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  1. Ok so i didn't, would i need to reload my save before i completed the game then?
  2. I just completed the main story as i wanted it out of the way before doing all the collectibles. When i start my NG+ playthrough will i have all my stuff i had after completing the game (my most recent save) or is it only what i had before completing the main story? I didn't have the Shield Weaver Outfit before completing the game, does that mean i will be missing it from NG+? Will i need to complete the last mission again on the same save or will i need to reload a previous save?
  3. Ooooooh right i got it now, just when other people were explaining it seemed as if the log was within the journal itself. Thanks for that
  4. I did that and got an illustration of the Horseshoe Overlook. I tapped left constantly on the Journal to have what "i think" should be a list on the opposite page of the Blackwater map, is that it?
  5. I'm more mentally challenged here.... how exactly do you figure out who requested what? I did what you did and held the left D-pad and went into the journal but don't see any mention if items requested by characters. I know i did receive one or two by gang members already.
  6. That's what 2K support said on their page, but it doesn't seem to work at the moment. Hoping it's the case of currently migrating it to p2p. https://support.2k.com/hc/en-us/articles/360004104913-An-important-announcement-about-Evolve
  7. Well that's good news. Thanks for that
  8. Yeah i was thinking that actually as you level up playing solo matches. Was going to test it out while not signed in, may still do. That Player Profile Data going away part of the support page got me spooked
  9. So if the Player Profiles are going away, does that mean Apex Predator is unobtainable too or will all your progress just be wiped away?