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  1. "What does it all mean?" Manifold Garden The first half of the game was amazing, the second half draged on a bit, the secret ending route drained the very essence of fun out of me with how extra lenghty and extra convoluted it was. Overall a cool game but don't try the secret ending without a guide or you will be doing that for a few decades.
  2. Salute to everyone who had that happen on a Coda /Lowest of the Low run. Your country will never forget your sacrifice.
  3. Imagine having a really good run, or several good runs if you go for all characters and then having a random crash at 4-3 (sadly this game has no failsave for that and no checkpoints) Fuck This Game
  4. TL;DR Im going to order Gyros at McKratos'. Anyone else want something?
  5. "Master of the sea" Beyond Blue A beautiful game about beautiful ocean animals.
  6. "Ultimate Thrillseeker" Planet Coaster Mixed feelings on this one. The Challenge mode and Sandbox mode are nice but the Career mode is soo boring, and that's where at least 90% of the platinum time is spent.
  7. So i am at the Gold Mine level and all that is left (not really, since i done that and the game just can't handle it) is the gentle, gentle harmless p***y coaster for Gold. I built a coaster with 6.00 Fun and 3.94 Thrill, because coasters of course are meant as sleep aid... so everything IS as needed but as soon as passagers start the ride, the Fun stat change to 5.something. What can i do to get rid of these stat changes? Edit: After trying every possible value on the breaks it somehow worked. Not sure what it was but it did the job.
  8. "Trophy Addict" Hotline Miami A double edged sword that was. The game was fun for the most time but getting A+ ranks was nothing short of horrible. Shoutouts to the Zack Mask for giving me better combos 😂
  9. I postponed this for a while now, so i better get this over with So since it is impossible to get anywhere without extensive grinding, what areas are best?
  10. "Dancing in Starlight" Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight You can't go wrong when you combine Persona and Rhytm Games. I f🎵🎵🎵ing LOVE this game
  11. No problem with the timig here but miss one of the last few notes and the entire song is dead, no matter how good it was before... I am not a fan of this hype mechanic.
  12. The only "bad" thing about this game are the trophies. Sprinting through for the castle guide trophy ruins the beautiful atmosphere. This is rather a cinematic experience but Sony got to have dem trophies in everything And the controlls? Ooh Boy, you don't know ANYTHING about controlls before you played through The last Guardian. That game makes ICO look like a walk in the park
  13. Well it is a good game, not THE best game of all time but praised often. The most overrated game/s (by far) is The Legend of Zelda. Good games but praised up the a$$
  14. There where 135 before #136 was the Platinum for Alice: Madness Returns (ahh... i f**** love this game)
  15. That sounds pretty difficult. Can i even safely use that strategy while blindfolded?