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  1. this is looking to be wonderful! it has even more then doubled its first goal in less then a day!
  2. I got something! cause this fits sooo well!
  3. Kingdom Hearts 3!!! OMG! AhhhHH sfjhglguiherekjnhsoiihrg!!
  4. Ni No Kuni was great! i usually don't mind not doing everything in a game after the story, but this is different its sooo much fun!

    1. Mr_MovieMan29


      I just bought it yesterday, I will start it up after the GOW2 platinum. There is so many great things being said about it and I am excited for my first JRPG!

  5. Time to play some real games! Going to Vegas! I'm so glad i'll be using my mothers money too! :D

    1. MidnightRadiance


      Remember the secret to winning is to count cards

  6. Chrono Cross! Was and still is one of my favorites!
  7. Finally have my chance to play Ni No Kuni!!! Let my boyfriend play it first (even tho i bought it) No Spoilers!!! plz!

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    2. Noire_Symphony


      That awesome sounds like you two have a good understanding.

    3. AbsoluteZiara


      Thank You! I Am! , yeah we do usually.... sometimes.... lol

    4. Noire_Symphony


      Oh, OK haha. Anyways have fun with it, that's what counts.