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  1. 2nd Sony TV to crap out in 4 years. Thank fuck for 5 year warranty but still, what the fuck.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Lordguwa


      at least you bought the warranty. that's a good thing. not so much when the TV dies :(. hopefully you get one replaced quickly.

    3. NERVergoproxy


      Wow, so lucky, now you got a new TV. Or are they just fixing it?

      My Sony Tv got 5 or 6yr warranty, Its the X90H.

    4. BhekifaZ


      So the update I got is that they're sending the info about my TV to Visions Electronics HQ or some shit and that i'll know if they're repairing it or replacing it in about 21 days.

  2. I experienced no bugs when I played it.
  3. If I remember correctly the Pixies pack was very easy to 100%. Only song I can think that might be a bit tricky for a beginner would be Here Comes Your Man but even that song isn't too difficult to 100%, very fun song to play as well.
  4. Anyone with the elemental weapons in The Survivalists willing to help me get the trophy?

  5. I'll be honest, I didn't particularly enjoy this game. Played with my buddy and never really got invested in it. Torturing the elephant was fun though.
  6. Yeah I had the same issue with the strip club in GTA V
  7. I luckily got the Iverson and hes been damn good so far. That Morant card has been a lot of fun to use too.
  8. In case anyone is interested if you enter the locker code SEASON-OF-GIVING-PINK-DIAMONDSEASON-OF-GIVING-PINK-DIAMOND you get a free PD, one of which can be Allen Iverson who is a very good card.
  9. Yeah now that you mention that Q-Anon bullshit I can see how someone could potentially view it as that. However as I mentioned in my post there were quite a few videos being posted online of Joe Biden literally smelling the heads of kids so I just chose the name since the election was going on at the time.
  10. In a game that is notorious for being populated by white teenagers who make their characters black and bypass the censors to make racist names, then send you homophobic messages after you play them, I can assure you that my name was about as innocuous as you're going to get in EASHL. And yes I don't see how my name could be interpreted as Child Sexual Exploitation.
  11. I didn't want a reaction. I wanted a name so I could play the game and just so happened to choose one that was timely and that I thought was innocuous.
  12. Sorry, I've learned my lesson.
  13. Yes, I actually must inform everyone on this website whenever I'm logged on since I'm such a danger to society.
  14. It was the night of November 4th, 2020. A bright eyed young lad by the name of BhekifaZ bought NHL 21 and was very excited to play with his dear friend. He and his friend decide to play some EASHL and he gets prompted to select a name for his player. Little did the bright eyed lad know that this would be a decision that would have lasting ramifications.... Deciding to make light of the ongoing election in the USA, our brave protagonist BhekifaZ thought it would be a good idea to make his name "Joe Biden Smells Kids". A name that was thought of because of the abundance of videos that were being posted at the time of Joe Biden appearing to smell children. Everything was going great for BhekifaZ until the fateful night of November 19th, when he received the message that would change his life forever. His account had been banned without. "Surely this is some sort of mistake" thought BhekifaZ. He thought that because he has had the account for years and has never had any sort of sanction against it that he would receive some sort of warning or suspension beforehand. But the young lad was mistaken. After pleading with EA though their help section he finally received word of what this ban worthy offence was. The name "Joe Biden Smells Kids" goes against the Child Sexual Abuse Material and Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse portion of their wonderful user agreement. BhekifaZ couldn't help but laugh to himself over the absurdity of the situation. Our protagonist had become the antagonist. The reprehensible act committed by the once promising young lad was enough to get on the radar of the Legion of Doom and he was promptly recruited by Lex Luthor himself. BhekifaZ decided to join the Legion of Doom because he thought Lex Luthor was actually legendary professional wrestler Lex Luger. something something something ending of the story blah blah blah TL;DR I got banned for child sexual abuse material and for child sexual exploitation because my name in a mode I played 3 times was "Joe Biden Smells Kids" fuck EA