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  1. As a huge fan of the original - a game I have played through about 10 times or so enjoyed my first playthrough of this remake for the most part untill the final chapter which deflated me so much, hated everything about it especially the over the top anime cut scenes - felt completely out of place from the rest of the game. I'm not a fan of making the Avalanche members and Zack survive even if it is in an alternative reality or whatever. The combat was OK but started to annoy me a bit after a while - not really sure why. The side quests were very bland for the most part. Not enough exploration - I know Midgar was linear in the original game but Midgar should have expanded a lot more than it was in this remake IMO. Also not enough end game content and secret/hidden bosses to find. The combat arena is a really lame way to add boss fights IMO it's far better to just discover them on the field while exploring, like in most FF games. The fact is though that I could replay the original over and over and always enjoy it - I couldn't even finish my second playthrough of this game as I just completely lost interest. I'm still interested to see where they take the story from here but I doubt I will return to this part 1 again.
  2. So really what you want is the trophies given away? I hate how easy trophies are to get these days, takes away the whole point of it for me. I get no satisfaction from getting an easy platinum.
  3. That is something you have to plan for on hard mode. It's best not to use much MP at all before hell house and stick to level 1 spells if you have to. If you have no MP at all you may have to start the chapter again as MP us vital for this battle. If you have enough to cast bio on hell house you might be able to wait it out and survive using pray and chakra but it won't be easy. You could use soul drain with Aerith to get enough MP to cast bio if need be.
  4. Yeah I really don't get why the game is exclusive to the old PSP when the story to it is so important yet so many FF7 fans haven't even played it.
  5. That's quite interesting actually. I wonder if that means that Cloud still has the power to change 7 seconds of the main timeline somehow to prevent Aerith from dying or to stop Sephiroth using the black materia. But without the whispers though they may not be on the same course any longer anyway so those events may not happen in the same way...
  6. Exactly, the reason they have done this is to tell the player we are going to be making some big changes. There's such a huge part of the original story left that Square are definitely going to streamline it in some way, they are going to cut content but likely to add new content. We will see, it's going to be a long wait.
  7. I didn't blame the writer or director just stating that I don't like what the direction they are going with it, many long time fans feel the same. The fact is we don't know where they are going with this and I am just sceptical. They might nail it in part 2 but I honestly haven't liked much that Square have done in the last decade or so which means I will go into it with low expectations. The reason I was so excited for this was I thought it would be impossible for them to mess up the great story that FF7 has, now I'm not so sure. And also correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Sakaguchi play a huge part in making the original who left Square soon after FF10? I was always under the assumption that he was the main creator behind the older FF games.
  8. Part 2 is going to be completely different to the original and the story will play out very differently I think. Don't expect anything like the world map being explorable because it almost certainly won't be, its going to play similar to part 1. Major storylines will be changed for sure because it's hinted that Sephiroth knows what he needs to change. Let's just hope Square can pull it off, but I don't have much faith with the way the final chapter played out - didn't even feel like it was still the same game.
  9. We won't know the answers for another 3 years or so until part 2 comes out. Such confusing and over the top storytelling just doesn't belong in FF7 IMO. The OG was never really over the top compared to other FF games but it is now, they should have just left it well alone. They really are going to change a lot of the story in part 2, the Aerith death scene will change i'm calling it now.
  10. I have the same feelings as most people here. Loved the game up untill the final chapter. Honestly it didn't even feel like FF7 anymore when fighting the whispers in constant well over the top scenes. What justified the parties excuse for doing this when it was clearly what Sephiroth wanted? Makes no sense. They were clearly just trying to find an excuse to change the storyline of the game which I have very mixed feelings about - the storyline will be different for everyone in the next game which will make it a new experience but they might fuck it up. Let's just hope that the changing destiny, whispers bullshit is over with.
  11. I'm enjoying what ive played so far, the original will always be better though. I absolutely hate the railroading in this game, the game doesn't give you enough freedom at times. Like you missed a materia and want to go back but the game won't let you. Pisses me off no end. Also some of the sections that they added seem pointless and unneccesary. Still enjoying it though, I knew that it would play very different to the original.
  12. It just takes practice and memorization like most challenging platformers. This took me a bit longer to beat than i'd like to admit but keep practicing and you can only improve. The key is to get a good start IMO, I reset a lot if I lost too many bees early on. The boss fights are the easiest part IMO, but I agree that the hitboxes are a bit wonky here. The rope climbing and the moving conveyers and lifts were the hardest parts for me.
  13. This is one of my favourite games ever. Love nearly everything about it, it was incredible when it first came out on PS1. Although as much as I love the story and characters, the orphanage part was a little bit too ridiculous for my liking.
  14. I would have liked some of those removed trophies in there. The list for this version is far too easy. It's a 2 out of 10 difficulty at best. Would have liked to have seen the collect all cards have been kept in as I always enjoyed doing that in the PS1 days. Don't really know why the all Quistis limit breaks was removed because it was pretty easy to do. Completing the game with Squall at level 7 would have been fun but all the challenge of it would have been removed with the boosters as mentioned above.
  15. I highly enjoyed the remake in the first week or so but after I took a step back I realized how disapointed I was with the story compared to the original and how poorly the scenarios were done in this remake. It's an excellent remake that nails the atmosphere, graphics and controls but does it improve on everything from the original? Not quite IMO and I haven't had any desire to return to the game since the first couple of weeks since it's release. It may seem like i'm being over critical but thats the way I feel about it.