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  1. How the heck is this a Bronze? Pedal to the Medals Obtain at least one of each bronze, silver, and gold medals in Mega Man ZX Advent.
  2. Happening to me too lol. I think the trophies were set up wrong. Or maybe on purpose?
  3. How have times changed? They STILL develop mecha games. It's just been awhile since the last one released (I think it was 2013 or 2014?). Either way, AC6 is only a matter of time.
  4. I got the training one the second time I trained with him, and I had well over 50 toys as well. Not really sure why it's doing this, but at least you still eventually get it
  5. Just be sure to see the ones in the intro too. They aren't from her, but they still count. I missed the trophy, then instantly got it when I started NG+ and accepted the second Axl call.
  6. Uh, that depends by what you mean as "these games." There have only been a few entries in this series up to this point, and they've all failed compared to the real Harvest Moon series (which is now called Story of Seasons). What you're seeing here is simply a cash in using it's name. When the developers of Harvest Moon started publishing the games in the west, Natsume held onto the "Harvest Moon" name which forced the real games to be rebranded as "Story of Seasons." Then using the Harvest Moon name, Natsume started recruiting unknown developers to make clones in an attempt to continue "their" series. So basically don't go into this game expecting Harvest Moon, because that's not actually what it is. Instead it's a farm sim of it's own that attempts to emulate the real series. (Although as far as emulating the series goes, every release so far has been greatly different, and they've even attempted to cash in on Mine Craft's popularity.)
  7. Yeah.... When characters are talking most of the time I stand still, or walk far back behind them. As far as I know taking one more step will be enough to trigger a scene and cause me to miss another minute or so of dialogue :/
  8. Don’t forget that there are 3 Zero Escape Games, and all easy to get the platinum in. Zero Escspe Collection (999 Remake + VLR) VLR and ZTD also don’t remember seeing steins;Gate 0 or chaos:child on the list. Or either xblaze games. Xblaze CE takes a little work with checking the logs and reloading saves to see previews, but the sequel LM is a free platinum with no effort. also S;G is on vita as well as PS3, with 0 and chaos;child being either vita or PS4. edit; also the three jak games are easy. You could platinum each one in one sitting, with it possible to use a glitch in 2 and 3 to get all of the orbs without doing missions. Even doing it the legit way doesn’t take long though.
  9. Looking at my list, I'd have to say the easiest ones are: Nier Automata - Maybe not completely easy as it takes around 50 hours to do it legit, but you could rush it in around 20 hours, make an alt save and buy all the trophies if you want. That felt wrong to do though so I didn't. Nubla - It's like... a 30 minute platinum (and not really worth the price). Job Simulator - Just play through it basically. It's a fun VR game and a free platinum. Playroom VR - Same thing. Fun VR game, made for two people, but you can cheat by pulling your head set back and looking at the TV screen to get some of the more challenging co-op trophies. Root Letter - VN that's basically fully linear. There's a few extra ones to get, but they are easy. Robinson - Takes maybe 5-10 hours to find everything, depending on how long it takes you to notice animals and what not to scan. Zero Escape ZTD - Linear VN, free platinum Zero Escape VLR - You have to solve the hard versions of the puzzles, but again it's also linear with the ability to play any section at any time to get what you missed. Zero Escape NG - It's 999 and VLR together. Beat both games and do the VLR stuff again and you've got it. Gravity Rush and Remastered - I found both to be easy. Takes a bit of time, but you just need to beat it and do a handful of challenges basically. Steins;Gate and Steins;Gate 0 - Linear VN, another free platinum(s). Life is Strange - Trophies all come from taking pics of things during the story, and most are hard to miss. Free play can quickly take you back to anything you did miss though, so it's a free platinum. inFamous First Light - Mini DL game that I was shocked has a platinum. The arena can take some time, but it's pretty easy and very short. XBlaze LM - I don't consider the original XBlaze to be easy because you have to constantly save and reload to watch all the recap scenes, you have to constantly check your tips and character log for any updated information (as you have to see all versions of each), and you have to go down all paths and see everything the game has to offer. It can be a pain and take quite awhile. LM on the other hand is pretty much fully linear, and doesn't have any annoying requirements for platinum. It's a free one. Resistance Burning Skies - Seriously. Got this in 5 hours without trying. Just had to reload one checkpoint to kill an extra giant enemy and I was done. Silver Case - Haven't gotten it myself yet, but it's a free one. A guide can get you through the 100 question section, and there's just a few extra things to do on the side. Linear game, and free platinum. I also thought the Jak games were easy to do, but you had to find all of the items in the game, and that can take some time. Then you have the Tell Tale games that are all pretty much free platinums.
  10. Lol, well at the time a part of me also thought it was a joke. I mean my blog is just a small thing me and friends do for fun, and here was this guy sending me this massive paragraph email explaining who he is, and what his "company" does. Then he went on to explain the game, and linked me directly to the website filled with screen shots and what not. Under all of that was a link to my free review copy... But it just wasn't worth actually reviewing. The whole thing seemed like a joke, but in the chance it wasn't a joke I didn't want to be mean. So I let it go, stuck it in the "do not review pile" along with all the other random indie and mobile games I get emailed to me I ignore, and thought I'd never see it again.... THEN THIS HAPPENS *points to PSN*
  11. Still shocked this was on psn lol. Was sent a review copy years ago for the 2nd one, but ended up not reviewing it to avoid hurting the guys feelings... But now it's "legit."
  12. Pick up a ball, or bowling pin, or her favorite toy from the toy chest near her home, call her over, hold it above her head, and as she looks at it/follows it around just toss it. She'll chase after it.
  13. It'd be easier if you told us which ones you had. Off the top of my head here's some: - Have your pet run through the posts outside your house by using the "go there" command. - Sea saw with her at the farm by putting a piece of the ship on that log - Hide and seek (home or farm) I can't remember what else qualified....
  14. The only place I noticed was the chameleon was on the tree close to your house. Didn't know they were in the jungle...
  15. Not at home right now, but I remember the turtle being around there on the list? Did you find it? Thing looks like a rock on the ledge above the farm, and only comes out if you look at it awhile.