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  1. it's absolutely horrible to play on PS4 with the interface
  2. Anybody have trouble with this one, in boosting? We tried many times, I survived a lot of health events then won the match but it refuses to pop, all the other MP trophies popped without trouble.
  3. They even gave us the deluxe edition with all the extra downloadables
  4. Yeah they even made gold times easier in a recent patch. I mean it was easy as hell to begin with. There's a reason why there's gold, silver, bronze time, leave gold hard ffs.
  5. I don't know, I have been playing GT since over 15 years and the DR near release put me up with equal opponents after I won a lot of races in a row. Once you're at least DR A it can be very slow progress on wins unless you really are the .1%. Once you are consistent and winning a lot you will be increasing your rank and the races should be more evenly matched.
  6. I got reset at 32, finally got to 50 just today. I only did 5 lap races and it seemed good. I can average upwards of 4,000 per race. So in the 40's where the levels are around 32,000 exp it takes about 8 races, which will take about an hour.
  7. If you don't have a vita yes you'll need another controller.
  8. Codemasters reset ranks on 1.06 to "fix stats" I was in the 30s when I heard the news and didn't want to risk getting to 49 before they patched it. Very terrible for people that were effects and codies doesn't give a shit about it either.
  9. Im guessing it includes all DLC? If this is the case, I'm gonna buy it. Had such a great time playing it on PS3. It's a masterpiece alongside RDR.
  10. could not change my banner picture despite it saying it was updated and saved...

    1. MaximumOverdrive


      I think there's a next step afterwards, which allows you to crop it before saving. 

    2. amebapiko


      yeah i cropped it, just seemed it wasn't instant as it changed eventually

  11. well they are probably making up for something
  12. You chose to hunt trophies and you can chose to do them however you want
  13. You can request help in the palace only in certain situations. I believe you will be notified when you can.
  14. A lot of the missions can get buggy for a long period of time, with the ones that bugged on me i could complete them solo using AI teammates.