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  1. Thanks for the help
  2. Im pressing triangle and it's not doing anything No I wasn't lol. I paused it now so im gonna try to shut off my ps3 for like an hour then resume. Let's hope it works! Thanks a lot guys!
  3. How do you pause a download?
  4. Im trying to download Batman Arkham Asylum. I've been downloading it for 13 hours and everything has been going smoothly until now. for the past 2 hours it's been at 92% (71 minutes left) and it's not moving. I know my ps3 didn't freeze because the words at the bottom are still moving smoothly. I really don't want to attempt at downloading it all over again for another 13 hours so ANY help is appreciated. Thanks....
  5. Cola. I don't really like lemon-lime sodas. Dr. Pepper and Root Beer is pretty good too.
  6. This games free for ps plus members? I JUST BOUGHT IT A WEEK AGO DAMN IT! But yah it's definitely worth it.
  7. I only really buy a game new if it's in its first week of release. Other then that I normally buy used, mainly because they're easier to find and cheaper. Plus I can return them; with a new game, as soon as you take off the sealing you can't return it (at least not at Gamestop).
  8. If i don't like it I'll stop playing it. Probably would sell it to buy a game that I'd enjoy.
  9. I knew it must of been done before My bad
  10. Sorry if this has been a topic already, but I couldn't find it. Pretty much do you prefer having a digital game, which you downloaded and have saved to your PS3, or a physical disk? Personally I prefer a physical disk, as I like to build a collection and show people my games.
  11. I just played a few games now and it didn't freeze at all. Maybe it was just a temporary thing? Thanks for all the answers anyway guys
  12. I've had my ps3 for about 2 years and I've been playing BF3 for about a year with no problems, but 2 days ago it started to freeze when Im playing. It always freezes when your choosing a class (after you die). My PS3 never freezes for any other game, just this one recently. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should do?
  13. I have a mtar 21 from BF3, so I'll be fine
  14. Welcome
  15. Devil May Cry 5 (NOT the DmC Reboot), although I know this will never happen. Sleeping Dogs 2 would be cool. Also another Elder Scrolls game, although that won't be happening for awhile.