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  1. Updated the list; with platinum Akiba's Trip 2 (added WW) (WW is called Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed) Boundless (EU, NA) Bridge Constructor Portal (EU, NA) Disgaea 1 Complete (add KR) Fated: The Silent Oath (AS, WW) Freaky Awesome (EU, NA) FullBlast (AS, EU, NA) Leap of Fate (changed WW to EU, NA) Legendary Fishing (EU, NA) Musync (added note, WW is called Musynx) NBA 2K19 (CN ,WW) Neonwall (EU, NA) Persona 5: Dancing Star Night (AS, JP) Persona 4: Dancing Star Night (AS, JP) Persona 3: Dancing Star Night (AS, JP) Splash Blast Panic (EU, NA) Super Street: The Game (EU, NA) 428: Shibuya Scramble (EU, JP, NA) without platinum Marble Duel (EU, NA) Racket Fury (EU, NA) RGX: Showdown (EU, NA)
  2. lol to Star Wars Battlefront II being only $9.99...what a flop of a game
  3. I'll sign up, better late than never. I'm sure I can finish a few quick games Saturday morning!
  4. I am so excited, I would be playing these even if there wasn't trophies...but since there are and they look so amazing, added bonus!
  5. I realize that this post is a little old but are you still helping people get this trophy? I don't currently have a laptop capable of downloading a VPN program and really want to get this trophy knocked out. If you are still helping out my psn is: stupid0089. Thanks in advance!!
  6. Maybe it does but with my limited knowledge of cheating the trophy system I don't see it. Then again when I'm playing on multiple systems it is usually some sort of boring grind on one system and playing something to stay awake on the other so I'm typically not earning trophies simultaneously. If you say its relevant I suppose I take your word for it, you have much more experience in dealing with ways people cheat the trophy system.
  7. While I can't attest to the games in question I don't think this is relevant to the dispute. I could earn trophies from 2 games within seconds as well. I play multiple systems at once quite often actually and that could be any combination of my 2 ps3s, ps4 and psvita...
  8. nice to see you joined me in 'slumming it' with Super Kids Racing lol

    1. starcrunch061


      Like I said, I can't resist a $.99 game. I wish I had resisted, however.

    2. starcrunch061


      @stupid0089 If you haven't already, do NOT get The Unknown City. Super Kids Racing was terrible, but it's like God of War compared to this, and I am not being hyperbolic. 

    3. stupid0089


      Lol, noted.  Yea I just watched some gameplay and it looks pretty terrible.

  9. Couple people above are correct, without first 2 expansions the light cap was 300 but there is a soft cap at about 260~ I believe, meaning the only way to get higher than what you are is to get the powerful drops from the weekly challenges. With the first two expansions the light level was raised to 385 with a soft cap at about 365~ roughly.
  10. thanks everyone for the responses!
  11. What store is this game available on?
  12. Thanks, will get that updated.
  13. Updated the list; with platinum Catch & Release (EU, NA) Conan Exile (JP, WW) (Conan Outcast in JP) Darkest Dungeon (JP, WW) Deformers - marked with note (delisted/servers closed 8/9/18) Disgaea 1 Complete (HK, JP) Donut County (EU, NA) Jack N' Jill DX (EU, NA) Perils of Baking (EU, NA) Pizza Titan Ultra (EU, NA) Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 (AS, EU, JP, NA) (Winning Eleven 2019 in JP) Punchline (EU, JP, NA) Sigi: A Fart for Melusina (EU, NA) Survive! Mr Cube (add HK) Tetra's Escape (add AS) The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince (HK, JP, KR) without platinum Bounce Rescue! (JP, WW) Freedom Planet (add JP) SculptrVR (EU, NA)
  14. No worries, I don't know about you but I was coming back to the game from a year and a half break so jumping right into permadeath was rough but with the right planet it can be done!