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  1. Very disappointing, and hearing that online play is basically fucked, no point in me getting the game. Loved playing it on Gamecube when young with my brother and we were looking forward to this, but the multiplayer decisions they've made mean no chance we will get it as there is literally no point
  2. I bought on Switch and it is very good, although unbelievably difficult. Judging by the trophies, no chance I will double dip because that is a very low percentage waiting many gamers!
  3. By far the best handheld I've ever owned (3DS probably second), the library of games for it - particularly visual novels and JRPGs - is amazing. I've literally just popped a Platinum on it about ten minutes ago, I'm away for two weeks at my girlfriend's family so have this and the Switch for gaming and having a great time.
  4. Found that one, turns out they've patched the game to change some of them. Level 3 Collectible 7 - you need to now climb the log itself moving left and right all the way to the top Level 6 Collectible 5 - simply now need to jump on one of the bounce pads where it shows you in the video and jump up Level 7 Collectible 1 - fuck knows, I'm stuck on it right now.
  5. Same, I've just started playing and looking at numerous guides online, there are no climbing rocks in my game at all.
  6. Yep, managed to plough through the game and finished earlier this afternoon, and fortunately absolutely everything was a surprise to me. Only saw a couple of trailers in order to go in as dark as possible and thankfully avoided all the spoilers doing the rounds for what, two months now? Very pleased I managed it!
  7. Ignore me, perseverance paid off, no idea how as I was doing the same thing on repeat but eventually made it through with a modicum of health left! Just got the Platinum trophy now
  8. Any tips for this trophy? I can get to the boss no problem now, but really struggle to get anywhere beyond him. The part where all the eyes drop down I can never really get past, they kill me within seconds despite hammering the shoot button and trying to grab the health and charge pickups. Playing on PS4 for reference. This is the only trophy standing between me and the Platinum as well so any help would be hugely appreciated!
  9. Nier Automata and Dragon Quest XI by a significant distance. DQXI gets my vote.
  10. Amazing news! Never actually played the first one but did everything there was to do in the second, one of my favourite games of all time!
  11. Such good news. I absolutely adore Nier so will definitely be all over this on release.
  12. I'm happy with the list, very similar to the first two games which I thought had excellent trophy lists. Getting it for Christmas though, going to be a long wait over these next two months!
  13. Fantastic news that this is coming, can't wait.
  14. Thanks, will give it a go - haven't updated my name at all, literally all I've done is earn one trophy since I last updated (on Days Gone) and it's wiped it all. Haven't earned one on it since though so hopefully will unlock one tomorrow and try again. Still coming up as no games played 10 hours on
  15. Updated my profile last night absolutely fine. Updated it this afternoon and it now says I have no trophies at all. I've never changed my name or privacy settings (and have checked and all are public), any help will be most appreciated.