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  1. YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world There doesn't seem to be a European physical release - at least, not yet - but luckily my favoured retailer carried some imported US copies. This is a remake of the classic visual novel which supposedly inspired Steins;Gate a great deal, so it should be a great time~!
  2. Sooooo, Spike responded to my Twitter message by saying they've manually updated the servers. The issues should be fixed within 24 hours, and considering @Ranari_Kai is already able to sync, I hope we'll be seeing YU-NO show up on this lovely website very soon!
  3. That'd be very helpful. I'll try tweeting at Spike too. *nodnod*
  4. Do we know why there aren't any English YU-NO trophy lists available yet? The game came out last week, after all. There's an English Steam achievement list, so surely there should be a trophy counterpart?
  5. #104: Worldend Syndrome (With many, many thanks to the lovely @Larx for generously gifting me this game! ) Hello, hello, Platinum Party People! Another day, another visual novel with "World End" in the name. Worldend Syndrome would have likely flown underneath my radar if it wasn't for seeing screenshots of its striking art style. It's exceedingly easy on the eyes, with a painterly aesthetic used for the (often animated!) backgrounds, whereas the characters themselves look more traditionally anime-styled. I'll put a few examples in the spoiler box below! Worldend Syndrome's story centres around a depressed young man who travels to the picturesque rural village known as Mihate Town, to "throw his life away" by living the rest of his days in empty misery. Our boy is a very restrained protagonist, keeping to himself and having little patience for tomfoolery. But, as he joins his high school's Mystery Club, he makes friends and begins investigating the local "yomibito" legend, in which it is said that the town is terrorised by murderous spirits once every 100 years. This summer marks the 100th anniversary since the last supposed yomibito incident, and when several high school girls start turning up dead under mysterious circumstances, one begins to wonder if perhaps the legends are true... The idea of playing a depressed person who has given up on life doesn't sound terribly appealing to me, but I am glad to report that there is plenty of character development along the way, and the true ending is nothing short of life-affirming. I liked it. I liked it quite a bit! And honestly, I'd love to visit a scenic village like Mihate Town myself someday. It's such a gorgeous place. Progression through the story plays out more like a social link from the Persona series or bonding events in Danganronpa, rather than a fairly straightforward "choose the right dialogue options" system. Instead, you select a location to visit on the town map, and interact with whoever is at that location at that specific time. Whilst it makes for a more unique way of experiencing the story, it does make using a guide more essential than ever if you want to grab the platinum, since sometimes there's no real rhyme or reason as to where you have to go in order to obtain specific tips or CGs. Something worth bearing in mind if you plan to tackle this game without guidance!
  6. #103: A.I.: The Somnium Files From the mad mind of Kotaro Uchikoshi, known for the Infinity and Zero Escape series - as well as the unapologetically zany Punchline - comes this beaut of an adventure. My first impressions of the game made me think of it as similar to Suda51's indelible and gloriously messy The Silver Case, only with actually coherent and much better translated writing. That comparison is more apt than referencing a straight visual novel, since The Somnium Files does feature gameplay in between story chunks. You see, protagonist Kaname Date and his eyeball-housed AI companion Aiba (an AI-Ball, if you will) are part of a special branch at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department: ABIS, who investigate particularly involved crimes through a machine that allows them to explore suspects' dreams and extract hidden information from them. The game begins with Date and Aiba being assigned a homicide case which swiftly devolves into serial murder. Can they find the Cyclops Killer? To say more about the story would be a disservice. I honestly think it's worth your time if you have any interest in good crime narratives; it keeps you engaged throughout and doesn't leave any major questions unanswered. There is also a lot of humour woven throughout, with lots of innuendo and wordplay as Date and Aiba meet a colourful cast of characters who are easy to get attached to. Honestly, the tonal tightrope this game manages to walk is highly impressive, reminding me of theYakuza series in how it can seamlessly flow from funny to serious crime to heart-warming to tragic without ever coming across as jarring or inappropriate. Yes, there are lots of gags about, ah, certain anatomical elements, but the story will definitely get serious whenever it needs to. Also, since this is an Uchikoshi joint, expect lots of galaxybrain science concepts to be bandied about - although it was easier to digest this time than it was in, say, Virtue's Last Reward. I wanted to give a special mention to Spike Chunsoft America's localisation work, which is exceedingly robust and flat-out impressive for such a new localisation office. The game comes with dual audio, and is fully dubbed in English - even the obligatory idol song has been fully translated and sung in English, which I don't believe I've ever seen in a game before. Between this and the excellent translation for 428: Shibuya Scramble, Spike Chunsoft are ones to watch if you're a Japanese gaming enthusiast like I am! Trophy-wise, this is very simple. There's a handy flowchart which clearly indicates which routes to pursue next, puzzles and timed segments can be replayed as much as you need or want, and the game helpfully highlights all the solutions in dreams which you have already cleared before, making replays easier and quicker. Expect to get a good 20-30 hours out of the story. All in all, I'm going to miss this cast - Iris in particular grew dear to me - and I hope Mr. Uchikoshi will get the chance to make a sequel to this someday. The Somnium Files may very well end up being one of my favourite games from 2019.
  7. Yesterday was my burfday (yaaay), and that meant new games! Not pictured are Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered and A.I.: The Somnium Files, both of which are due to arrive later this week. Many, many thanks to @Larx for his incredible generosity in gifting me Fate/extella LINK and WorldEndSyndrome! It's truly appreciated! So yes, these are going to be fun gaming weeks!
  8. Interesting points! I'm not entirely certain if that was Studio Zero's intent with Rin's story, but you can certainly interpret the game's events in that light. Death of the Author and all that~ Personally, I saw Jonny's sudden punch more as an expression of "You're already cheating and now you're going for a third option? Get a grip already", but maybe that's just my surface-level interpretation. I do agree it was ultimately a positive portrayal. Loving the person, rather than their fleshly husk, is a very open-minded and admirable position in my opinion. I just think that could've been conveyed just as well without a bizarre "Minion-aliens!" twist not even at the eleventh hour, but at a minute to midnight. You're right, the weird tonal shift of Rin's route is very likely a direct cause of having different staff working on Full Body. Heck, the original Catherine was P-Studio whereas I'm pretty sure Full Body is Zero Studio's first 'proper' production. You can tell P5 staff worked on it, what with the general stylishness of Full Body's presentation. Haaang on, Catherine takes place on a space colony? Are you sure about that? Vincent's "True Freedom" end has him take a trip to a moon colony, sure, but don't the events of the main story take place in a generic American/Western city on Earth?
  9. Hello, fellow sinners! Before I begin, I want to emphasise that this will be a spoiler thread for discussing Full Body's main story - Rin's route in particular. If you haven't finished the game yet, please click away now whilst you still can. Okay? Okay! So, how about that Rin route? I must admit I'm really rather disappointed with it, for one reason: namely, the Good/True Ending revelation that angels are actually Minion-esque aliens with unique abilities in the Catherineverse. Having played through Katherine and Catherine's four respective endings before embarking on Rin's route, I was fully expecting to slot Catherine into the greater Megami Tensei multiverse, possibly even in the same universe as the Persona games. After all, between the existence of demons as well as the involvement of the Goddess Ishtar (who, it should be mentioned, also featured in the original Shin Megami Tensei, as well as Shin Megami Tensei II and the first Devil Summoner game), it seemed a fairly clear cut case of Megami Tensei supernatural shenanigans. And then angels are introduced? Sure, why not, that's also very MegaTen. But then... Minion-aliens? What the hell? I want to make it quite clear that I think Catherine: Full Body is a very fine game. I loved the style, the overall story, the dingy locations enhancing the idea of "romantic horror", the fun puzzles, and the excellent Meguro soundtrack. I was ready to consider it a potential Game of the Year candidate, although Rin's endings have soured me to the point of no longer considering the game GotY-worthy. It was just such an unexpected and unusually zany conclusion, which I'm not used to seeing from Atlus. Personally, I would've liked it much better if angels were really just angels. The comedy factor could've been kept by having Rin's "big brother" lurking in the background during the ending sequence, glaring at Vincent over a held up newspaper, or poorly trying to hide in a bush. The whole "I don't want to lose my relative to this bloody guy" emotional outburst was already covered with Catherine's archdemon father, there was no need to repeat it if you ask me. Also, a part of me feels it would've been nice if they'd really leaned into the angel theme and made it so that Rin wasn't biologically male, but completely lacking in sexual characteristics in the first place instead. No nipples, no areola, no genitals. Instead of "Whaaaat, you're a guy???" -> "Yes, I am, didn't I tell you?", the conflict could be "Wait, what? Are you a boy or a girl?" -> "I'm not a girl or a boy. I'm Rin". That would've fit her/his/their theme of loving the person rather than the body quite nicely, no? Anyway, that's enough rambling from me. What do you guys think? Did you enjoy the Rin endings? Let's discuss!
  10. #102: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II I shan't beat around the bush: this is a stone-cold JRPG masterpiece in my eyes, and a must-play for anyone even remotely interested in the genre. Falcom has done something truly special with their Legend of Heroes series, and the Trails of Cold Steel subseries is simply superlative in terms of worldbuilding, characterisation, writing, as well as accessible yet deceptively deep gameplay. Yes, the graphics are on the weaker side, but everything else about this game is just mwah~! This is a lengthy story about a country that has descended into civil war, but it does something I don't often see in any modern media, let alone a video game: the antagonists are often remarkably friendly and likeable. They have legitimate, understandable reasons for the things they are doing, despite their questionable methods. This is hardly a "Heroes good, villains bad, go beat them up and save the world" story, this is more mature than that - and not in the gratuitious grimdark sense in which that word is often used. Having already spent dozens of hours with Rean Schwarzer and his Class VII friends in the first Cold Steel, they truly have become like actual friends to me, like people I'm going to miss. Soooooo, it's a good thing that Cold Steel III is coming soon. :> Trophy-wise, it's not especially diffcult, per se, but the amount of little things you have to keep track of at the same time in order to collect all character notes, books, recipes and other minutiae is Yakuza-levels of information overload. Make very, very sure you aren't accidentally forgetting anything, no matter how trivial it may seem, or you'll end up having to do another partial New Game+ playthrough just to get a single character's second notebook entry like I did!
  11. Honestly, I'm glad to see Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio is unafraid to take creative risks and try new things. After all, after seven Kiryu games plus Judgement and the Fist of the North Star spin-off, the series formula was at risk of growing stale. Shin Yakuza/Yakuza 7/Yakuza: Like a Dragon was always going to have to shake things up, and it seems the team is not taking half-measures. Good! Colour me excited for this one. RGG Studio has earned my trust.
  12. It looks like this is the same list as the PS3 one, only with a much better platinum name! The one additional trophy I spotted was 'Fat Cat', since cabaret clubs have been restored to this version. So what do you guys think? Ready to spend dozens more hours in Kamurocho?
  13. My face when I saw the news: I am so, so happy all the Kiryu games will be available on PS4 now! Bless RGG Studio!
  14. Je trofeeën lijst ziet er goed 


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      Hee, dank je wel! Wat leuk om te zien dat ik niet de enige Nederlandse fan van RPGs ben. :)

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  15. Ohhhhhhh my god, does that look pretty! It's a shame I'm horribad at fighting games... how newcomer-friendly are these games?