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  1. Well its more if your missing at the end you can always re run that one, re running routes/ play throughs can help if you get to the end and your still missing something, can be annoying I know. But just if you get to the end and your still missing. Might be able to figure out which routes/plays from the tip numbers. But see how your fair. Hope you do not need to re run either!
  2. Sucks your having such a rough time with the game ☚ī¸ Hope it works out for you. If not maybe a restart with a different guide.
  3. There is a walkthrough over on imports if you need one
  4. Myself and Dim played all the online and didn't get anything, we have both reached out a few times. I will try again.
  5. Hey the patch is out, it has fixed a lot of issues but one trophy is buggy we are working with the dev to resolve if you check our trophy guide thread for updates Atm its the biter trophy people seem to be having issues with
  6. After a test you can play without VR! The patch coming next week should resolve all the bug issues as well
  7. The game will only get a release on EU if it does well on USA store, We were under the impression the game needs VR, However I think you might be able to play with out. We are going to test. Some trophies are buggy atm, But a patch is due out next week to fix these issues 😃 We have a Guide if anyone needs it :- Good Dog Bad Dog VR Trophy Guide
  8. I received a email this morning to say the patch should fix the trophy issues
  9. I reached out to the Dev, They are aware of the issue and are currently investigating the issue, Should hopefully be fixed in the upcoming patch
  10. Hey I just got that trophy, I am SP. I have been riding around a fair amount. I did update to current patch. I switch between the two often but mainly play as Nessa. I was on main road when mine popped.
  11. I used this to get 100% , Thanks Ess
  12. Yeah sorry Ess , Nitro needs to update
  13. Thanks Velvet I got what you meant! I will be sure to check out your guide if and when I come to play this 😍 The extra information you have provided might help those who were unsure.
  14. Not sure re the TV bit, As like you say the last section. The middle part there is just no where really to run. The first you do pass a TV so I see what you mean there. Interesting though maybe 😊
  15. The game does start to freeze, when picking up keys but for 10-15 secs it then carry's on. You can out run the Caretaker which means your screen will go red he will move to a new location.I had someone test my guide is about 35-45 mins so yeah its pretty short if you didn't want to look about . I didn't mind the game, it is not prefect but creepy in the right places. Would of made a interesting VR game.