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  1. Yea same here. I only finished my second match and both popped. Meanwhile my buddies who have been playing a lot more than me haven't gotten the trophies yet.
  2. Do we know when the servers for NBA 2K21 are actually closing?
  3. Did you happen to figure out if this worked?
  4. Not sure when the list was last updated but I was able to get all the online trophies for Medal of Honor Warfighter earlier this year.
  5. How did you get the issue to be solved? Edit: Just in case anyone is looking. If you try at different times of the days eventually the EULA will appear and let you play the mp portion.
  6. I read that if you leave it on the my matches for a while that the terms and conditions will come up and you can accept it and continue. Not sure how true that is but mine has been up for 30 minutes and still haven't seen it.
  7. I bought the DLC this weekend from the Hong Kong store. Haven't tested it to see if the DLC is region locked or not though.
  8. I don't know if this is how you are doing it but if I just left the game in rest mode while the application was still on I wouldn't get any scraps at all. I had to fully close the application before turning off my console for it to count.
  9. I would say you are good. The glitch happens when dying or quitting while the game is saving between challenges. Since you are on the last level of the challenge and your totals are accurate I wouldn't worry.
  10. The funny thing is that you guys are expecting things to be much better with XBOX. From the retailers I have talked with they are expecting the same shortages when the XBOX pre-orders open up. So even though they knew ahead of time when it was happening doesn't guarantee that they will get one of those either.
  11. Thank you. Wanted to know which challenges I should make my priority.
  12. Which challenge is related to an online server? From what I am seeing all trophies can be earned in single player.
  13. For the bow. You have to go to The Shattered dungeon to turn in the talisman to the Statue which is after the first boss. Afterwards if you want to get the bow you have to do the secret quest which is located in Four Horn Gulch to get the coins that need to be cleansed.
  14. The secret mission quests for wish bringer will get you the trophy
  15. I can confirm they are back online. Just got it myself.