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  1. 18 left However, i'm not going to continue with (for instance) Gran Turismo 5. No need to torture myself with starting all over after my old PS3 went across the river of Styx...
  2. Va-11 Hall-a is a real beauty Gravity Rush is also very nice but somewhat less chill
  3. Just to prove that i didn't just turn old over the past year. Did you beat Resident Evil 4 on Professional? I just can't for the life of me get past the Salazar Staue sequence, no matter how fast i am at the QTE. I have beaten this game dozens of times but the Switch verison's QTEs are unnatural.
  4. Clearly the PS2 Remember the old times, where you could PLAY a game? Nowadays you buy the game, install it, download a huge ass update and then you can play it (at least a while before it crashes for no reason) Edit: The PS1 was also cool but you could play these discs on the PS2 as well... UNLIKE SOME OTHER CONSOLES ON THIS LIST
  5. I put 3 of the most memorable from the last year in my cabinet. Those change but the cabinet is only a sidenote to me anyway.
  6. Deemo has a great song list, part of which did not got ported onto the PS4 version. This is one of my favorites.
  7. Been sitting on this game for months and never really got to it. After reading this thread i just had to look it up and it seems really nice! The slow walking makes the game a bit more realistic (i can't jog for very long either so that's on me i guess XD) I will try it later so i can't say anything about the story yet but just at a first look i might enjoy it.more than others.
  8. "King of Cans" 60 Seconds! Only took me a million tries each to get the last few Trophies
  9. I should probably play P4G before it goes on PS4/5 tour and before my PSVita dies of old age Double Platinum sounds nice
  10. Tough question. Many games i played are not really bad but have terrible trophies. I would say either Subnautica or Borderlands 1 (The Underdome DLC specificaly) because while i like these games a lot, they have bugs that can cost you hours of progress without a chance to circumvent it (same goes for Claire, i forgot about that game).
  11. Since the description is not clear at all. How do i do this? The steam forums said something about events inside the shelter but even after a few thousand overall days played it seems to be missing something.
  12. The PS4 version is buggy as hell too. I guess rushing out the PS5 port was more important than working on the bugs...
  13. "The Dark Soul" Dark Souls Remastered Not much to say really. *laughs for no reason like an NPC*
  14. Utsu-P - 映えない / Not Photogenic feat. 初音ミク - YouTube Where is the preview?
  15. I think i should not have looked at the trophies before playing. I might have spoiled part of the story for myself :0