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  1. Do we quit to the ps4 menu or the game main menu? I find it hard because I had a streak then lost on HEX-A-GONE, when we fall it's too late? I saw my kudos went up but I quit out to the ps4 menu. Any tips? Thx guys.
  2. So right now, the game is basically too broken since the broken part of the game is too broken that it crashes before you can make any real progress on Around the World?
  3. I guess it's their only chance against sony 😂
  4. why is the trophy list for fall guys still not out?

    1. DaivRules


      That’s up to the developers 

  5. This site needs to merge region based forums for games. It's such a trash tier effort at a trophy list, it's kind of representative of the state of them game too. Instead of a bullshit trophy that will take 1000s of hrs for no reason they could have used their brains and thought of some challenging trophies - how about the challenges for each map? Trophy for each of those, and completing them all. That would have helped the game out, then when they add content it could follow along those lines. Either way they done screwed up, which is a shame. Don't really care too much at this point either since the studio completely shafted the whole of Asia on a playstation release and won't respond to any messages regarding this.
  6. Exactly this, vertical distance has never counted in distance related stuff.
  7. I accidentally messed up on the first run with the control inputs and I'm probably just gonna bail on this game, it's basically a type of torture to sit through, thankfully I'm no longer controlled by trophies. You don't get anything for playing games you don't enjoy, increasing your number of platinums won't do anything anyway.😄
  8. They straight out ruined the trophy list, they could have had the challenges as trophies, but nah lets stick a 10,000+ hr grind that nobody gonna do legit and make it a stupid sub 1% for shits and giggles. Out of the trophy hunter demographic they would have lost a lot of sales.
  9. it's absolutely horrible to play on PS4 with the interface
  10. Anybody have trouble with this one, in boosting? We tried many times, I survived a lot of health events then won the match but it refuses to pop, all the other MP trophies popped without trouble.
  11. They even gave us the deluxe edition with all the extra downloadables
  12. Yeah they even made gold times easier in a recent patch. I mean it was easy as hell to begin with. There's a reason why there's gold, silver, bronze time, leave gold hard ffs.
  13. I don't know, I have been playing GT since over 15 years and the DR near release put me up with equal opponents after I won a lot of races in a row. Once you're at least DR A it can be very slow progress on wins unless you really are the .1%. Once you are consistent and winning a lot you will be increasing your rank and the races should be more evenly matched.
  14. I got reset at 32, finally got to 50 just today. I only did 5 lap races and it seemed good. I can average upwards of 4,000 per race. So in the 40's where the levels are around 32,000 exp it takes about 8 races, which will take about an hour.