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  1. They didn't even release ELDEN RING in english on the asian store. Many people had to refund their pre-orders. It's so bizarre. Korean/Chinese/Thai only. Very frustrating situation and I'm fully aware I could get a copy from another store region but this shouldn't have happened.

  2. servers are still up for bf3? That's great. It's insane that it's been a decade. Miss playing BF3. My ps3 isn't functioning anymore.
  3. It's so sad and painful to see when the best tennis game on console is still one from over a decade ago.
  4. A bit of a necro but useful info: Reddit u/NevCee calculated the most optimal path would be 5 cost reduction upgrades and 2 quality control for each department.
  5. Thanks for the info I had NA physical copy, too bad asian region didn't get its own list.
  6. I've been doing this and I really feel I've exceeded the trophy requirement by far but still nothing... i even went back to default controls if it was glitched. Edit: Thought i was drifting but I wasnt holding the drift button...
  7. I'm curious, im on Asia store and there's 3 versions on vita, one is this Korean one. Anyone know if they have English language support? Wouldn't mind playing through again.
  8. Unless it's bugged I don't see how 40 in 5 is easy, I tried multiple times and didn't get the trophy edit: I got it now the vita has a much 'bouncier' button so its easier to tap faster than the DualShock
  9. No it's a shared list between both systems
  10. with the mod support is it possible someone will make a map to get the distance trophy?
  11. Sadly I got so many problems with remote play and also my PC. I can probably get an hour stretch of it working if I'm seriously lucky. The major problem now is the macro running too slow (so it doesnt work). Before I was getting disconnected from remote play too much and I have a mouse clicker to reconnect it, but currently struggle to get the macro even running at all. It's infuriating, if my macro isn't working the remote play will function flawlessly, when my macro works my remote play will disconnect every minute 😬
  12. Thanks for the reply, yeah I made a huge mistake and put the 900 on . So I tried now and it's spamming 900s as it should, first run it reached 1.9mil 😄
  13. Care to enlighten me I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I downloaded the software and got it running but it doesn't seem to work properly. I followed all steps but all my character does is spam nose grab and manuals never getting more than 100k score. I'm running that downtown 72k macro and following the instructions?
  14. Do we quit to the ps4 menu or the game main menu? I find it hard because I had a streak then lost on HEX-A-GONE, when we fall it's too late? I saw my kudos went up but I quit out to the ps4 menu. Any tips? Thx guys.
  15. So right now, the game is basically too broken since the broken part of the game is too broken that it crashes before you can make any real progress on Around the World?