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  1. I added the silver archetype and got called up the next day. I don't recall being over 70 though.
  2. Mine did the exact same thing. I plan on doing the PS5 stack at some point and will see if I start with the silver arhetypes and see if that makes a difference.
  3. Does anyone have any tips on how to get called up to MLB level? I got called up to AAA within half a season but haven't got called up to the majors despite leading the team in all batting and pitching categories.
  4. I had to turn it up to at least Hall of Fame difficulty in order to get it
  5. I edited my players and put a newly created pitcher with 0s across the board. Every time I press O to do my contact swing it always ends up being a hit. This is my first baseball game in 15 years so not sure what I am doing wrong. Any tips? Edit: got the trophy. Had to turn up difficulty.
  6. Do you know what mode you were playing in? I'm curious if it is just an issue with the Road to the Show mode but I haven't tried it in other modes.
  7. I have an issue with advancing a runner to scoring position or scoring a run on a sac bunt. I've been doing it on the ps4 version in road to the show mode. Have met the requirements 4 times and it doesn't pop
  8. So the issue is that the account doesn't have an origin account. You will need to connect to another game that allows you to create an origin account. Once you do that you will be able to get past the freeze when trying to start multiplayer.
  9. Ghost Recon FS looks as though people are still earning the online trophies for it fairly regularly.
  10. Yea same here. I only finished my second match and both popped. Meanwhile my buddies who have been playing a lot more than me haven't gotten the trophies yet.
  11. Do we know when the servers for NBA 2K21 are actually closing?
  12. Did you happen to figure out if this worked?
  13. Not sure when the list was last updated but I was able to get all the online trophies for Medal of Honor Warfighter earlier this year.
  14. How did you get the issue to be solved? Edit: Just in case anyone is looking. If you try at different times of the days eventually the EULA will appear and let you play the mp portion.
  15. I read that if you leave it on the my matches for a while that the terms and conditions will come up and you can accept it and continue. Not sure how true that is but mine has been up for 30 minutes and still haven't seen it.