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  1. Dirt Rally 2.0 Seasons 3 & 4 now on ps store for 24.99 euro and also someone can buy the Dirt Rally 2.0 Year One Pass for 49.99 euro.This i dont like at all pay extra.
  2. So we will pay extra one more season pass for season 3 and 4.Because the deluxe edition have only 1 and 2.
  3. yes now its 100% complete, are they going to add more dlcs or now they finished?
  4. Today they add the season one dlc pack.It looks easy.Also there is an update 6.875 GB. On Thin Ice : Complete a clean stage in Monte Carlo (silver) Rock 'n' Roll : Drive 66 km at Monte Carlo in the DS 21 (silver) To all those who doubted... : Get a podium in the Citroen C4 Rally (silver) Kickin' 80s Vibe : Complete your first Event in the BMW M1 Procar Rally (bronze)
  5. I send a form to Deep Silver about the code they know the problem with some editions from Aurora only this problem in europe copies.
  6. I have the same problem.What you mean they are working on it.Are they gonna fix this problem?
  7. Thank you.
  8. Anyone know when the carrier ends?Im now season 8 and i dont have the trophies for the TT.And i have 160k fans.
  9. Today from my session 22 ppl got the trophy.You need the one host that everyone can join.
  10. I just complete a session with my friends and complete all dlcs i rent a server just choose no (pre load) and the game starts with one person.No passward just if someone join kick/ban you leave a warning message at server descripion.
  11. got it some races more than 550.
  12. I am at 536 rally in career and no trophy yet.Iwas playing rally after rally until also championships show up.I dont know what to do so i keep playing rally races until it pops.
  13. Yes you can but again some are impossible.The piggy bank not big enough to collect them.
  14. Dont buy it for now until they patch the game.
  15. I completed the four worlds the game has but its impossible to achieve perfect score on all stages.For no reason the coins droping away from you and you cant collect them at the same time.That for first world because i cant find a solution on stage 18.Next worlds getting more harder.Again the coins dropping away and its impossible to collect them.I dont know if someone will get the platinum now.It should be an easy game but this is so so hard for no reason and that for the bad game mechanics.Also the game many times doesnt gives the options to move at the menu its like is disabled.The game have problems that must be fixed!!!