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  1. Go play level 30 of Tropical Fury then come back and then tell me it's a 1/10.
  2. Same for me. I feel like the short overload pauses and times the Vita doesn't recognize swipes obviously isn't helping me, but even if everything worked smoothly I'm not sure I'd be keeping up. I've tried pausing the game and taking note of what I need to make, then trying to make it fast, but that didn't seem to work any better for me. I'm thinking maybe it is going to require using two fingers doing different things at the same time, but if so that is a huge difficulty spike since I got by relatively fine just using one finger for everything else.
  3. It's not as bad as that but the same idea, yeah. It's like the bare minimum of technical hiccups that is just enough to make it frustrating.
  4. It's a swipe game. I'd call it a kind of Cook, Serve, Delicious lite. It isn't very difficult until the late stages of each career mode. Even then the difficulty comes mostly from the Vita not being able to keep up with the action on screen, or simply not registering touches. When you have to go back and swipe on the same ingredient for a fourth time in a row because the Vita isn't picking it up, you're not going to get that gold star. Or when the game freezes up for a half second mid swipe it completely throws off your rhythm, and again, no gold star for you. The only level I've had serious trouble with so far is the gold star on the final level of the beach career. The 1000 crab trophy is going to be a grind, but not difficult. I only had the 500 crab trophy pop while replaying level 30. I think I'd rate this about a 3/10, and that's mostly due to technical problems you have to overcome.
  5. Even that may not be exactly it. Sweet Tooth unlocked for me without having a win with Breakout