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  1. No one has been able to connect since the 15th. There are 2 different forum threads going on about this issue. I already have the plat so I figured I would bring it up in case.
  2. Portal 2 may be unobtainable according to the link below.
  3. Finally glad to join the ranks of the 100th plat achievers. My 100th plat was the God of War. Can't wait to see what the next 100 brings.
  4. Please play my level. If you let me know that you played it I will play youre as well. Thanks
  5. The only thing I would change about your typical RPG sidequest is: Find questgiver ->Talk to questgiver -> Accomplish Quest -> Return to Questgiver (Done) A lot of games don't have the luxury of having an icon above people that would give a quest.
  6. How is the hunt board different than any other side quest in any RPG. The hunt board makes it easier by having a set location to find them. Would you have preferred randomly running into everyone to get the hunt missions?
  7. I wanted to get confirmation before I started a boosting session. If I have the MUA2 Juggernaut Compatibility Pack can I get the trophies for the Characters and Sims DLC pack if the other person has purchased the DLC?
  8. So since the last update, I have been able to go on and rate matches. It is still hit or miss but I finished all 25 within a couple of hours. This was on PS4.
  9. People have earned the "Sharing is Caring" trophy on March 2, "Feedback Given" on February 27, "Professional Judge" on February 28, and "Chief Judge" on February 28. All of those trophies are related to Create a Park
  10. The Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 servers are not shut down. The PS3 servers work fine from what I gather but the PS4 online trophies can't be earned while having an active PS+ account. I have a thread created for this that So basically it seems you just have to wait until your sub runs out. Kind of a pain but still obtainable.
  11. I feel you. Mine doesn't expire until January 8th. The issue will be remembering that I can't renew until I get the trophies.
  12. Also could it be a region thing? I wasn't able to get a non-PS+ member to get the trophy in the US but you can in the UK.
  13. Was it on the same PS4? I have tried several different accounts on my main PS4 and none of them have PS+ and I was not able to get it to load.
  14. Mine has recently showed back up. Maybe there was just a glitch in their system.
  15. I tested the users on my only console. I don't know anyone who doesn't have PS+ to try it on.