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  1. I temporarily hid it to access the leader boards again. Should be able to see it again now. So there are three trophies now disputed or one? Edit: The Hope and Origin trophies popped fine from what I can see? It's just Self-Deception?
  2. If I am being completely honest I can't remember that far back as to why that may have popped otherwise as expected, but I am not sure as to what proof I can provide really? I have tried looking around at other profiles to see if it's occured with anybody else.
  3. Maestro-Mephisto Prototype Can I have more clarification to what trophies aren't in order? It says Web of Intrigue isn't in order but I am unaware of what's supposedly popped in the wrong place, given I played this game nearly 3 years ago. Find given it's a PS3 game and it was done years ago, providing proof is almost impossible is it not? Any help appreciated, thankyou.