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  1. Thanks for the response, that its kind of what I thought.
  2. From everything I can find on the web there is not way to re-spec a character on this game. However in the guide for Golems of Amgarrak @Dragon-Archon (sorry for the call out on such an old game) mentions a method of acquiring some gear and the "re-specing" your character so everything is usable. Just thought maybe I was missing something but I'm looking to make both of the Hard/Nightmare trophies as painless as possible.
  3. Does anyone know if this still works or if I need to delete certain patches in order to get it to work. Every time I go to a vendor and out something in my junk tab and then hit triangle and x at the same time it just buys the item back. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated! for clarification this is the glitch I am referring to, this video is done on xbox, but when it was made it could be done on PS3 as will. However if can't seem to duplicate results **figured it out, I just wasn't hitting the buttons in succession fast enough, it's very finnicky.
  4. As @FallenRyan said above, he has taken over the thread and all further updating will be through the spreadsheet. It is much cleaner and easier to search for things on top of the fact with me no longer having time to update (I used to do it at work but got promoted so don't have as much time). The OP has the link to Ryan's spreadsheet, if it no longer works let me know, but as much as I would like to continue the thread myself is just can't.
  5. is this another free update or paid dlc? **nevermind, over priced paid dlc it appears...
  6. Only speculation but still very exciting! Would love Bully 2 and GTA 6!!
  7. So we can either pay for the Genesis season pass now or wait until next week to see if when Genesis releases they add back the admin code for HLN-A?
  8. It looks like according to the guide you don't need the DLCs, which trophies require the DLC if you wouldn't mind elaborating. Just want to make sure I get all I need while its on sale but don't want to buy things unless absolutely necessary...
  9. When I am playing on the Asia version and try to accept an invite from my alt on the US version it takes my main to the PlayStation store to buy the US version. Same if my alt is on the UK version. For some reason it isn't possible to connect between US/UK and the Asian version.
  10. Hmmm they don't seem to have a clue...if you try to join a server that someone has started in a different region of the game (ie NA/EU) it just refers you to the PlayStation store to buy that particular version of the game. So while I'm glad you actually got a response (I still haven't), this particular response helps no one...
  11. Thanks again for taking over the thread!! Keep up the great work, there is no way I would be able to keep up with all this stuff now. And that spreadsheet is amazing!
  12. Sign me up too, I don't have as much time as I used to but I'd still like to participate!
  13. Just received word from Mooneye on twitter that they have officially fixed and tested to work on steam and they are preparing the patch for other platforms now as well!!
  14. Well let's hope this patch comes sooner rather than later!!