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  1. I'm not expecting there to be an overall completion of 50+% or something, it just crossed my mind when I was looking at the home page earlier today. Like I said, just curiosity I suppose.
  2. Maybe I am the only one curious about this. No idea if it's possible to do. But I'm just curious what the overall completion % for the entire site is?? ..lol..
  3. Wow, can't believe how long it's been since I updated my status with new platinums..lol.. Well, since my Dante's Inferno platinum (#24), I have plat'd the following games: NCAA Football 14 (#25), Madden 25 (#26), NCAA Football 12 (#27) and NCAA Football 13 (#28). Now that I've had my fill of football for the year, time to get back to some racing games..lol..

  4. Not sure if this is the right place to post this or not, so I apologize in advance if it's not. I started playing NCAA Football 12 today, and after sync'ing my trophies on the site, I noticed that the header image for NCAA Football 12 is wrong. You're using the NCAA Football 13 image. 12's cover had Mark Ingram on it, so I can only assume that your header image should reflect as such. Thanks!
  5. I try to 100% every game that I play. I use trophies as a way of telling myself that I've completed everything that the developer had to offer within the game.
  6. Currently at Level 16, 53%.
  7. Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
  8. I think I've changed my PSN avatar twice in the last 9 months or so.
  9. Dante's Inferno (now to 100% the DLC)
  10. I am currently working on Sly Cooper Thieves in time, on PS3. Will be starting NCAA 12 soon as well.
  11. Thanks for the quick reply. Didn't even realize there was an update to the vita that provided this functionality..lol.. have to go and check that out
  12. Per the new PS3 system software update v.4.50, there is a new feature that allows: "New options for trophy privacy settings allowing users to set which trophies are visible." May be to early to tell, but just curious how the site will handle this?? If I had a trophy list on my PS3 profile, will it auto-hide on PSNP? Will it recalculate my trophy completion rating? Just curious how this will all work. I've heard rumors around the net that some trophy tracking sites are going to assume you're a hacker and remove you from the leaderboards. What about people like myself, I'd like to hide games I'm currently not working on, and unhide them once I get back around to them. Again, just curious. Thanks!
  13. Yeah, I just saw a few days ago, that there was a way to solo boost Tomb Raider. Trying to gather the desire to go back and finish it off..lol.. Working on that stupid interception trophy in NCAA 13 right now though. Last trophy I need for that plat. Oh well, in due time I'll clean them all up. Thanks for the information though.
  14. Updated and tweaked!
  15. Feel free to send a friend request to: x_First2Fight_x I play a mix of everything, but racing and football are my favorite games.