating money.
  9. Do you have your character moving around when you leave it on at night? I know in LittleBigPlanet karting you had to be actively playing in the create mode but you could by pass it by creating a track and making your character moving around in circles on it. Try rubber banding your controller so your player moves around and try it again and see if that fixes your issue.
  10. Nobody said you did. I just said if one trophy randomly popped when it shouldn't have its not that big of a deal.
  11. If one trophy popped then its not a big deal I doubt you'll get flagged as a cheater over it.
  12. Mirrors Edge. So I can have another ultra rare platinum lol.
  13. A life that is very strange.
  14. This list just got added too psnprofies a few days ago. Can someone explain to me why the recent players are from 2 years ago?

    1. Elvick_


      Time travel exists?

    2. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah, I saw that last night and was wondering the same thing actually.

  15. I don't even see the whole point in flagging games. People spend time, and money going for trophies just to get fucked over but someone who doesn't like the order that they earned there trophies in. You get things like boosting taken away over one game and your forced to hide it if you want to continue boosting games (which I don't care about because the boosting page is trash and full of people who don't show up on time. But I know some people care about it) so It's pointless because at the end of the day, trophies are useless as there only a picture that shows up on your screen for about 5 seconds. People get too butthurt about leaderboard rankings and they'll do anything to get someone knocked off just so they can go up a spot on it. It's ironic because there's probably so many hackers on this website who have hacked whole lists of games and there still up on the leaderboards but people who have only hacked 1-5 trophies for a game get taken off and nobody seems too be doing anything about that. Ontop of that most people who look at the peoples list and comment about games that are getting disputed don't even have the games on there list so they have no reason to even be posting in dispute threads if they don't have the games on there list.