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  1. I would personally say this game is easier to do solo, that way you are unlocking the islands in your own world and don't have to wait for your coop partner to be on to work on things (if you aren't the host the islands you unlock in coop will not be unlocked for you while playing solo). All of the boss related trophies are also easier to do solo and you will more than likely get them while you are grinding for your Fluffy gear. However it can be fun/faster to do the events with a friend if you don't want to do the exploit.
  2. Just wondering from people who have played (recently) or are playing the online currently on ps3, how prone is the online community to hackers. I know older call of duty games are hacker prone (black ops 2 comes to mind) and wondered if this game was the same. I am thinking of starting this and was just curious.
  3. You actually spent $30 on this...
  4. I have updated the main post to include the link to the spreadsheet. Great work @FallenRyan
  5. Gold Plated Win Gold on all Prestige events 0.1% Ultra Rare 1.02% Ultra Rare
  6. I personally like the way this one is set up as is. It isn't a competition I have to worry about and constantly check on but it is nice to check in every month and see how I stack up against others in the competition. It is also nice to see how standings change from month to month. But I also understand if the maintenance is too much as it does seem like it could be overwhelming.
  7. Yea that spreadsheet looks awesome!! I'll tell you what, if you want to provide the link to that spreadsheet when it is updated I'll put it in the main post and then you can continue to update it from there!!
  8. I apologize but I will likely not be updating this list anymore, if someone would like to take it over that would be great, if not no big deal. I would like to thank everyone that contributed to the list while I was updating it and thought perhaps it could bring about some change. The sheer volume of games that have double lists clearly warrant an option to sort by this criteria and while I understand it probably isn't something that is easy to implement it is something that would help a lot of people. Thanks again and happy hunting!
  9. sure does, I connected with my iphone in order to get my trophies.
  10. Also, if you don't have a computer handy to download it on, this game is also available on the Apple App Store (and I imagine Google Play Store) so you can download it on your phone (costs $2.99 I believe) but easier than trying to connect unsuccessfully online.
  11. I found it easier to download the game on my phone and just use the crossplay feature on the PS4, you can then self boost these trophies!
  12. Thanks for the giveaway! 1) GTA VI 2) Bully 2
  13. Yea 50% bonus is better than nothing. I only play this game when there is bonus xp and I'm at level 30 right now.
  14. I definitely just farmed the final story mission (Fort Mercer), it is boring yes, but I was level 50 about 15 hours of grinding from about level 15 to 50.
  15. I agree, but every little bit helps. I'm only level 27 I believe so I feel your pain.