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  1. Mine was Steins;Gate lol.
  2. you may be the only one...
  3. any idea how many people minimum is required to start matches in the above game modes and competitive?
  4. So I'm thinking of starting this game and had a couple questions for people who are currently playing. I'm sure the servers in the common game modes are populated but what about the game modes that have trophies attached to them, Bounty Hunter, Capture the Bag and Squad Heist, are they populated or dead. Same question for the competitive matches, dead or populated?
  5. Hope my account isn't next on the chopping block 😂
  6. Correct, from what I read, the patch actually was never supposed to be released anywhere and not everyone in EU got it either
  7. CTR would be another awesome addition to the ps4 remaster list!
  8. OMFG yeeeeeessssssss!!!! I have been waiting for this announcement for too long!! Day one purchase for sure and any special edition!
  9. I would also be okay with this, means I could play games that I already have in my backlog instead of going out and looking for shorter games to buy just so I can win...
  10. when you click on the games tab there is a button to click on 'DLC' next to the search bar.
  11. Excited to play this again, this was my first platinum!
  12. I think no matter what I do I won't be winning my matchup this month against @HcG Clawz...
  13. Who would have guessed I would get Most Improved on this first update!! Thanks for starting this up again @ShogunCroCop!
  14. I am curious how you can know this when you yourself only have 15 of the trophies...
  15. I never used remote play on this game, only ever played on my ps4, and I never had it wipe my saves once. Maybe I was lucky or maybe it has to do with remote play. I just used a turbo stick and a rubberband to finish trans-Siberian railway.