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  1. This is one of my favourite games ever. Love nearly everything about it, it was incredible when it first came out on PS1. Although as much as I love the story and characters, the orphanage part was a little bit too ridiculous for my liking.
  2. I would have liked some of those removed trophies in there. The list for this version is far too easy. It's a 2 out of 10 difficulty at best. Would have liked to have seen the collect all cards have been kept in as I always enjoyed doing that in the PS1 days. Don't really know why the all Quistis limit breaks was removed because it was pretty easy to do. Completing the game with Squall at level 7 would have been fun but all the challenge of it would have been removed with the boosters as mentioned above.
  3. I highly enjoyed the remake in the first week or so but after I took a step back I realized how disapointed I was with the story compared to the original and how poorly the scenarios were done in this remake. It's an excellent remake that nails the atmosphere, graphics and controls but does it improve on everything from the original? Not quite IMO and I haven't had any desire to return to the game since the first couple of weeks since it's release. It may seem like i'm being over critical but thats the way I feel about it.
  4. I don't own the game yet (waiting for it to big fixed first) but I don't see how I am being harsh at all. How is it acceptable to get all your hard earned progress wiped and having to do it all again? Corrupted save files aren't that common in games and when they are they should be patched within days. Beenox still haven't resolved the issue. The core game may play great but with a flaw as big as this they deserve plenty of backlash IMO. This also isn't including the unplayable online on release either.
  5. Absolutely unacceptable from Beenox. Won't be buying anything from them if this carries on. Have they even made any decent games before?
  6. So glad I put off buying this game for now. What a complete shambles. Beenox should be ashamed releasing the game like this. Activision should have let Vicarious Visions handle this game.
  7. I'm ok with some of the cheats like 3x speed but I really hope they don't put God mode in. The game can be broken easily with card mod ability so it's not necessary.
  8. Same here. Never thought we would get a remaster of it, this and the FFVII remake gameplay are the only things i've really been hyped about so far.
  9. Same here, I used Sonic for all the events apart from the ring challenges. I found that the extra speed from Sonic (speed class) to be crucial for most of the challenges.
  10. I've got a bad feeling that Sony may change there minds on this update because it causes too many problems. They have been very silent about it. I really hope that isn't the case though, been wanting to change mine for like 10 years.
  11. Good to see it has a Platinum which Fusion didn't have. Doesn't matter much to me though as I am no where near skilled enough to at these games to get it. I just play these for fun.
  12. Yes it does. RL with S+ Leon Hardcore. Minigun with S+Claire Hardcore.
  13. I got a S+ rank with Leon A and Claire A and for me Claires route is quite a bit easier, especially because the heart key door where you get the tool for the library is in a much safer spot than Leons club key door, as Leon you have a long hallway with a licker, zombies and Mr X to deal with. His route back to the basement is worse too with more zombies and dogs to deal with. Not to mention that her grenade launcher stuns the bosses very easily. Also IMO the G4 boss is easier than the final Mr X encounter. Skipping the SMG/Magnum is recommended too to save time and to avoid Mr X. Some tips: whenever a boss is down stunned, use a knife. Save as many hand grenades as possible for the latter boss fights. I wouldnt recommend trying to get S+ first time on the 2nd runs, the time is much more strict and no item box in the main hall is also a problem. Also my saves were either just before or after G1 depending on how well the first RPD section went. When first reaching the room where you put the plugs in the sewers (I saved here instead of just before G2 because the G monsters can really screw you up but it is still a pretty quick section to get past. Then before G3. I really wish there was a trophy for getting an S+ rank - would have made the platinum a bit rarer.
  14. I have 3 characters and have been playing pretty much every day since launch. I have had 2 exotics from quests and also got lord of wolves and a new titan chest exotic. I have had plenty of exotics but they have all been dupes from year 1. The chance of recieving a new forsaken exotic is minimal and it is annoying. Every time I get an exotic it is all but guaranteed to be something I already have, looks like xur is the only way most people are going to get this trophy but I doubt he will sell any of them untill the next DLC is released.
  15. Capcom are easily the worst company for trophies, they just don't care about them or the people who like trophies at all. How do games like Pac-Man get a platinum on it's own and then a full retail game colllection like this doesn't? Ridiculous.