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  1. It worked for me too, thanks a lot.
  2. Both views have their pros and cons, but as Monk said : Of course seeing for example The Last of us dlc grounded mode at almost 100% completion hurts my eyes ( and a lot) , but on the other side if any dlc become UR it will be a complete mess. I think the core of the problem comes from the Average rarity that shown up earlier this year. Because you can't satisfy both groups. And i completely understand that dlc screwed up your % of rarity. Even if i want more or less that some dlc based on their difficulty should be counted has what they really are and not almost 100% every damn time, for most of them i don't think it will be a good thing because almost all of your UR trophies would be DLC . Well as someone who care about completion and UR it doesn't really please me. The best would be to do something different for every game but it is impossible. So to at least satisfy a lot of people why not just take the dlc out of the Average rarity? Yes it will not make the dlc UR but at least it will make the completionist and people who care about AR happier because it will fix this thing . That's my point of view.
  3. Proud to say that i have all of them
  4. When i mean technically possible it is but if you have played the game and unlock these characters then you know it is not possible. The map are totally random, are huge and you cannot just go at a certain location juste to take what you need to go the next world. It would take less than 10 min to do each world. Again if you have played the game you know nobody can do it. And with the first character above all things ><
  5. Well if you are able to do the first four worlds in less than 8 days , so a little more than 1 hour technically yes. In reality, absolutely impossible ^^. Moreover you would need time to unlock Wes too because you have to find him as well. Edit : You have to do the five worlds actually because you unlock maxwell in the 6th one
  6. Like you said it is possible to unlock all characters in one go, by surviving 80 days in one session in sand box mode . But this doesn't work for maxwell because between each worlds days are cumulated you cannot do it in adventure mode like in sand box mode.
  7. I completely believe you but i will need an explanation for a case then , because i really don't understand how someone can unlock 80% of the trophies of a game in 10 minutes knowing that it normally can't be done legit.
  8. I thought so at the beginning but it can't be for several guys including some who done it legit. I think Memmoch can be right as the possibility to report has not be implemented yet for all ps4 games.
  9. My bad, didn't mean cheated but hacked. In that case it would be trophies unlocked too close to each others.
  10. In that case if you have the proof that someone cheated on a ps4 game what do you do ? Contact an admin?
  11. Why? I think there is may be a dozen of games which are in this case and most of them are known by almost everybody. If you are a hacker who don t care to get caught then it s not a problem, and if you are a hacker who care you just have to do a little research about people being reported by mistake cause of glitched or others and that s all. It s my point of view at least.
  12. I thought so too, that s why i did some research before posting this topic. But i know that the trophies are not glitched . If an admin can abswer that would be great ^^ . Thanks!
  13. That's my point , i know all of that and the people i looked ( 5 of them) are still in the leaderbord ^^
  14. Hi guys, I wondered if there was a list of games you cannot report as cheated somewhere. I searched in the forum earlier but i didn't find a topic about it, expect for the games known by everyone ( Motorstorm, Sly, Sound Shape,...) I explain myself, after several research i saw that you can't report cheater on don't starve, and i would like to know why. As far as i know there is no glitch, save transfer or others that can explain if someone has some trophies which seem suspicious. So why is the option for report not available? And i talk about people who finished it at 100% of course.