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  1. Hi, I know it is a late response but for anyone who is about to start this game or have a similar problem I recommend to make a backup save on the psn cloud or usb at the beginning of every level since this game is a glitchfest and once it glitches only solution is to erase save file.
  2. Hi, Saw you already got the platinum on the EU version, was it a physical copy of the game?
  3. Anybody knows release date and if the release is worldwide or just a specific region?
  4. Works like a charm! Used v1.3 on a laptop i5 with 8GB ram, solutions took max. 2-3 on level 12/hard-core lvl3-4. Thanks 😉
  5. Hi I recently acquired the retail version (EU - Spain BLES 02194) and for some reason it doesnt have any trophies. Those who have any trophies on the retail version what region/country and what BLES code does your copy have?
  6. Just bought this one, its 100 % Spanish, no subs available.
  7. Just write in description that for example last 2 to join are backup. However speaking of no shows i would like to see a voting system in place to detect common "no shows" or bad boosters. Its sooooooo annoying when you have 12 people sign-up and only 5 shows up (and on time).