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  1. Aww, sad that there aren't any new trophies to go for.
  2. 2 for me. 1v1 Royal Fumble finale. I started with the tail and kept it for the whole 2 mins. Felt kinda bad for the other guy, I know I'd be pissed if I was in his shoes.
  3. Anyone know where Kevin the Pig is for the Bucking Bacon trophy?
  4. Yup, there's really no incentive at all to actually get the collectibles in each level.
  5. I beat the game on Classic - Normal twice, and neither time did the You Win! trophy unlock for me. Anyone else with similar issues?
  6. Yeah they're just random events. Some I think just go real fast, like the survivors if you don't get there right away they die and the question mark goes away. Its pretty annoying, I've mostly ignored them.
  7. Game is already out and is $20. Been almost 2 weeks since it launched, looks like the trophies are finally on the server. Both games are quite fun, but Evoland 2 is especially fantastic. Several annoying glitches and some crashing issues though. I wouldn't say the Plat is unobtainable (I think someone got it on the EU side) but it basically is due to some of the glitches, hopefully it gets patched.
  8. That only happens to me in certain areas, the one that pops into mind is the Windy Valley in the future. But yeah, one of the many obnoxious bugs in the game.
  9. 2nd game is much longer. And yeah I have the same crashing issue right at the final boss of the 1st game. Both games are quite buggy, had a lot of crashes in the 2nd game too but nothing quite as progress-halting as the the boss crash in the first game.
  10. Anyone looking for the Treasure Hunter trophy, on the Leon A playthrough anyone, one secret photo is of the STARS Office room and the other is of the Press Room.
  11. Not all levels have fruits. The whole first world doesn't have any secrets except the gems as far as I remember.
  12. You get the double jump on the last level of chapter 3. You can go back to earlier levels and beat them much more easily with the double jump.
  13. It's harder than I expected, and probably harder than it should be considering it has a really cool premise that could appeal to more casual platforming fans. Its entirely beatable but there are definitely some frustrating levels. The early ones really irked me because I didn't have double jump yet and lot of the jumps were pretty tough to make. Then some of the late levels are super long and if you die you have to restart at the beginning of the level.
  14. Glad to hear it. Did they mention that on Twitter or something?
  15. To unlock the Special Collection, I'm pretty sure you have to collect the hidden console pieces in the following levels: ZX Spectrum 02 Amstrad 03 Commodore 64 07 Game Boy 08 NES 02 SNES 01 When you get all those you unlock 5 of the special collection, each one of those has a PS1 for you to collect in them. That unlocks the Saturn/PSX/whatever it is. The rest of the unlocks come from collecting all 72 special gems and all the special fruit/food items.