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  1. I got it back in the day in a Arena match when it was still in the game, so try TDM Match and find it out.
  2. Play a round of TDM and get a golden gun out of one of the care package.
  3. Same, before the upgrades I got 3:15 and now with full upgrade car I can get only managed around 3:10 and that's is. This time trail trophy is driving me nuts. Edit: Finally I got it. I used the following tune settings: Gear Ratio - center Springs - 1 step right Dampers - 1 step right Ant-roll bars - 2 steps right (max) Brake Bias - center
  4. Yes you can 💯% with only the 2 songs, it's boring. A tip for the 100 songs use a autoclicker app and watch some TV 😁
  5. I think the upcoming 2 dlc’s cars and events are in the counting somehow.
  6. 34 extractions and got the final trophy and plat on the ps4, fingers cross 1 extraction is enough for the ps5 version. Update: for the PS5 version i need 4 more extractions for too pop-up the 25 extractions trophy. And for the clean exit it pop-up when i only escaped buy my squad mates where still Alive.
  7. Mine was popping up after 8 clean escapes. The 25 extractions is glitched too, i'm now on 32 and still no trophy. (I'm On the ps4 version, PS5 is the next one i try too finish it)
  8. I got it in breaktrough mode with C5 on maps with elevators on flags.
  9. I guess for now splitscreen only.
  10. Did not speed real money in this game and i got it also.
  11. Do you have rebuild the systemdata on the PS4, maybe that works.
  12. I guess Japan or Hk, stille not live in there stores.
  13. It is a playstation exclusive and came with a code by the game, it is not a part of the season pass i think. (Correct me if i'm wrong.)
  14. Battlefield Bad Company : I am Bad Company! (Online) Achieve all the awards
  15. No it is not retro-active, but it is done in a minut of 2.