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  1. Platinum #252 Terarria 😁

  2. Whats your thoughts on the trophies? Looks fairly easy most of the trophies are for just donating money.
  3. Is this what you're looking for? Or they have the German version which is allot cheaper.
  4. Platinum #246 Skate 3 😁

  5. On the PS5 you can see how much game time someone's spent on a game if you look at their profile. But from what I've seen half of the time, the times are inaccurate. Maybe that's what they mean by real time?
  6. Platinum #244 Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Now to wait for my new copy of Skate 3 to be here and I'll have that 100% 😬

  7. On there twitter they said something about releasing a new game every Sunday. So I'd imagine they're not going to stop any time soon. 😂
  8. @DrBloodmoney Skyrim since you only have one trophy left
  9. Hitman: Absolutions and Hitman Blood Money for PS4 are digital only they're both part of the Hitman HD Enhanced Collection. As well as Hitman Go
  10. I'm pretty sure Uncharted: Fight for Fortune is digital only for the vita. as for Call of Duty, i think the only digital only game is Call of Duty classic and Infamous Festival of Blood is the only infamous game that's digital only
  11. Has anyone else had any issues with Skate 3 freezing? every time i complete this one specific mission it freezes the game. I tried deleting my save and going back and it still does it 

  12. Is there a way to download the PS4 version of a game you buy instead of the PS5 version if the psn store shows the ps4/ps5 version as the same game?

    1. grimydawg___


      Yeah, should be able to do it in your library no problem

  13. Does anyone know if there is  anyway you can download the C14 Dating PS4 version on PS5? the PSN store shows the PS4/PS5 version as one game

  14. ok so i havent played this game that much but i wanted to know what is your opinion on this game? i know its not as good as FC3 were you can free roam and stuff but what do you think of the game
  15. Encountered a weird glitch where I reset my game in Assassins Creed Valhalla to change the quality to [performance. To load up the game and have two trophies that you can get until later on in the game pop? has this happened to anyone else?

    1. Crispy_Oglop


      There is a thread going on about it here - 


    2. demonoid321


      Thank you. I was looking on the PS5 thread didn't think to look on the PS4


  16. Whats your thoughts on the trophies? DIscuss among yourselves
  17. P4P message me on PSN once your done and i'll return the favor.
  18. so iv been wondering for a while now... do you have to do the dlc trophies on fallout 3 because on this and on the ps3 the dlc trophies don't have the little icon that says that its a dlc. and on this it is making them seem like there regular trophies? please tell me what im suppose to do, thanks
  19. Why does Sony keep releasing trash like this on the PSN? Like really? By the video I just watched on this game it looks like something that took zero to no effort to make
  20. you can make a UK account and buy European PSN cards off of eBay or other websites.
  21. Thoughts on the trophies? They all look very easy. Probably won’t be that long of a platinum. does anyone know the release date for this game?
  22. Possibly. I know I was in the lobby for about an hour before it even dropped. Maybe I just joined a long standing lobby that was open before the glitch started? Ether way that’s very odd. First, two trophies where glitched and now 3 are including the one they fixed recently.
  23. Good thing I lucked out and got the platinum lasted night 😂 so I don’t have to worry about all this glitchy mess this game as brought.
  24. P4P
  25. Platinum #177 Fallout 76 

    1. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯

    2. DamagingRob
    3. MidnightDragon


      Good job getting it before the nukes got fucked up. xD