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  1. I bought the DLC this weekend from the Hong Kong store. Haven't tested it to see if the DLC is region locked or not though.
  2. I don't know if this is how you are doing it but if I just left the game in rest mode while the application was still on I wouldn't get any scraps at all. I had to fully close the application before turning off my console for it to count.
  3. I would say you are good. The glitch happens when dying or quitting while the game is saving between challenges. Since you are on the last level of the challenge and your totals are accurate I wouldn't worry.
  4. The funny thing is that you guys are expecting things to be much better with XBOX. From the retailers I have talked with they are expecting the same shortages when the XBOX pre-orders open up. So even though they knew ahead of time when it was happening doesn't guarantee that they will get one of those either.
  5. Thank you. Wanted to know which challenges I should make my priority.
  6. Which challenge is related to an online server? From what I am seeing all trophies can be earned in single player.
  7. For the bow. You have to go to The Shattered dungeon to turn in the talisman to the Statue which is after the first boss. Afterwards if you want to get the bow you have to do the secret quest which is located in Four Horn Gulch to get the coins that need to be cleansed.
  8. The secret mission quests for wish bringer will get you the trophy
  9. I can confirm they are back online. Just got it myself.
  10. Tbh I would probably wait until next week for the Days of Play sale to see if the Mayor Edition goes on sale for cheap again. Seems to be the time it would be.
  11. Great deal. Bought 2 of them. Thanks for the heads up!!
  12. Thank you for the response.
  13. Do we know if there are plans to shut down that other regions?
  14. I would probably shoot @Sly-Ripper a message about it and he should be able to assist with it.
  15. Can we please stop going back and forth on all of this and just keep to the point of this thread which is to announce server closures and not have discussions/arguments about them. I keep having a panic attack every time I see a notification within this thread.