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  1. Based on this I am very glad I haven't taken advantage of this exploit. I thought from the beginning I thought it sounded a little fishy and not worth the trouble/steps you need to go through just to pop the trophies on your main account. And it is no surprise that they are working on a fix since I'm sure there have been countless people just from this website that have contacted Sony Support and just drew attention to it and therefore bringing on the fix even faster...
  2. Air Conflicts: Secret Wars All in all not a terrible game but having played it once before on the PS3 certainly made it a little less enjoyable. It is however a relatively quick platinum as long as you have 5 other people for two of the online trophies.
  3. Ah yes I did almost forget about that rule change!
  4. Not sure I really even stand a chance in the Silver....😑 @MrUnknown625
  5. Thanks, updated the list to reflect that as well as added Dusty Raging Fist (AS, EU, JP, NA)
  6. @Jesaya815 looks like no rematch for us...
  7. I chose Germany, they have a really strong squad this year. As much as I would like to see Messi and Argentina win it they don't have the team (defense) to do it.
  8. Rugby World Cup 2015 Finished this one up over the weekend. Did this on the Vita and it was pretty easy so I decided to do it again on the ps4.
  9. Sorry, only Prestige Leviathan Raid can unlock the trophy, although if you can get in with someone on the final checkpoint, that works.
  10. Not going to lie, it blows my mind that people are willing to shell out 15 pounds for this game...
  11. Finished Shadowed Throne EE last night, that boss fight is intense!!

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    2. stupid0089


      I was part of a 4 person group, I think this one would be very difficult to do solo but I'm sure someone will do it.  I actually kind of like this map compared to Darkest Shore, lots of decent places to train, first time in awhile that each person in a 4 person game has had a solid place to train a load of zombies in higher rounds.

    3. Shinobi


      Yeah, a 4-man group seems the way to go for this one.


      I agree. The map has a lot of decent places to train and the layout and how the scenery looks is pretty nice. The different melee weapons were a great addition to the map as well. 

    4. stupid0089


      Yea, Barbarossa's sword and the Dancer's Dagger are my favorite of the new melee weapons but they are all pretty awesome!

  12. Thanks, I had this on my paper list but somehow missed transferring it to here.
  13. Updated list to include; Cities: Skylines (JP, WW) Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality (EU, NA) Silence (HK, WW)
  14. PS4 (96) PS3 (176) PSVITA (47) Multiplatform (8) PS4 is slowly catching up, don't play my ps3 much anymore.
  15. Fair enough, I was just curious.