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  1. A lot of us like 100% games and not having to go back to then months later. A great example of a game that that just keeps coming back is Minecraft and Rocket League. They just take up space on my drive or I have to redownload them every few months.
  2. Looks like another game with DLC nobody asked for lmao. I'm pretty certain it's a free update. Hopefully they are not too difficult.
  3. I was finally able to get a start as when i got out of the starting cut scene there was a cave right next to me. It took me 15-20 restarts...
  4. Yea I’d love a skip to the center lol. I actually like the game but this permadrath mode is stuuuuupidly not fun
  5. I can not last more than 5 minutes... I can't even get enough materials to repair my scanner let alone then get materials to survive. I get killed by the robots before i get ANY materials?? what the F*** am I doing wrong here...
  6. https://imgur.com/gallery/QOcV8YO anyone help? Edit: NEVERMIND solved it myself. Kinda fun, should have just played this legitimately.... nah.
  7. How difficult were the challenges?
  8. 13 minute platinum, I feel so dirty
  9. Same area my OG PS4 was, It's in a wide open shelf by itself, has 8 inches or so of space on each side
  10. Mine does not seem that way.
  11. Hey everyone, I just bought a PS4 Pro (339.99 USD!) I've been playing Skyrim: Special Edition as well as AC: Ezio collection. I've ran into a "issue?" with the PS4 Pro fan. When the console gets hot, and the fan needs to kick it up a notch, The fan speeds up for a second or two, slows down, speeds up, and so on and so forth until the consoles cools off a bit... You can tell its doing this because of the level of noise coming from it. I'm wondering of anyone else is experiencing the same issues? - Thanks for all the help.
  12. Seeing how crappy the servers run on last gen when compared to current gen... this makes total sense
  13. So, because of the DLC, the rank for those who have the platinum is a B. I thought that, for games with DLC, that if you had the Platinum it was considered an A, no matter how much of the DLC you have/havn't completed. Just curious. I know Borderlands 2 was rank B for a while but then it was switched so that Plat-holders had Rank A.
  14. I did it any it was glorious! Every trophy counts, and seeing 64 trophies pop in two minutes was amazing
  15. @texasboi727 NO I don't feel it's lame, I just don't want to get flagged. It's not 'legal hacking'. Hacking implies I'm entering code or using someone else's save file as my own to get trophies. These are my trophies which I earned on my save final for my game on both my systems. So calling it 'legal hacking' is idiotic.