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  1. For anyone else wondering, because the guide seems to give off the impressions that collectables aren't carried over: if you finish the game with a certain number of collectables and then earn the rest in a new save file, the trophies will still pop. For example: in my first save I only fully collected all collectables from episode 5. In my second run through the game I collected everything in eps. 1 through 4, and after ep. 4 immediately earned the Provocateur, the Spymaster and the Analyst.
  2. Here's a full list of the banned books in République, for anyone interested. Aside from being a cross off list, it could be helpful when you're thinking about which book to read next :-) ... In no particular order: - The Gospel of St. John - Zorba the Greek - Lady Chatterley's lover - The scarlet letter - Naked lunch - Leaves of grass - Animal Farm - Dr. Zhivago - The Catcher in the rye - Tropic of cancer - Lolita - Candide - Brave new world - Invisible man - One hundred years of solitute - The fountainhead - Midnight's children - Sputnik sweetheart - The Metamorphosis - Rights of man - Ulysses - Fahrenheit 451 - Howl - Nothing to hide - A clockwork orange - Heart of darkness - Frankenstein - We - Huckleberry Finn - Slaughter house 5 - Native son - The Tibetan book of the dead - The communist manifesto - The origin of species - Siddhartha - The book of Mormon - The divine comedy - Bhagavad gita - Revelations - The Torah - The way of the knife - 1984 - The net delusion - Cypherpunks - This machine kills secrets - Who controls the internet - No place to hide - The Snowden files - The new digital age - The master switch
  3. Got the trophy, thanks to everyone that added me!