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  1. I'm happy with the list, very similar to the first two games which I thought had excellent trophy lists. Getting it for Christmas though, going to be a long wait over these next two months!
  2. Fantastic news that this is coming, can't wait.
  3. Thanks, will give it a go - haven't updated my name at all, literally all I've done is earn one trophy since I last updated (on Days Gone) and it's wiped it all. Haven't earned one on it since though so hopefully will unlock one tomorrow and try again. Still coming up as no games played 10 hours on
  4. Updated my profile last night absolutely fine. Updated it this afternoon and it now says I have no trophies at all. I've never changed my name or privacy settings (and have checked and all are public), any help will be most appreciated.
  5. Big fan of this list. Shame they aren't their own lists but still, should be an easy (but long) Platinum. Adored these on the DS...actually I think I played the first one on the iPhone! And actually I played all the others on my 3DS, but can't wait to get back into them. One of my all time favourite series.
  6. Yeah huge shame this isn't coming to Vita, would have been perfect for Cross-Save. Genuinely played every single one of these that's been released in the West (including the first Miles Edgeworth spin off) every lunchtime when I've gone to the toilet at work! Would have been great to do that then go home and play on the big screen. Will do that with Trails of Cold Steel instead. Hoping that trophy list being in English means that the March date is worldwide and not just Japan as originally reported... Edit: didn't realise it's out in Japan in a couple of days in fact, whoops!
  7. List looks good, same as the 360 version (and indeed the PS3 version as pointed out above, although I didn't play that) and I got around 750/1000 on Xbox, so looking forward to doing it all again! Considering the highest amount of trophies I've managed on a Tales game (Berseria) was 55%, hoping to beat that with this one. What a game!
  8. I cheesed those trophies just now for the Platinum, and only have those two left for the Persona 5 game too Thanks for the tip!
  9. Ah ok, cheers! Shall give it a go Currently playing the Persona 5 one now but still have 3 installed!
  10. Yeah I think I'm not going to get the Platinum - got all trophies now except the "see Yukari & Junpei dances", and the two for Aigis and the main character because of the All Night difficulty ones, simply can't clear the stages!
  11. Cool, thanks - I think I may have that modifier on so will take it off to see what happens. Cheers
  12. Yeah those are my thoughts also...bah! Will have another go, otherwise I suppose it's delete and start again Thanks for replying
  13. Hi all, Quick question on this - I'm getting huge scores on tracks on hard mode (and have cleared a couple with "Brilliant"), but now no tracks are even clearing at all, let alone simply "Stage Clear"! I must be doing something wrong somewhere but finding it very odd, the scores I am getting are close to 1,750,000 with no misses or chain breaks so have no idea what more I can do...
  14. Very glad they have the trophies to get 100%, was always an absolute delight. I'm not overly enamoured with trophies that make you do things you wouldn't usually do as they can be frustrating, so yeah pleased they have some form of "collection" trophy considering that's what the majority of the game is actually about.
  15. Ah hang on, from what I can tell you need everyone on full health, i.e. you're a worrywart because you're making sure everyone is at full health even though they are! Either way, got it now, hooray! Super game.