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  1. This guy on my friends list had it as his comment, then I made the account like a few minutes later I think.
  2. はたらく魔王さま! Hataraku Maō-sama! - The Devil is a Part Timer. You guys should watch it
  3. It was on one of my old PSN friends comment and I was like that seems cool and stuck with it.
  4. It's possible?
  5. I think it's stupid that they made to different games wtf >.> I just want unity, they could've made it cross-gen & kept everything on the Ps4 ver & made another from scratch for Ps3 They just want the money >.<
  6. You dont need a plat to be a trophy hunter..
  7. Same Here
  8. , Guest participation in "5 DEAD OR ALIVE Ultimate' 4 People of Akira, Sarah, pie, Jackie Where you will find free in a limited time! this is for DOA5 Core Fighters because Sarah , Akira , Pie and Jackie can be played in the paid Ver of DOA5. i think its CF
  9. i love DOA im going to see if its free in japan
  10. i was just about to post this .. but its already out.. i just got it ..
  11. MoH 2010 Fire Controller Fuck no and Lollipop Chainsaw go medal racer go..
  12. its ok you dont have to copy xP lol