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  1. Alright, thanks guys. I was thinking of playing this in oktober/halloween, but I'll play infamous 2 first.
  2. Just wondering. Perhaps when it comes to the story it's better to play part 2 first...?
  3. My new grounded playthrough is already going much better. I'm at Bill's Town now (hanging upside down).
  4. You going to do Grounded+ as well? I think I'll start Grounded tonight and really take my time.
  5. Tales of the Borderlands was hilairous. I should get that if I were you. GOT was good too though...
  6. Just finished it and I loved it. Fantastic game.
  7. I searched for iron from ice in the store.
  8. I stopped playing at this part. Lost my save as well. Maybe I'll start over some day. Grounded is so hard.
  9. So? It's out on PS3.
  10. Didn't see that one coming. Really liked the first episode. Can't wait or episode 2.
  11. I played it once on PS1 so finishing the game without saving sounds crazy to me...
  12. I just bought it for 4,99
  13. Wait, what? I thought it was to win a round (in survivor). Fuuck, forget it then. Way to hard.
  14. Yup, same here. i hope it gets resolved soon. I need trophies
  15. Damn, that's even a crazier deal btw, do people play the DLC at all?