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  1. I dunno. I bought a really expensive game the other day. It was on sale for £15, but I needed a PS4 to play it on, so that means it’s more like £250. But then I realised I needed a TV, so after going out and buying that for £750, I was starting to think “Man, this game is expensive”. But then I needed a house to put all these things in, otherwise how the hell am I gonna play this game?! I tell ya, that’s the last time I buy a video game! Obviously, I’m being sarcastic. But for good reason. You can’t just add on the cost of a PSVR and accessories and call that the price of the game. If you do it to this game, why not every PSVR game? Every PSVR game basically costs about $300 then, right? If you add on the cost of a headset, why not a PS4? You need both to play the game. Where do you stop? You can see now how ridiculous the whole thing is, no?
  2. Wow. That post is almost exactly the same as mine! It wasn't me, honest! ;-D I've been registered on here now for a while, but rarely visit the forums. I remember I did post something similar about Dark Souls I or II, and seem to remember getting an almost universely negative response. But it may be the way I wrote it. I certainly don't intend to start a "little war". People seem much more open to discussion this time round anyway. Thanks for all the replies guys. There were a few things I hadn't considered.
  3. Wow, those trophy rarities are ridiculous. The Dark Souls series is rightly known as challenging, to say the least. But you wouldn't think so looking on here and comparing the latest one to other games' completion rates. Almost two thirds of players on here have gotten to Champion Gundyr and beaten him? I'd love to know how much the rarity would change if boss trophies would only pop if you took them on in single-player. Half that? Less? Because as we all know, they become a walk in the park when a few of you are all hacking away at the boss without a care in the world, and it's all over in seconds. Obviously it takes away almost all of the challenge, but in my opinion almost all of the fun goes with it as well, even if it is more social to coop, and can be some of the best fun you can have in the game. I'm not begrudging people who play through their first time with help. People can of course play how they like - I'm strictly talking about trophies only here, and am just curious to see what others feel about it.
  4. What? You think Uncharted will definitely sell 5 million, but any more than that is "crazy unrealistic"? How on earth do you work that out?
  5. I literally have no idea what your problem is. If you don't like the game, don't play it. Am I going mad? Or is this a common mentality on here? I like getting trophies, but I only go for ones that are fun to get. If not, who cares? If it means I leave a game at 47%, what does it matter? I'll move on to something more worth my time. I've played over 300 games on my profile and I've only platinumed 9 of them. If you're endlessly chasing platinums, and trophies are more important than having fun playing, then you need help, and I think that goes for a LOT of people on this site judging by the forums.
  6. Look man. For the THIRD time now - I HAVE NEVER SAID I AM SOME "DEITY AT GAMING" (what?) OR PUT DOWN ANYBODY THAT WANTS TO CO-OP BOSSES. The fact that you think I "soloed" Bloodborne just shows that you don't read properly. I have said TWICE I'm finding Bloodborne really hard And that I'm only half way through, that I needed to co-op one of the bosses when I just couldnt get it, and that I really like the community element. My opinion was purely on the trophies. Edit: Apart from a few, the general consensus on here is that trophies should be available to everyone. You know those ultra rare ones you're proud of? How selfish - everybody should be allowed to get those, right? That's what I was talking about when I said people were missing the point of trophies. All I was saying is wouldn't it be better if these ones weren't so easy to get? To increase the worth. I wondered how much rarer they'd be. Not once did I put down those who have earned them the easy way.
  7. Some were and some weren't attacking me? That was my whole point. And that's a bit rich coming from the one who attacked me the hardest. You got carried away and you were harsh, personal even.And you can't just say all people said were "no it's not cheating" and then I flew off the handle. I had to defend myself for a reason. The last THREE people agree that I was completely misunderstood and attacked. I had to say something back. I suppose I wasn't clear on the whole 'cheating' thing though. I probably shouldn't have used the word at all. I wasn't accusing anyone. But 'did you feel like you were cheating' is different from 'Is it cheating?'. It's a subtle difference, granted, but a difference all the same.
  8. Okay mate, but really. I've nothing to get over. I came on here simply asking a question and wondered what others' opinions would be. Since then I've just been trying to defend myself because people have taken it the wrong way. Did you even read the original post? And I never once got "hung up" on the 'bragging rights' of trophies. I mentioned it once as a reply to MatCauthon. It's just a phrase. I don't actually brag about my trophies. Have you seen them? They really aren't anything to brag about. I was referring to the competitive side of trophies after he said why do I care what other people are doing?! It was uncalled for. Here's what happened: "I think bosses become too easy when ganging up on them 2 or 3 at a time. Of course anyone is welcome to play the game however they like, but does anyone agree that those trophies would be worth more if you HAD to fight for them solo, ie. the hardest way to do them. I have found a lot of them really tough, but it was so satisfying when I finally beat them by myself, the way I think Miyasaki would have liked the player to achieve them." What quite a few on here seem to have read: "I'm not happy about people CHEATING on this game by co-operating on the bosses. I don't do it because I'm hard-core. I finished the game without dying. They don't deserve the boss trophies and it goes against the rules. Only a chosen few deserve trophies. From Software never intended for people to play together so they shouldn't." I'm just gonna be really polite from now on because I seem to be fighting a losing battle. Although I really don't know why it had to become a battle. I think it's a real shame the first impression I've got from this forum has been. I have really enjoyed using this site and the first time I use the forum I get swipes left and right. Like I said, I posted the same post on Eurogamer, a site I have used for years, and everybody understood my post. They didn't misinterpret it as an attack on anyone, or a dig, or an attempt to gloat. They just took it as a simple question and answered. I guess I got the community of this site wrong. Being a trophy site, I thought a lot of you would probably be interested in trophies as something you earn, a challenge to be savoured. But it seems a lot of you are only interested in collecting as many as you can, as quickly as you can, as easily as you can. That's a shame. Thank you. Somebody who understands. It really wasn't like it was complicated. Like, at all.
  9. I see I am talking to a brick wall then. FOR THE FORTH TIME, I HAVE NO ISSUE WITH THE WAY PEOPLE PLAY THE GAME AND NEVER SAID ANYTHING ALLUDING TO IT. MY OPINION IS ON THE TROPHIES ONLY, BUT THIS BEING A TROPHY SITE I WOULDN'T EXPECT PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND THAT. I posted the same topic on Eurogamer, and do you know what? Everyone understood me. Not everyone agreed with me but then I wouldn't expect them to, but at least everyone who replied knew I was talking about the trophies. The clues are in the words. You just have to read them all in order. Haha I was actually gonna mention exactly the same point regarding Sound Shapes. If trophies are just for you, why did YOU pop them? After all, you're doing it for the achievement right? Not to artificially increase your score. Yeah, that makes sense. You keep telling yourself that. And you know the only reason I mentioned your platinum total was because you had the audacity to poke fun at mine when you claim you're not at all competitive. And don't bring out the "you still on this" card like you're somehow the bigger man. It's called replying. Something you're doing just the same as me. Oh, I apologise about the trophy card. It's not appearing on the PS4 browser for some reason, where everyone else's are. I started on my phone, where I could see it. That's why I thought you removed it.
  10. No, but trophies do. I wasn't talking about the way people earn the trophies. Nobody can change that. I was talking about the way From implemented the trophies and the rules needed to achieve them. Am I talking to a brick wall? How many times have I said my issue isn't with the co-op mechanic; that's great. All I said was it would be better if the trophies didn't unlock using co-op because it's too easy. I'm starting to think most of you want all trophies to be as easy as possible otherwise heaven forbid one of your games isn't completed to 100%. Trophies exist for the challenge. If not then what's the point?
  11. Whatever man. I'm not "worrying" about anybody else. I just enjoy the competitive element that trophies and PSN Profiles gives me and everyone else. But I don't get hung up on earning every single one. I like how you've now removed your trophy card from your sig (something else you've edited), because hey, nobody else needs to see your trophies now right?
  12. First of all I didn't say you couldn't be here, why on earth would I say that? I just said maybe you should try something else if you're gonna be so negative. There's a difference.And for someone who apparently doesn't care about the competitive element of trophies to then try and put me down by mentioning how many platinums I've got. You're full of bullshit mate. Do you know what? I'd rather have a more realistic 8 platinums than a ridiculous 130? And do you know why? Because I actually have a life and don't devote my every waking hour to chasing every single one, all the while pretending they mean nothing to everyone else. You're a joke. Haha ok no problem dood I guess you did (you really like Disgaea don't you)
  13. If you're that sick of reading threads like this, then stop reading them. In fact, if you have no interest in the competitive element of trophies at all, then why are you even on this site? Do you know what I'm sick of? People who spend too much time on forums and constantly complain about people apparently saying the same things. Go somewhere else then. And okay, I don't really know that doing bosses solo was From's intention for people to ideally play the game, but I was under the impression that From made challenging games. Doing bosses co-op is a piece of piss.
  14. I didn't say everyone should do bosses solo; of course you should have the choice of doing them with others. That's what the Souls games are about, and I don't think they should change. I just don't think the trophies should be earned so easily. It cheapens them. And if you don't understand that then you've completely misunderstood the whole purpose of trophies and the challenge and bragging rights they create for you and others. And if you think doing bosses solo is "masochisting (sic) yourself" rather than completing the challenges as intended by the developers, then I think you're playing the wrong game. EDIT: I think some people misunderstand. Don't get me wrong, I'm not an elitist and don't look down on people who need help on bosses. This is my first Souls game and I've found it incredibly hard at times, and have considered summoning help on all but a couple of bosses. I'm glad I persevered though. It was so satisfying when I finally beat them. But the whole community feel of the game is awesome and I love the fact that help is there should you need it. My 'beef' is purely with the trophies. I just think they should be harder than simply progressing through the game. Trophies should be an extra challenge to the main game. Some developers either don't care about trophies, or don't really know what to do with them. Looking at you Telltale. You shouldn't get a platinum simply for completing the game. Where did I say that doing bosses co-op is cheating? I said did it make anyone feel as if they were cheating? Please read posts properly before replying.
  15. Does anyone else think the boss trophies should have only been unlockable playing solo? Apart from trophies for normal progression being almost pointless, most bosses become way too easy with 2 or 3 players. I've just beaten Rom, which was my seventh boss, and I've done all so far on my own, with the exception of Blood-starved Beast. (I came back to him after doing the rest of Cathedral Ward and Hemwick Charnel Lane and still found him nigh on impossible, so did him with one other). I don't feel as though I deserved the trophy though, and I didn't get the absolute joy and satisfaction I got after finally beating Father Gascoigne for instance. How many bosses have people here done single-handedly? Be honest. How do people feel about summoning help for bosses? Does it feel like cheating?