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  1. Was wanting to do all these faction quests before i go up to this Molecular Level stage where i have to choose a faction, is that possible to do all these faction quests before getting to that point or can i only do one line of quests, locking me out of the other trophies? I'm up to the Dangerous Minds quest just now and at the Taking Independence quest for the Minutemen. Should i stop doing more faction quests and concentrate on the main ones?
  2. I'm from the UK, managed to get the link to work first time. Now i can't anymore as it keeps saying "it may be unavailable now" Is it still up can anyone confirm?
  3. It can most certainly be done in under a month, even legit. Only thing i boosted was helping 10 team mates while they were down and everything else is just basically persevering and i haven't even played it every day.
  4. Hi guys, I just started this. So need as many hearts and playthroughs as possible please. https://lbp.me/v/q5-rdyt Thank you everyone.
  5. Hello, I'm close to the end of the main story, do the doubloons carry over to a 2nd playthrough, am i able to play around in the world after i complete the game or do i have to farm these before reaching the final boss?
  6. After completing a game does it automatically save making it safe to return to the Afternoon Collection main menu so that it makes it possible to get the "complete all games" trophy or did i have to quit out the game a certain way?
  7. Well.... when i return to the game I have to press the select button first then have to move it to that exact same spot to highlight the pivot. Should i wait until i highlight the pivot first before i reconnect?
  8. Yeah, this doesn't seem to be working for me..... I've placed all my other pivots around where the problem pivot is, Went into menu and highlighted my problem pivot on the pivot info menu, Pressed the home button and pressed triangle to sign out, Quit out the game and came back a few days later to find that the same pivot is still there.
  9. Sounds like to me i should have stayed signed out at that point and quit the game. Will come back in a few days time however and see what happens.
  10. At the stage where I sign out to re-sync should I have remained signed out while I quit the game then?
  11. I've tried this re-synching several times now myself and my pivot Lambda has stayed there on it's spot. I quit out the game now but if i return back in a few days will it reset and move onto someone elses game if i understand?
  12. Thanks guys for your input. Least i can change the difficulty after the main story if certain parts of the DLC are difficult. Just out of curiosity what games do you think i played are much harder than this? ☺️
  13. I was thinking of playing through this on Hard from the start. Is that a good idea? Would it make the DLC harder or can you change difficulty anytime during the game?
  14. Ok. I managed to find the Season Pass and the DLC separately. For some reason they never came up when i typed "Saints Row IV" so i just typed the names of the DLC instead, bizarrely enough Enter the Dominatrix was under Rock Band 3's DLC....
  15. So can you still continue your game from the physical copy saves to play the digital version?