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  1. Hey. Insanity is not compensation for early arrival Oh the pain. Do you guys even think they will patch it? And if they do; will it be retroactive, as in people like myself and TC with complete galleries will just have it 'pop', or will we have to do it all over again ? Because that would be cruel. ..You can one hit kill HNM bosses ? Wow. I must really be noob, because I thought your Astral Skill was the highest damage output. Is this anything to do with those custom skill sets that I know nothing about ? As it stands I'm level 143 with a R5 531 damage Katana, and I have to whiddle their health down; though the Astral Skill does a chunk of damage on it's own.
  2. So the Hollow Mission trophy as well is considered US bugged ? That's just mean. .___.
  3. There's no way around it huh. That's just depressing, spent pretty much forever getting all those gallery tidbits :/
  4. I have the same exact problem as TC; all Gallery complete, no memories trophy :/ Have the US version.
  5. Hitman Absolution. Really want to come back to the piano wire.
  6. Breath of Fire 3.
  7. Assassin's kill thieves, thieves kill assassins. 9/10
  8. Tenchu HD collection '-'v
  9. Borderlands 1. Been meaning to play Mordecai after enjoying Zer0 muchly.
  10. Here: Coop from Megas XLR PSN: Vergil. Apparently Might Controls Everything.
  11. Suikoden II
  12. Some people like to stand out in the rain with out an umbrella.
  13. Tekken Tag. Paul Phoenix ftw.