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  1. lololol those mini games are hard as running 15 non stop miles
  2. Is getting a sword, shield, magic, herbs, and amor hard? This game is easy if you know how to roll and doge attacks. Just saying :/
  3. Look at COD, theres a lot of kids playing it and they make a lot of $$$$$$ so they only care for the $$$$$$
  4. Welcome Hope you enjoy this site, its the most mature gaming site there is ( top 3 )
  5. Welcome
  6. ( im using a ipad so i dont know how to put the trophies ) Gold= defeat ultimate weapon and get the GF Eden on FFVlll ( took me 50ish times to defeat that guy -/- ) Sorry for double post The trophy name was /// I know you raged a lot ///
  7. Easiest tekken character, i dont know because i haven't played that much tekken, only tekken 5 years ago in the PS2 and TR and i use KING 96% of the time and have over 1300 wins. ( i stopped playing ), hes pretty easy if you know everything lol Street fighter might be anyone with ryu fighting style.
  8. Battle field 4 and watch dogs. Getting FIFA 2014 world cup when it comes out.
  9. Resistance burning skies But MGS4 was the hardest of my 3 felt good getting it/// Resistance and demon souls were easy.
  10. I already have it pre-order, gonna love BF4
  11. Dont know who she is but she has a cat hat and shirt 8/10
  12. Welcome back
  13. Yea this site feels a whole lot matured than any other site i have being. I come from gamefaqs but theres alot of trollers and crybabies over there, this site makes me relax. Congrats on your 3000th post
  14. Im also completing Arkham City Arkham Asylum wasn't that good as people say <.< but Arkham City seems better, great game. Kinda like exploring the city and beating guys
  15. Yea im kinda new here as well ,_, i only come here like twice a week and its a peaceful site, no trolling nor nothing like that and the community is friendly I mostly go to gamefaqs but theres alot of trolling there >_<