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  1. So after another crash in the Crashy (Last ***** Underdome level i need) i decided to create a thread purely for ranting. I played this game long enough and i want to finaly delete it from my PS4 BUT since it is impossible to 100% that may never happen. So, little question: how many waves did you beat untill now? 375? I am at ~640 and got at least another 100 to go (more Like 1000) The Underdome DLC is by far the worst i have ever seen in a videogame. The needlessy long rounds are not an issiue, however having to restart EVERY TIME is. Can you relate? Let me know. Maybe somebody had even more crashes than me (i doubt it XD)
  2. So if anyone has allready got the game please share your impressions. Is the game worth a go and is there anything interesting about the trophies?
  3. Compared to Ico and SotC it really is a huge letdown. Wich is even more sad because if it wasn't for the RIDICULOUS physics and "controlls" (allmost as bad as Dark Castle on the Sega Genesis) it could have been a good game.
  4. I actually tried that and while the boy reached the top of the hall, the helmet did not fly high enough.
  5. Let me revive this thread by asking: is this is buged or just impossible? Helmet placed on the wagon, trico steps on the handle. Boy flies just right, helmet stays on the wagon and CAN NOT GET UP THERE. I know the physics in this game are wonky at best but that helmet should normaly be able to go higher than 90 centimeters. Edit: Figured it ou. Don't stay close to the helmet and get lucky, then it somehow works... **** me for even asking
  6. Let me fix infallible: "Not just luck" (Gold) Win 2 episodes in a row. MUCH more logical and actually ballanced in terms of difficulty.
  7. It is great. Not redifining the genre but a good pick for a story based game. The fanbase tends to praise it too much, however.
  8. Really, after finishing Ico and SotC (and even losing my old Last Guardian save file) i don't want to ruin my entire experience with this game by going for the speedrun or deathless trophies. After i read how unforgiving the later trophy is i just grab anything i can in a relaxed playthrough.
  9. Never bothered with Vtubers YouTube tries desperatly to recommend them to me but it's just not my cup of tea
  10. "Personal Growth" Gris Such a beautiful game
  11. "Overwatch Platinum Trophy" Overwatch That took a while. Some trophies are quickly done, others can take weeks of dedication each if you don't want to boost them *cough* Zenyatta *cough* Baptiste
  12. MINMI and IA. A dream come true
  13. Bought more games than i will ever buy (Lol) Does not fear the upcomming Shadow of Mordor Online-Shoutdown
  14. Played Patapon 1 and 2 on the PSP since release and never heared about that menu. Real men don't need a debug menu for trophies. Real women... have permission i guess
  15. "To Earthend!" Patapon 2 Remastered I absolutely love Patapon and naturaly i wanted to play part 2. It was fun and then it was not. Really, this game is strictly inferior to the first thanks to very low tollerance on the button timing, the sometimes straightup overpowered bosses and the needed grinding for the strongest troops. So let's say i am glad that the work is done
  16. Late reply but anyway, the grinding goes by much much faster with the leaf rarepons (the green ones). The real problem are the stupid minigames. I found the farmer and they just completely RUINED the minigame with that dumb zero tollerance for input. Even a fraction of a microsecond off and BOOM, retry! The off rhytm notes that thing uses makes it a real chore. No rhytm just press when the game wants you to press.
  17. Finished the game a few days ago. You should really NOT take your time with the platinum as the performance got worse and worse with each passing hour. Closing the PDA froze the screen for a solid 2 seconds each time, objects just despawned entirely (including the portal for the baby emperor leviathans, forcing me to take the long way across the ghost river again) and saving was basicly a matter of luck, with a10% chance of actually saving
  18. "Platinum Trophy" Subnautica I really adore this game. If it wasn't for the multitude of bugs i would recommend it to anyone who wants just the right mixture of relaxing gameplay and true horror inducing deep sea diving (seriously, *trying* to leave the map and allmost poop your pants in the process is something the ocean of Planet 4546B manages to do very effectivly)
  19. So to those who allready played this game. How is it and is it worth the 40 Euro? The trailer gave me Okami flashbacks so i will get it ASAP, but feel free to leave feedback on the game itself and the trophies here.
  20. *Preeminent Goddess* Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin I saw the new trophy list for the european version and just had to get it after watching the trailer. This is such a beautiful game. I just could not stop playing even if i tried, it was too much fun. Very simply put, it is a Farming Simulator/Castlevania set in medieval Japan with a sweat sweat Soundtrack. If you liked Okami then this is a very good pick. F*** i love this game
  21. Final summary I ****** love this game. Playing through entire nights simply watching the rice grow is so strangely beautiful. The Castlevania style 2D combat is very fluid and there are a whole bunch of skills to try out and improve. The Soundtrack is amazing (as i said multiple times) and the warm and colorfull optics go well with that. The Story is (no Spoilers) good but nothing new. I enjoyed it very much but i allready have a fable for japan's mythology so better see for yourself. The trophies where not as tough as i asumed but a few require some time. By far the hardest one is Sakuna, the efflorescent (Hint: get the rising carp skill to lv.10+ you WILL need it) I am sooo happy i found this sweet game
  22. I downloaded the game and when i try to start it i get an error message and the game crashes. Does anyone else has that issiue?
  23. Insects Minigame rules: #1 Get the rising carp #2 Get the rising carp #3 Get the rising carp It has 100 rounds and gets insane at the end. Without the Carp you will not make it.
  24. Rice Aficionado (Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin) I allready adore this Game!
  25. Okay so after bout 2 hours of getting to know everything and enjoying the Soundtrack the first roadblock appears: Red Cheaty. This is a Story Boss that has 900.000.000.000 HP and respawning grunts to make the fight way worse than it should be. Turns out you got to prioritize the harvest. It IS the key to victory in Battle since your stats only... rise with the Rice *wink* Edit: I think i enjoy the harvest of Rice a bit too much