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  1. Are you sure this hasn't been fixed by Rockstar? I haven't been on in a long time to play but there are several people getting the trophy within the last few weeks. Even in the trophy guide it states that it has been resolved.
  2. @Dragon-Archon Just wanted to point out different dates in the OP. Don't want people getting confused. The goal: is to unlock at least 10 plats per participant between January 1-3 2018 and you can start immediately. While doing that, keep posting your progress using the format described below and pretty much anything else you'd like to share. Events like these are a great way to meet new people and make some friends. You can unlock a lot more plats if you want. There also won't be a countdown timer. Please keep posting your progress and have fun. Don't forget to back up your save files after a plat is ready to pop. There's a lot that can happen between now and February 3rd-5th and the last thing you'd want is to do it all over again. If you have PS+ you can upload save files (even copy-protected ones) to Sony's cloud. To do that, go to the save file folder on the XMB (PS3), press , and copy them to the cloud. On the PSVita go to data management and you can save a copy on the cloud.
  3. Currently working on Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  4. I really enjoyed the game from an artistic point and the turn base style. It reminds me of FF Tactics but the story for it to me isn't that great. Not a bad game at all for $3.
  5. I have been trying to get a collection completed as well.
  6. I hear you trust me I was on with them for about an hour arguing with them that they made no announcements at all and didn't care about their customers. Also told them that Sony will just tell me to talk with EA as they are the ones that created the game not Sony.
  7. I agree I said the same thing to them but they informed me that the game was too old and they couldn't do anything for me. They said maybe if I talked to Sony they would do something for me. There are no packs in game to buy and the game doesn't even show up on the PS store anymore.
  8. Just spoke with EA and they have stopped supporting card packs thus making the MUT and collection trophies unobtainable unless someone trades cards to you. With this being said I assume all online activity will be shutting down soon.
  9. Please change me to Gamma Collector as I have 19 letters now. My list is below # - 3D Dot Game Heroes A - Assassin's Creed Brotherhood B - Batman: Arkham Asylum C D - Darksiders E - Energy Cycle F - Final Fantasy X HD G - Gauntlet H - Hotline Miami I - inFamous J - Jeopardy! K L - LittleBigPlanet M - Mafia II N - Ni No Kuni O P - Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Q R - Resident Evil 5 S - South Park: The Stick of Truth T - Teslagrad U - UFC 2009 V W - World of Final Fantasy X Y Z
  10. White Knight Chronicles / Gran Turismo 5
  11. I'd like to make a small update to my list. I'm not in the next category yet but still making progress. # - 3D Dot Game HeroesA - Assassin's Creed: BrotherhoodB - Borderlands 2C -D - Dungeon Siege IIIE -F - Final Fantasy X HDG - GauntletH - Hot Line MiamiI - InFamousJ - JeopardyK -L - Little Big Planet KartingM - Mafia IIN - Ni No KuniO -P - Prince of PersiaQ -R - Resident Evil 5S - South Park: The Stick of TruthT - Trine 2U - UFC 2009V -W - World of Final FantasyX -Y -Z -
  12. Basically what Intense said anti-virus programs treat other anti-virus programs as an actual virus giving you a false positive.
  13. Also could you tell us what Operating System (OS) you are using.
  14. Could you be a little more specific on what pop up you are receiving or if possible attach a picture what it looks like?
  15. This was the most amusing comment so far. I completely agree. Seems like if you have these trophies you must be a horrible gamer, according to some.