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  1. When you get to the bonus round don't spin. Let it autospin
  2. Nocturnal Animals
  3. Light Change Notes in the Water Zone require 10+ executions in one zone. Anyone have helpful advice? I am either not getting the hang of timing my hits or the enemies die to fast.
  4. Okay finished the game with no continues right after posting this. Keep on keeping on
  5. Sorry guys just tired of getting all the way until the very final boss and dying. I have done this 10 times and think I'm finally rage quitting. I don't know the best way to beat the final boss. Sorry if my language was offensive
  6. @#$! game. [email protected]#$ the wild west.
  7. I looked up a list of where the most wanted targets should be, went there and nada. This is still glitched
  8. 75%

    I can confirm 100% that this trophy (SharpShooter) is glitched. I completed Chapter 1 and got the same accuracy down to the decimal numbers (an impossibility). Reinstalled the game and got the trophy first try
  9. Okay will do
  10. I have detonated 3 couches my cat was sitting on, but the S.O.B. won't run away. Any suggestions?
  11. Seriously lol. We want to spend money but Sony won't let us ha!
  12. Arkangel_22_Mty maybe try going for gold?
  13. Not sure why it did not work for you Max_playne, but I can confirm that I just got this trophy using the method AceSoloMcCloud mentioned
  14. I would love to be part of any group that wants to go for this
  15. Is this shit still glitched?