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  1. I have 3 characters and have been playing pretty much every day since launch. I have had 2 exotics from quests and also got lord of wolves and a new titan chest exotic. I have had plenty of exotics but they have all been dupes from year 1. The chance of recieving a new forsaken exotic is minimal and it is annoying. Every time I get an exotic it is all but guaranteed to be something I already have, looks like xur is the only way most people are going to get this trophy but I doubt he will sell any of them untill the next DLC is released.
  2. Capcom are easily the worst company for trophies, they just don't care about them or the people who like trophies at all. How do games like Pac-Man get a platinum on it's own and then a full retail game colllection like this doesn't? Ridiculous.
  3. I agree with a lot of the points here. The weakest part of the game is the story IMO. The game doesn't really make you care much about the characters at all as they are not given enough plot developement, it has one of the weakest plots out of all the FF games I have played. This is why this game isn't as highly regarded as some of the others in the series such as 6,7 and 10. But what I loved is the fast paced combat system and the world of Ivalice in general it is much more open than many FF games with many side quests and optional areas to go. I really enjoyed the hunts, optional boss fights and grinding out the better weapons. I found the Platinum a lot of fun to get. This version is of FFXII is very easy though and you really don't need the OP Seitengrat, IMO it spoils some of the enjoyment of the game. The only part that can be a challenge is trial mode level 100 but once you know the strategy it's also very easy. Overall I enjoyed the game a lot and enjoyed getting the Platinum but the weak story means it is not one of my favourite games in the series.
  4. I was quite disappointed with episode 3 tbh. I thought it would answer a lot more of the questions we had about what happens to Rachel so it would tie in directly to the first game. But it didn't explain much at all. Nothing about Frank's relationship with Rachel, nothing about Jefferson and Nathan and the events that led her to being in the dark room. All the story really went (especially EP3) into was about Rachels backstory and family problems which wasn't something I really cared that much about. Although I still enjoyed the game. It is no where near as good as the original LiS, I wasn't expecting it to be on par with it but was hoping for more from it. The original game hit me in the feels a lot and was highly memorable for me, but I didn't feel that much from this game. I agree that EP2 was by far the best. EP1+3 weren't that great IMO.
  5. Haven't played my Vita for about a year. It's a shame because it's a fantastic bit of hardware. It has been let down by poor marketing and a lack of great exclusive games. It got nowhere near the quality of games that the PSP got.
  6. Glad this is finally happening. I only played through this game once back when it came out. I really couldn't get into the story or the characters at all back then but have had the urge to give it another go as I really enjoyed the battle system and the monster hunts. The world of Ivalice was awesome too. The HD remaster with trophies make me want to to try this game again.
  7. This line up is fantastic, one of the best in many months. I'm a little bit annoyed that I bought Duck Tales a few months back but never got round to playing it, waste of money but nevermind.
  8. This was almost definitely caused by DDoS attacks. Xbox Live was hit badly too and they are normally more reliable than Sony's. The problems actually started late on Christmas Eve before people even got there new consoles. Apparently the attacks have stopped but Sony took there servers offline to do maintenence and hopefully try to improve the security a bit.
  9. Ubisoft have not had the best year, they continue to rush there games and they release them unfinished. Having said that I am still a big fan of there work, I am a big Assassin's Creed fan and enjoyed Unity for the most part, the bugs did not spoil my enjoyment of the game. It's definitely not one of the best in the series but it is still a decent game that would have been better with more development time. I own Far Cry 4 but have not had time to play it yet but it is another series I enjoy so there is no doubt that I will like the game. Other Ubisoft games that I like are Child of Light, Valient Hearts and the Rayman games. There's no doubt that they need to get there act together and release games when they are completely finished. But despite this the gaming industry would be a lot worse without them IMO.
  10. Ezio is my favourite easily. The others aren't even close. His character had the best development in the series and he has the best personality of all the main characters in the series. Edit: Haven't played Rogue yet though - hoping for a PS4 version. So don't know how good of a character Shay is yet.
  11. I really considered getting the import version of this but decided to wait for the PS4 version to come out. Love this game and still remember the puzzles and where to go so I will be able to go through multiple playthroughs quite quickly. I'd like to see a remaster of RE Zero next, even though it was one of the weaker games in the series it was still a fun game.
  12. Seems a bit pointless really but I may get it for the trophies. It's one of my favourite games but like many people I wanted something a bit more than a port of the game that is on Steam.
  13. Pretty sure that they can't do HD or remastered versions of old PS1 games. They would have to completely remake the games which is very unlikely to happen. Although it's possible if Capcom want to of course, they did it with the remake on GameCube.
  14. Same here. Tried the game on an alt account for about 30 mins and found it boring. It's not my type of game either and it's not to do with the graphics. I enjoyed the other free game SteamWorld Dig more than this. I can't get into Minecraft either so I guess I should stop listening to other people about how great and game is and just play games that clearly interest me. Of course i'm not saying those games are bad just not for me. Fair play to the people who enjoy them.
  15. This game should have a Platinum IMO. There is no consistency with trophies on PSN. At least on Xbox you always get 1000GS. Games like Sound Shapes, Hotline Miami get a Platinum but retail releases like this and Trials Fusion don't? Makes no sense.