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  1. Hey, no need to apologise, we’re all here to help! You absolutely can play as Go-Home Club member only, you’ll simply have to refuse going through the door with Thorn when she makes her offer.
  2. Hello! I struggled with that one too, as the description is misleading: ignore the bit in her bio about a certain guy, you'll want to resolve Miki Tsujimoto's trauma in order to solve her stalking issue. That should do the trick. Good luck!
  3. Yep. It’s the remake that came out on PC a few years ago, not the original NES version.
  4. Shadowgate is notorious for how easily you can die in all sorts of horrible ways. I’m thinking this would be the DARK SOULS OF ADVENTURE GAMES if you were to try reaching the platinum without a guide. What do you guys think about the trophy list?
  5. For the longest time I had this mentality of finishing a game's story first and then throwing it onto the "I'll come back to this later" pile. The end result of this was an evergrowing pile of stuff "for later", and later never seemed to come. Well, no more. I've gone back at last and am pleased to report on two new platinums, both of which languished on the "later" pile for at least a year if not longer. The first of which is... #92: Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir Vanillaware is one of my absolute favourite developers. Their handdrawn 2D art style is a true marvel for the eyes, and their writing and gameplay alike never fail to satisfy me. Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is without question their most story-heavy game, telling a story straight out of a Wagnerian opera, of a world on the brink of annihilation as valkyries clash with faeries, wizards plot in the shadows, and a mysterious curse transforms humans into rabbit-people. I adored it, although some of the game's moments of high drama fell slightly flat for me because of uneven voice acting. Still, it's a noble attempt at telling such a grandiose tale. Trophywise, Odin Sphere is also the studio's easiest by far. No Fury mode like in Muramasa, no grinding all the way up through multiple difficulties like in Dragon's Crown, Odin Sphere merely asks you to complete the story and find all collectibles. I'm retroactively embarrassed by how close I've been to obtaining the platinum all along; had I not stopped immediately upon finishing the story but persisted for only a few more hours, I'd have had the platinum two years ago. Oh well, better late than never. And that leads me to my second platinum, which is... #93: Danganronpa AnotherEpisode: Ultra Despair Girls The black sheep of the Danganronpa franchise, I have to admit I have a soft spot for this hateful little game. With its story of a city lost to the maws of madness, where prepubescent children follow Ultimate Despair's demented ideals and attempt to turn Towa City into a children's paradise by killing all adults through the use of mass-produced Monokuma robots, this is the franchise's darkest tale. It's relentless, and often bleak, and as a horror aficionado, I can appreciate that. Honestly, as I write this, I can't help but feel sad at how badly the Danganronpa 3 anime botched wrapping up the Hope's Peak arc and utterly wasted the potential the Warriors of Hope had... but that's getting off-topic, I suppose. Like Odin Sphere, in terms of trophies, Ultra Despair Girls is fairly straightforward: complete the story, find all collectibles, do NG+ to collect more MonoCoins and level protagonist Komaru up to 99. I enjoyed going back to Towa City, and I hope there's life left in the Danganronpa franchise. Maybe an Ultra Despair Girls 2, if the current hiatus ever ends? One can hope. One can hope.
  6. #91: The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince The latest installment in what I like to call Nippon Ichi's Creepy-Cute game series, The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince follows A Rose in the Twilight's lead in telling a fairy tale story involving two characters journeying through a large location, but instead of a girl and her golem, this time it's about a she-wolf-turned-into-a-human and a blinded boy-prince. This is NIS' most visually appealing game by far, with its lush hand-drawn graphics approaching Vanillaware levels of visual splendour, and the soundtrack really helps create this fairytale atmosphere, as if this game is an interactive storybook written by the Brothers Grimm themselves. The story may not be the most well-written or complex tale out there, but I found it thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. Which, unfortunately, came about rather quickly. This is an extremely short game: it's entirely possible to clear the story within three or four hours. It may have been a rather magical three-to-four hours, yet the fact remains that 20 euros/dollars for an afternoon's worth of entertainment is a bit of a steep ask. It's probably best to grab this one on sale. As for the trophies themselves, they were all quite easy. Since the game is a relatively straightforward puzzle-platformer with generous signposting and lenient trophies, you shouldn't be intimidated by challenges like "Clear X level in 3 minutes". Firefly Diaries this is not. Still, it was fun, and isn't that ultimately why we game in the first place?
  7. #90: Death End Re;Quest Compile Heart always struck me as an ambitious, talented outfit that either lacked the time or resources to realise the games they wanted to make. With Death End Re;Quest, I feel like they finally managed to express what they have wanted to make from the beginning. It's easily their most competent game to date, with graphics that no longer feel like upressed Vita textures, a robust combat system that does not really get old, and a fascinating narrative that goes to some seriously dark places despite its trademark Compa moe aesthetic. A delightfully pleasant surprise of a game! The platinum itself was very easy and straightforward. There were some tedious parts, such as the 50-battles-in-a-row Pain Area that had to be conquered, but overall the vast majority of trophies came from natural gameplay rather than having to rely on a guide for everything. Quite a change from most JRPGs. Also, indeed, a shoutout back to my best friend @Larx who played and platinummed this game alongside me!
  8. I think so, but I'm not 100% sure. Stigma drop locations are frustratingly vague and RNG-based, really... Good luck!
  9. Yes, you'll want to solve the traumas for all 21 class leaders, who are highlighted with a flashing white portrait border in Causality Link. As far as I know, it's a random drop. Perhaps this is a silly question, but are you sure you don't accidentally have it already? I know I sometimes mistakenly checked the Attack Impulses alone when the required stigma was a Defence Instinct or Amplifier. It helps to organise the list alphabetically and scroll down to "K"!
  10. It well might be. I know I got Ayana's last two episodes in a playthrough where I didn't banish him. Sorry I can't help you further. :/
  11. That's strange. Are you on the final dungeon? Is it just Ayana's character episodes that aren't triggering for you?
  12. Are you playing as a male or female protagonist? What's your Affection level with Ayana? I'm reasonably sure you need to be playing the female protagonist, as well as raise your Affection level with her to 9, in order to unlock the last two episodes for her.
  13. Tenshi.




    Smol. :>

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      She so is. :>

  14. Oh my gosh, thank you so much! This is wonderfully helpful indeed. As for the maps, only if it's not too much trouble for you. I don't personally think I'll need them, but maybe other players would? It's up to you!