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  1. Use the coloured balloons to extinguish the corresponding coloured fire. It's a bit like connect 4, the fire and three of the same coloured balloons makes your row or column of 4, the x button rotates the dual coloured balloons, I used the d pad to manoeuvre as I found it responded easier than the stick
  2. There is an issue with the sequence trophies are unlocking on the EU vita version, I hit the lamp and unlocked loot, then did tutorial and unlocked ring the bell
  3. Yeah Devs just emailed me to confirm this so sync away πŸ‘
  4. Leave the area close game go offline and adjust system clock 24hrs restart game with a fully charged suit and continue mission 😊
  5. I contacted the Devs yesterday here is their reply, " It seems Sony forgot to upload trophies on server for EU release I'm aware of problem and I hope it would be fixed soon! I already wrote to Sony Developers support about it. That’s common problem - it happened for couple of other games before and as soon as Sony fix it - all players could sync their trophies with server. Thank you for support!"
  6. If you are struggling with the hard puzzle, film it on your phone and then scroll backwards to see where the tiles go 😊
  7. To add to this there are 66 audio logs to find for You are nothing, The big thinker is cumulative as I had 11 thoughts at one point, I think it's around the 30 mark so leave your game on overnight ensure it's set not to go into sleep mode flower child is 25% cold blooded is 38% which equates to 4 I had crocodile iguana snake and a chameleon and one billion heartbeats popped at 46% but there are tons of animals to discover, most trophies (bronze) will be earned in tutorial the rest as abilities unlock after you escape the golden gate, this is a 15 to 20 hour plat if your ps4 doesn't go to sleep in the night lol
  8. phoogee Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 At the time I was playing this game I had problems with my PS3. I copied the data for all my saves onto a USB stick and bought a new PS3. After uploading all my save data onto the new PS3 I continued to play and several of the trophies popped at random intervals while I played, presumably as I had met the criteria for these trophies prior to the issues I had and then popping them as I continued. If this explanation is not acceptable to you then by all means remove it from my trophy count as I am a legitimate player and wouldn't want a glitchy game to sully my name.
  9. sell all region PSN cards once you've set up an account you can pay by card or PayPal, reliable and quick.
  10. UK store priced Β£11.99
  11. It's available on the Hong Kong store now
  12. Also using a wired connection rather than wifi helps
  13. I had a similar problem, if it's the last trophy delete the game and reinstall that cured it for me so worth a shot
  14. I found putting the controller on my knee and pushing the triangle button with my finger more effective, took over 2 hrs on PS3 but then swapped to this method and got it on 3rd attempt
  15. I had the same problem today, I closed game turned vita off/on when I started game it had put me back to the start of the final planet, it did however start popping the trophies as I completed those sections again, bizarre to say the least