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  1. Looking for my soulmate gamer girl im kind, careing, loyal and good gamer

  2. PlayStation for life PS2, PS3, PS4,PSP,PSVITA own them all

  3. Still havent found anyone alone forever

  4. Sonic the hedhog 2006
  5. Get on your ps3 to check them
  6. I Want to be loved

    1. MidnightRadiance


      Im sure you'll find someone to love you someday

  7. Is Mass Effect 2 Online if so do you need a online pass
  8. Thank you
  9. I Need help with resistance 2 i need a platinum buddy
  10. I Got Vita add Matthewhayes1
  11. like for the bottom of mortal kombat
  12. killzone 2 and 3, MGS4 Under the gold, Gutiar Hero Hidden, Mortal Kombat Hidden, Resistance 2 Hidden
  13. I Need help with some hidden trophys please someone help me out
  14. Wanna Talk

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    2. Matthewhayes1


      Sweet im new here

    3. Marisa Kirisame

      Marisa Kirisame

      Yep yep you said so in your last status

    4. Matthewhayes1


      oh lol hows your friends