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  1. Currently Silver 11 and still haven't got the trophy for getting to Silver 1.
  2. If I just play Kingdom Hearts 1 2 and 3 would I really be missing out on anything by skipping the other ones? Are any of the side games integral to the plot or good enough that I should play them anyways?

    1. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee


      But seriously, no, skipping is not recommended. See, even though they're numbered 1, 2 and 3 they're not meant to be seen as a trilogy. It's the fault of the devs for confusing naming and for releasing all the different games on different consoles but they all form the complete story. Some games are better than others but they're all important... excpet Re: Coded, you can skip that one. All the important titles are on the HD Remix on PS4

    2. Dr_Mayus


      You can play through them but you will constantly be saying "who is that...who is that?" 


      I had no idea who 80% of the people in KH3 were and I was told I need to play the other games to figure out what the hell is happening.

    3. Copanele


      You need to play everything. That's why I don't bother with that series, too many unnecessary additions just for some pikachu kid with an oversized key

  3. Got a full set of rainbow equipment so if anyone would like some help just send me a friend request and I'll help eventually.
  4. So how's Metro Exodus compared to the first two?

    1. Avatar_Of_Battle


      Story-wise I put it in the middle with 2033 being the best and Last Light being slightly worse. Gameplay-wise it's hit or miss it seems. Less gun options due to gun configurations being the theme on the go. Graphically it's better, but the setting falls just a bit short because of the open areas. Yes it retains some of that classic Metro feeling in some areas, but for most it's gone when you're in the open. 


      Honestly for more in depth comments the forums for the game will tell you most, if not all, of what you'll want to know.

    2. SarDarniTron



  5. Haven't really watched wrestling since like 2008 but I'll definitely check AEW out, at least for a while. They have a pretty good roster so far, I just hope they avoid some of the things that makes the WWE so shitty sometimes. Stop having a team of writers neuter the personality of the wrestlers and allow them to cut their own promos.
  6. I believe I correctly organized them by release year. Keeping in mind that a lot of these people have multiple albums I love but instead of spamming the thread with their shit I just chose my favourite album from their respective discography. There's also a lot of albums I didn't put in because I didn't want it to be too long or because I just forgot about them. And shoutout to Morbid Stuff by PUP for being all I've been listening to for the past two weeks
  7. Journey: Controversial opinion here but I genuinely hated this game. Started it thinking it would be good and finished it only for the trophies. Flower: Basically the same situation as Journey. Soundshapes: Just disliked everything about this game Contrast: Started it because I thought it looked good but hated every second of it. Put up with it just to 100% it. The Unfinished Swan: Once again, started it because it looked fine and finished it just for the 100% despite hating it. I didn't want to put shit like Burly Men at Sea or My Name is Mayo on there because they're hardly even games and the experience ended so fast I didn't have time to dislike either of them.
  8. Just the image of this game reminds me of something that would have been on the Kinect for 360
  9. I loved Portal Knights. Was pretty boring getting the platinum though so beware of that if you plan on getting it.
  10. List is fairly easy. Haven't played long enough to get a good idea on how hard the nuke related ones will be though. As for the game itself, I know there's a lot of bad press going around and people saying how shit the game is but I'm loving it so far. Got up to level 18 in the beta and am level 16 on my new character playing mostly solo. IMO the locations in this game are more interesting than fallout 3/NV/4 and the core mechanics are basically just 4 so if you enjoyed the gameplay in that you'll probably like the gameplay in 76. I'm sure if you're playing with your buddies it'll be infinitely more enjoyable. The lack of human NPCs is pretty apparent however I've always been more interested in the exploration part of Fallout so it hasn't really bothered me much. The story so far has been okay from what I've seen, admittedly I haven't been paying close attention to the holotapes since I prefer listening to music while I play. As for glitches I haven't really experienced many, which leads me to believe SOME of talk of it being a buggy piece of shit is overblown. Sometimes the enemies might bust out a nice T pose and start shooting you while in it, and there is one mission that I can't progress in yet because I can't repair the thing its telling me to. I am playing on PS4 though obviously so I don't have to deal with the shit that the PC players have to put up with. My FPS has only dropped to a noticeably bad level a couple of times.
  11. Not saying he's wrong but just throwing this out here. His Kingdom Come: Deliverance trophy guide said 150 hours to complete and it took me around 85 hours.
  12. Wouldn't let me bribe the warden when I would just walk into his office but it worked when I tunneled into it so I guess it has to be done that way.
  13. Did you have a specific perk that allowed you to bribe the warden? because when I go to do that it doesn't give me the option to do so.
  14. Was also wondering this, I messaged one of the guys who have gotten the trophy but they haven't messaged me back yet.
  15. Off the top of my head without thinking to hard about it 1. Banjo Kazooie 2. Skyrim 3. Mass Effect 2 4. Fallout 3 5. Dragon Age Origins 6. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door 7. Banjo Tooie 8. Red Dead Redemption 9. GTA: San Andreas 10. Fallout New Vegas 11. Super Mario Sunshine 12. Batman: Arkham City 13. Borderlands 2 14. Oblivion 15. Mass Effect 3 16. Fallout 4 17. Witcher 3 18. Super Mario 64 19. Bully 20. Mass Effect 3 Probably lots of shit I'm forgetting. If I put more thought into it the only things I guarantee would stay the same is my top 5, especially Banjo Kazooie since that will be my favourite game for the rest of my life. edit: saw someone above list Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and I realised I didn't list it