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  1. You will have better luck setting up a session; https://psnprofiles.com/sessions
  2. No you won't be flagged, this is similar to the Conan Exile menu that everyone has been using this month. Also the command menu you are referring to is part of the guide on this site further proving you won't be flagged.
  3. Last question I have hopefully, did you start as soon as you could get into the online, level 10 or 15 if my memory serves me correctly?
  4. I used this glitch that @HuntingFever posted in one of the other threads. I just gave myself a stack of raw cod and a stack of cat spawn eggs. Then I would just spawn a cat and switch to the fish and if it came back to me I would tame it, if it ran away I would spawn another cat and try again. You can then exit without saving and reload if you run out of either as the count carries over.
  5. also just out of curiosity, how much time per day did you devote to ESO on the week you got it, sorry for all the questions. I appreciate the tips!
  6. So just out of curiosity as I am try this soon, what is the best way to earn points as a low level character since you can't do the normal inactive server point boosting methods. I assume this requires you to have a group of people to coordinate keep captures and decide on who is going to get emperor?
  7. Thanks again to @FallenRyan for keeping this updated and much easier to use with the spreadsheet!! Makes my original list look likes child's play 😁.
  8. This definitely still works if anyone is still trying to achieve this trophy. Set times at 15 minute increments between 5am and 730 or 8am Japan time and it will almost always have 12 people. I haven't gotten one where everyone has woken up yet but this is by far the best time to get it!!
  9. I have the sail the 7 seas trophy, I used the same seed that the OP posted and started by swimming/diving around that whole map and then the last biome I needed was way off the map at x:1700 and z:-700 I believe (it was a small pool with a small amount of coral in it). I was swimming the entire time and diving down into each biome, make sure you are sprinting which makes diving much faster.
  10. Are any on the trophies obtainable in the tutorial world?
  11. Friday the 13th for sure...2,000+ matches for the platinum
  12. Does anyone know if you can auto pop trophies more than once on this game? For example I have all trophies done on NA version except the 1000 Jason, 500&1000 counselor, 1313 Jason kills and the two 8 player trophies. However my group is getting together tonight to do the 8 player trophies and want to know if I can log onto the EU version and auto pop what I have done and do my 8 player trophies on there so I don't have to find another group down the road.
  13. Either way these types of posts aren't allowed on the forum. You can change what type of session you are setting up to 'cooperative' or 'just for fun' instead of 'boosting' if you choose.
  14. This was my guess as well!!
  15. Not to drag this up again but it's kind of by the same token, what about team accounts (not even sure if these are tracked on this site anymore). What would be the difference between a team account and someone using shareplay to unlock trophies, having NOT paid for them. In both cases there are multiple people earning trophies on the same account...I think it would be nice to flag these accounts as team accounts or flag individual trophies that were earned in shareplay but at the end of the day I could care less what other people are doing...