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  1. Are the sales supposed to change daily or is what we see is what we get?
  2. If the sales are like this during the entire event my wallet will appreciate it as I won't be getting anything.
  3. I would suggest trying it on a different browser to see if that works.
  4. Create a boosting session
  5. A thought what if on your profile on this site you entered your zip code or country and filter it by that. I do understand that this would entail a trust system that people would have to enter their correct info.
  6. The correct way of answering this was how xZoneHunter did with mentioning that it had been discussed before. There is absolutely no need to respond to someone's thoughts/suggestions in a condescending way as you have.
  7. Not really sure if this is the right place to post this as I normally don't post sales but wanted to share with everyone.
  8. Do what I did for LBPK...go to Gamestop buy a used copy, boost the online portion and return the game for your money back.
  9. The previous batch doesn't work anymore. I have created a few to help people. password = 1password
  10. Maybe favorite games?!?
  11. I'd like to join and hopefully give me some motivation to clean up a good chunk of my backlog. Games I'm Playing: Resident Evil 5 - 1st trophy 6/13 LittleBigPlanet - 1st trophy 4/09 Games to work on: Assassin's Creed III - 1st trophy 10/12 Epic Mickey 2 - 2/13 Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns - 1st trophy 4/15 Kingdom Hearts - 1st trophy 9/13 Mirror's Edge - 1st trophy 2/09 Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands - 1st trophy 6/11 Prince of Persia: Sands of Time - 1st trophy 2/13 Rainbow Moon - 1st trophy 6/13 Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection - 1st trophy 4/10
  12. Thinking about making my triumphant return but I would need to know the date that we are going to do the celebration to make sure I personally have enough time to get at least 10. With a wedding and my first born in back to back months later this year is really going to hinder game playing times.
  13. It could of possibly been "erased" during the last update on PSN. It happened that a lot of people who synced their trophies on the site lost all of their trophies temporarily until it was fixed. I know my cabinet got erased and I had to manually re add them.
  14. To be honest I wanted to do the same but if you wait until half way through the game or even the end you will level up a lot quicker and not waste as much time doing so.
  15. I was missing the one in the train graveyard in the first area was hiding behind one of the containers. Please change me to True Grymorian as I have finally got the platinum in this game.