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  1. *Preeminent Goddess* Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin I saw the new trophy list for the european version and just had to get it after watching the trailer. This is such a beautiful game. I just could not stop playing even if i tried, it was too much fun. Very simply put, it is a Farming Simulator/Castlevania set in medieval Japan with a sweat sweat Soundtrack. If you liked Okami then this is a very good pick. F*** i love this game
  2. Final summary I ****** love this game. Playing through entire nights simply watching the rice grow is so strangely beautiful. The Castlevania style 2D combat is very fluid and there are a whole bunch of skills to try out and improve. The Soundtrack is amazing (as i said multiple times) and the warm and colorfull optics go well with that. The Story is (no Spoilers) good but nothing new. I enjoyed it very much but i allready have a fable for japan's mythology so better see for yourself. The trophies where not as tough as i asumed but a few require some time. By far the hardest one is Sakuna, the efflorescent (Hint: get the rising carp skill to lv.10+ you WILL need it) I am sooo happy i found this sweet game
  3. I downloaded the game and when i try to start it i get an error message and the game crashes. Does anyone else has that issiue?
  4. Insects Minigame rules: #1 Get the rising carp #2 Get the rising carp #3 Get the rising carp It has 100 rounds and gets insane at the end. Without the Carp you will not make it.
  5. Rice Aficionado (Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin) I allready adore this Game!
  6. Okay so after bout 2 hours of getting to know everything and enjoying the Soundtrack the first roadblock appears: Red Cheaty. This is a Story Boss that has 900.000.000.000 HP and respawning grunts to make the fight way worse than it should be. Turns out you got to prioritize the harvest. It IS the key to victory in Battle since your stats only... rise with the Rice *wink* Edit: I think i enjoy the harvest of Rice a bit too much
  7. Okay up untill now this game is gorgeous! I am allready happy i bought the Deluxe edition with the soundtrack.
  8. Steins;Gate (PSVita) I love this game so much Love Love Love This Game = love it (I also love the anime) Love/10, will play the sequel too
  9. So to those who allready played this game. How is it and is it worth the 40 Euro? The trailer gave me Okami flashbacks so i will get it ASAP, but feel free to leave feedback on the game itself and the trophies here.
  10. I was about to finaly buy MH World. Good thing that i waited another day.
  11. Nevermind. A simple example is still to hard. I know now how they get away with these Games. They just target a very "special" demographic. Thank you very much
  12. You really don't get it? Wow You can get Games like these on your phone for free *Free*
  13. Let's say i have 20$ here and spend 1$ on this. Now i can't afford These 2 10$ Games i'd like to buy Is that easier to understand?
  14. I know it's not expensive but every Dollar this "Game" makes is a Dollar a GOOD Game will not make. So yeah, to hell with Games like this and the other "easy Platinum" garbage.
  15. Jup, the Problem was that i first tried the low level character trick but when Enemies die with that much Overkill damage they explode. Then the bodyparts will never despawn, thus crashing the game. So i just used the Firehawk and burned everything to clear the area.