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  1. For my new game+ I'm doing Croatian run. Just like the developers intended! For real, I was so dumbfounded by that specific option.
  2. Powerpyx no longer lists these 2 collectibles as missable. Did something change?
  3. Playstation mainly because their exclusives (Bloodborne, Persona 5) are my cup of tea. Other than that I mainly use my PC, so that kills any need of getting an xbox console. I don't get attached to corporations and I find the console wars ammusingly silly.
  4. I played P4G a really long time ago and I enjoyed it, but realised the platinum is too demanding. Over the next couple of years I've been playing Persona 5, Persona 3, SMT games and simply fell in love with Atlus' masterpieces. So I decided to come back and platinum this and every other Persona game.
  5. As almost everyone, I was using infinite ammo STAKE for the VoS run. The gun itself IS the cheese, but unfortunately during Chris' chapter you might hit a brick wall, as you find yourself STAKEless and hopeless. If you're struggling with the laser pointing part of the game - use the ladder cheese! You don't have to fight any lycans at all. If you climb the ladder to the top and hang there, you won't be attacked. Climb to the roof and wait for the pointer to reload. If you see any lycans mounting the roof, quickly jump down and climb the ladder again. Hang in there, as they will quickly lose interest and you can climb the roof again for a few seconds. You might get hit once or twice when jumping down, but having at least 1 stimpack to heal you should be more than enough.
  6. I tried the first map just to check the mercenaries mode. Got B on my first try and hated every second of it. No way in hell I'm wasting even the tiniest part of my life on this just to get the platinum.
  7. There is a small room behind the blue triangle door. There are rectangular platforms to jump through to a coffer. You have to literally fall down seemingly to your death to find the archive. I messed up platforming there first time I found it, as I was still not comfortable with underwater jumping controls. Funnily enough that's what you have to do. Check the map to see the section revealed underneath just to be sure you can jump off safely. --- Additionally, you can look for the teleport sign on the map. Since there are no other teleporters there, the only one that shows, is the one that gets you back up from the archive.
  8. And now the same for me. I owe you a beer. Been running first Biome for 2 hours and came back to check this thread where I found your tip. Only took the first blue side route I found and immediately restarted. Found the room in 15 minutes. It was the same cross-shaped room as the one from the picture in this thread, but there were sentinels/searchlights instead of red bubbles. Either that was an insane luck, or this is a valid way to get this log FAST.
  9. I found it on my first run for it (I think they always spawn). I found it by a huge accident though. There were platforms, not in any room, but over this huge abyss. One of the platforms ended and there was nothing more shown on the map. But there was still another visible platform very far away so I took a leap of faith and there it was. A ball to uncover hidden platforms and sun fragment with an audio log I was missing. I'm really scared of grinding through Biome 6 now, knowing you might have to take leaps of faith or look into the abyss to find platforms not shown on the map...
  10. Did you get the house sequence in biome 4 after beating the final boss?
  11. I've seen this statement online about almost any weapon in the game. I guess once you unlock the perks and get comfortable with a weapon - IT'S GOOD. For me it was unexpectedly the acid spitting weapon. Crazy stagger and DoT damage. Once I hit something with the acid/virus on that weapon I stopped caring about it - it was already as good as dead. Melted Hyperion on first try without a sweat.
  12. How putting it in sleep mode is going to help with the fact that my girlfriend needs the console free to play Jedi: Fallen Order? Don't bother.
  13. You do realize that dozens of people report the game crashing during suspension and losing all progress? And I don't want to keep my console running for 2-3 days, when I'm busy with my job and life. Don't bother making up excuses, every one I've heard makes no sense. Other rogue-likes (like Hades for instance) let you get back to your run if you didn't die. I remember playing the hell out of Binding of Isaack back in the day and I could turn off my console whenever I felt like it (and runs were nowhere near as long as in Returnal).
  14. I had a great run, defeated first boss on my first try and almost got to the second boss. Unfortunately by that time I was already tired and had to quit (which resets your run). This NEEDS to change. I'm loving the game so far, the visuals, 3d audio and overall experience, but... if the runs take hours (I mean good runs, not rushed yolo no-pick-up runs) I'm going to really have to force myself to boot the game every time. Clear every schedule, turn off the phones, eat, shit and sleep before every session, 'cause this is demanding too much from the players. There is no sane argument against a simple "save and quit".
  15. This is my 2nd or 3rd game, so from my point of view you can understand how this might seem that way. No need to get so defensive. That's not exactly helping my issue. And jesus christ man you need to get out more, ps5 has only just been released and you've played 40 games?