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  1. The game itself is very fun and actually kind of relaxing/easy racing game. However be warned if you are anyone besides some of the lucky few in EU who got the drive 9K trophy patched down to 2K. You will more than likely be done with everything else in the game and only be at 2-2.5K so either get yourself a turbo controller or prepare for a long grind. I was at about 70~hours when I was done.
  2. I like the idea but I can see how with some games having only certain parts VR compatible how there could be some confusion in what to label each thing. And if there were multiple VR labels (VR only, VR compatible, partial VR) it could become messy. But I do agree it would be nice to label the VR only games with a VR label.
  3. Kinda underwhelming tbh...
  4. I haven't taken part in a trophy competition on this site yet, any way I can get put on the wait list for season 21?
  5. Depends on whether you want 100% on it or not as level 100 is a real grind while level 50 for the plat isn't to bad. Also I believe they have fixed most of the glitches for completing the assault waves as well so that could be more difficult now. On topic though, the list looks pretty simple, just some annoying MP ones but nothing overly difficult.
  6. Working on my 30 games for That's You! and finishing up Destiny 2 and Beach Buggy Racing(this one is a pain).
  7. I just tried twice and the trophy didn't pop. I had six devices connected and the game length set to long (which only gives 5 rounds). The Prolific Creator is therefore unachievable as of now. Just saw the other post on here that there is still a way to obtain the trophy, going to try now.
  8. Mine is at 41.43% right now
  9. Sounds like a pretty shitty "friend" to have hacked 6 games, and got the platinum in under 1 minute on all 6 of them, on your account...
  10. I was just having this discussion with a friend. While it is highly unlikely since it touts the Battlefield name, it wasn't as well received as past Battlefield installments in part because Visceral wasn't really known as a fps studio. So while it is highly unlikely the possibility is there and it has happened before just maybe not with a big title like this.
  11. I don't agree with this either. After all your trophies are supposed to be a reflection of what you have achieved not how well you can throw money around for someone else to do it. It would be like paying someone to create an art masterpiece and then taking the credit for it. On a related side note I had quite a few people offer to do the prestige gold times for me in Need for Speed, I ignored them but I still haven't been bothered to go back and get them myself.
  12. I agree that it is a predatory practice that needs to be gotten rid of. There is no place for it and it is putting the idea into kids heads that gambling is an okay thing to spend your/parents money on and that IS NOT okay. I also agree that they add very little value to the game itself which therefore furthers the argument that they have no place on games. I think the ESRB should start rating these games as AO as that is the only way that these big money companies are going to change, when they start loosing money.
  13. This is a pretty lofty goal, good luck to both of you!!