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  1. Does anyone know where the Dreaming City ghost, sparrow, and ship drop from. Jus need a few more corrupted eggs and then those three things for the Dreaming City triumph seal. The eggs are just a waiting game but I'm not sure where the ghost, sparrow, and ship come from.
  2. I'm a sucker for cart racer games...still waiting for a remaster of Crash Team Racing...
  3. I believe in this instance the account would be viewed as a save. If you were to use someone else's account to pop all but the one trophy that isn't your work and would be the same as using a save file from someone else on any other game. It's cheating unless you did one region yourself, period.
  4. Alright updated the list With Plat Catastronauts (EU, NA) Dakar 18 (EU, NA) Fire Pro Wrestling World (EU, NA) Hollow Knight (EU, NA) Home Run Derby VR (EU, NA) Shikhondo: Soul Eater (add EU, NA) Toon War (EU, NA) Without Plat Air Missions: Hind (EU, NA) Grand Museum VR (EU, NA) I have also separated the games that are region locked to one region to a list at the bottom of the page, further separated by plat and non-plat. As always if you know of a game I don't have on the list comment on here or pm me so I can get it added.
  5. I can't wait for this release, might need to buy an external hard drive just for this game...
  6. I would love to see this!!
  7. tbh, isn't that the EA mantra these days...
  8. What are these bones you speak of, I don't think I have that triumph unlocked yet?
  9. I have 6 exotics so far playing on 2 characters but indeed it is all up to RNG. As far as the triumph seal trophy, I think the Dreaming City seal will be easiest, just a matter of waiting for stuff there to be unlocked.
  10. I got a few others from the list; with plat Caligula (JP only) One Tap Hero (HK only) Windstorm (GER only) 1000 Top Rated (US only) (delisted) Slyde (EU only) without plat HiQ Ace (EU only) Mr Pumpkin Adventure (AS only) Ruckus Rumble (EU only) plus the ones you listed above, but let me know if there are any others and I will separate them out on the main list.
  11. I may do that here when I have a bit of time. I know there are already a few on the list (Slyde, 1000 Top Rated and a few others).
  12. Updated the list; with platinum Akiba's Trip 2 (added WW) (WW is called Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed) Boundless (EU, NA) Bridge Constructor Portal (EU, NA) Disgaea 1 Complete (add KR) Fated: The Silent Oath (AS, WW) Freaky Awesome (EU, NA) FullBlast (AS, EU, NA) Leap of Fate (changed WW to EU, NA) Legendary Fishing (EU, NA) Musync (added note, WW is called Musynx) NBA 2K19 (CN ,WW) Neonwall (EU, NA) Persona 5: Dancing Star Night (AS, JP) Persona 4: Dancing Star Night (AS, JP) Persona 3: Dancing Star Night (AS, JP) Splash Blast Panic (EU, NA) Super Street: The Game (EU, NA) 428: Shibuya Scramble (EU, JP, NA) without platinum Marble Duel (EU, NA) Racket Fury (EU, NA) RGX: Showdown (EU, NA)
  13. Red Dead Redemption 2 and Spyro!
  14. lol to Star Wars Battlefront II being only $9.99...what a flop of a game
  15. I'll sign up, better late than never. I'm sure I can finish a few quick games Saturday morning!