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  1. Was hoping to end the year with it, but starting the new year with it turned out just as good. My first platinum of 2021 was Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. 💜
  2. Streets of Rage 4 pretty much broken my hands.. and controller. Adding another here as we posted at the same time! Uncharted 4.. I remember being stuck on 1 section on Crushing for a few solid days. That was torture.
  3. 0.72% - Red Faction: Guerrilla 0.72% - Max Payne 3 0.93% - Grand Theft Auto IV 1.81% - Grand Theft Auto V 1.87% - Overwatch 🏆🏆🏆
  4. I play a lot of Final Fantasy XIV Online, as well as a lot of the friends I have on PSN. In-game achievements (of which there are many) are posted every time you earn one, occasionally they will multi-post too. This ends up with me having to scroll for a few minutes sometimes to find anything that isn't related to FFXIV. 😬
  5. That's cool. So just to confirm, the update from the PS4 version to PS5 version isn't mandatory to continue playing the PS4 version on your PS5? Is the PS5 upgrade just an option you're given on the home screen or something? Sorry I know you basically said that, but I just want to make absolutely certain I could continue earning trophies on my PS4 list. 😊
  6. I have had two PS3 games that have been lurking for years, hiding in every shadow, watching, taunting me. I am determined to finish them, but just haven't gotten around to it yet as "Oh god I wasted so much time!" and "There's so much left that I need to do!" 72% - Mirror's Edge 30% - SSX I have never truly given up on a game, but I'm worried that I'm just not good enough to 100% either of these and even more concerned that the servers will be down before I do so anyway. Hoping this event will be the push I need to put all my effort into completing them both!
  7. Good to know it wasn't just me stuck in the capture loop. Eventually managed to get to the point where I entered my serial, but was then taken back to the start. I'll try again later.
  8. This is so amazing. I've dismantled my PS3, 4 & Vita countless times for cleaning / replacing parts / boredom so it was super exciting to see the PS5 dismantled like this, in an official capacity as well. I'm very interested that the white casing appears to come off very easily. Hoping that we'll see some variations and perhaps special edition including new casings in the future.
  9. It's been a long time since I did this, but FATES in lower level areas can be completed a lot faster than the higher area ones. My suggestion is to pick your favourite starting area (Middle La Noscea was mine), put on a podcast / music / TV show you love and just grind them out there. You can solo them, but I'd suggest getting out your Chocobo for that extra little dps. If you're going for anything like Atmas or any other of the weapons that require FATE grinding, you can incorporate those into your overall 1,000. Alternately, there's a lot of "FATE trains" around at the moment for the Yokai event. Joining one of those would get you a lot done pretty fast, since the groups are usually full. Hope these help! 😊
  10. Yeah for sure. Like you said, it'd be a cool way to show a platinum you're proud of too, which isn't really possible through PSN at the moment.
  11. All of these ideas are great so far. Just a small one, but allowing us to use trophy images as our profile avatar would be great too. There's some awesome artwork out there and would allow for a lot of diversity in the profile images we see.
  12. Managed to get mine this morning through Amazon from the UK. Had several heart attacks with log in issues and then payment details. Think I got pretty lucky, as they sold out real fast and apparently the website crashed at some point. 🙊
  13. Options are limited and it looks like you're already working to it, but Shenmue III! I personally really enjoyed the first 2, planning to play this one myself soon. 😊
  14. Hmm, looks like you're already working toward it but God of War! It's an awesome ride. You can do it! 😁
  15. Oh boy, you're in for a treat with GTA 5.. do not recommend. 😭😂