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  1. Lol
  2. I did too, this was old.
  3. Alright I did.
  4. Want to help with dead nation? Just got it
  5. Yeah that time and effort payed off. :')
  6. Haha they don't, but I do
  7. Does it come with a platinum?
  8. That beautiful sound of the trophy popping & showing.
  9. Loving the Game so far.
  10. I've been Offered hundreds & thousands of dollars but would never sell my account.
  11. The Games & because the color. (got mine Japan imported)
  12. I thought it was just unique and funny. also was small so my brother helped me choose a username.
  13. When you use one of your relatives to get a trophy. Lol
  14. -hit level 20 - get over 100 platinums
  15. I was looking into getting help on dead nation, than I made a account.