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  1. I'm not a betting man, but if I was I'd put money on the #5 seed right now, even though we don't yet know who it is. Honestly, home field can be an advantage, but not if you're losing by 2 touchdowns in the 1st quarter, which is likely to happen if the Cowboys end up in #5. The Eagles are different because no one wants to play in freezing cold rain and snow in January in Philly, not even the Eagles themselves (maybe that's why they're tanking? nah...). That game stops being about talent and becomes a battle of 'who makes the least number of boneheaded mistakes'. I would say the Eagles, who live in Philly and train, practice, and play half their games a year at that stadium would have the slight advantage there. They probably know how to hold onto a wet ball, how to run in mud and snow, how to take fewer risks with the ball in that kind of weather. The Seahawks, being from Seattle, would have a slight weather advantage over the Niners if that's the wildcard road game, but both would have to be very careful with the football. Wilson, for instance, would not look like an MVP QB in that weather. And Jimmy G? Dude can't hold onto the ball in good weather, I can't imagine what would happen in Philly. But in Dallas, in a climate controlled dome with clear visibility and no weather to worry about? Yeah, there's no chance for the home team. Not the way they're currently playing. Not that the Eagles are any better, but they would have the weather to even the playing field, and that can make a big difference. And with the Cowboys losing to the Bears, the Eagles definitely control their own destiny. If they win out, they are the #4 seed. Let's see how bad they want it... ...and on that note, I predict a Giants victory on Monday Night.
  2. Bears beating Cowboys 17-7 at the half, and that's with a terrible INT by Trubisky on their opening drive when knocking on the door for a score. It could be 24-7! Could Dallas be the next 2010 Seahawks? If they lose tonight, it's looking pretty likely. Unless the Eagles manage to pass them up! lol Edit: And now, early in the 3rd quarter, it actually is 24-7
  3. Unity had some of the wildest bugs at launch, but I played well after that and most were gone. One thing that annoyed me though was my character would occasionally 'catch' on a chest while I opened it and I'd have to reload the checkpoint (if during a mission) or reload my save in free roam to get out of it. Once I clipped through the chest and the wall it was against and fell through the world because I got bumped by a guard while opening a chest. In other words, be careful when opening chests Syndicate wasn't bug free, but compared to most AAA releases these days it felt like it. I really can't remember a single bug that mattered or affected my gameplay (not to say there weren't any, I just don't recall experiencing any, which is of course a good thing). Both games were super easy platinums, especially if you've earned the Plat on previous installments.
  4. Out of curiosity, did you watch his first 2 games this season? He had numerous accurate long throws. I saw him hit his receivers off his back foot while scrambling for 40+ yard completions. His arm didn't look to bad to me. But other than the run game, his offense didn't give him much. His O-line sucked. When he got more than 2 seconds to throw, he hit his receivers with precision. Sadly, half the time they'd drop the pass. And that was if they were lucky enough to run an actual route and not look lost on the field. Meanwhile, his defense was even more awful. In the Dallas game, Prescott was telegraphing every throw and the D still couldn't figure out what was going on. Most of the plays were incredibly obvious and formulaic, yet the Giants D was always 3 steps behind. Prescott played pass with his receivers all night, untouched on either end of the football. Allen did the same in the Buffalo game. His receivers would just sit wide open in the middle of the field. Watching the Giants D was like watching pee wee league playing college teams. Manning may be a little slower than in his prime, yet that could be said about anyone once they're over 35 in the NFL. Manning made a couple mistakes in those first 2 games, but he ultimately looked pretty good. Yet all I hear is how he's done. Yet Brady, who looks like he received a throwing arm transplant with an overcooked piece of spaghetti, is being praised as a god and invincible. At the end of the day, the main difference is the Pats D is good and playing terrible teams while the Giants D is just awful, perhaps the worst in the league. It'd be hard for any QB to win a game when their D is giving up 30+ points a game**; case in point, Daniel Jones going 0-8 the last 8 games. Guess it wasn't just Manning. ** For reference, out of 12 games this season, the Giants D has given up 30+ in 7 games. Furthermore, they've allowed 27+ points in 10 of their 12 games. That's pretty awful.
  5. Insert Seattle instead of Ohio, and this... said every Niners fan ever. The only person in the Bay Area who wanted him gone was the millennial manchild in charge who knows about as much about football as my wife. I can't even speak his name, that's how little I respect him. Man... Harbaugh was great, and it was awesome how mad he made everyone else by just being a good coach! Also this, though unrelated - http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001083838/article/giants-likely-to-start-eli-manning-monday-vs-eagles So glad to hear it! With what we know now, is anyone surprised he lost to the Bills in week 2 and a road game against the division leading, and rival, Cowboys in week 1? He got the short end of the stick. I hope he has a good showing against the Eagles so he can go play somewhere else next year. I mean, c'mon New York Jersey! The guy gave you 2 super wins against the Pats, and is the only QB in NFL history to beat an undefeated team in the Super Bowl (and probably will always be the only one)!
  6. I'm really hoping for that!! I know how some might respond, but honestly the only time the Niners have lost this year is by beating themselves. Jimmy G had 2 fumbles inside his own 20 against the Seahawks that led to 10 points and the rookie kicker missed the game winner in overtime. Again Jimmy fumbles deep in his own end against the Ravens leading to a TD for them, and another missed (albeit blocked) field goal. Of course things happen, it's a game, it's not perfect. BUT if the Niners don't make any boneheaded mistakes, I can't see any team in the league beating them, regardless of where they play. However, I totally expect them to make boneheaded mistakes. They're good, even great, but they are a very young team. Mistakes will happen, but they will also be the deciding factor on whether or not the Niners can get through the playoffs. And I agree (logic-wise, at least) that whoever is in #5 or #6 isn't winning 3 straight road games. It's possible, it's happened before, and both the Niners and Seahawks are certainly capable of it. But, it's very likely that whoever is in that position would play their 2nd playoff game on the road against the other. I don't like either of their chances in that situation. I'm very much expecting the #1 seed from the NFC to make the super bowl this year. At this point there's three prime contenders for that, though if you're right about this weekend, that third team might be a red herring, lol. But they did beat the Seahawks earlier in the year, so until I see a blowout loss at home, I'm giving the Saints the benefit of the doubt. Though that would be sweet to watch. As a fellow Niners fan you must remember all the tough games in the 80s and 90s when they were in the same division, and of course one of the last times we played the Saints. That BS 'roughing' call on Brees that stole a win from us (as Brooks sack led to a Willis fumble recovery with 3 mins left in the game and the Niners had the lead)? Yeah...let's take it to the Saints like Whitner did to Thomas.
  7. I feel like you have to cheer for the Niners to keep losing (and I say that as a Niners fan). From the Seahawks perspective, they will get #1 or #2 in the conference if they stay ahead of the Niners. Alternatively, hoping to pass the Saints with a Niners win could backfire and lead the Seahawks back into #5 if the Niners win out. Finishing #2 still means a bye week and a home game. The alternative is an extra playoff game on the road. I'm still hoping the Niners avoid that, but in the end, one of our teams will be playing on the road in January.
  8. Well, to be fair, most of what's here aren't even games. But as far as games that were released on disc, most were on sale for cheaper, at least where I live. Most of the remainder isn't worth the money, especially not digital. To each their own though. No need to get offended (though I hear that's the thing to do on the internet these days).
  9. Nothing for me, most of these games were cheaper for disc on black friday.
  10. As much as I hate it that the Ravens had to beat the Niners to get there, they definitely are the better, if not the best, team in the AFC this year. I hope it sticks. Also cheering for the Bills now, they're only 1 game behind the Pats and could take 1st in that division for the first time... ever? lol
  11. In the world of hypotheticals - with 4 weeks and change remaining - there are a near infinite number of possibilities, lol. But Yes, because Saints have the tiebreaker over Seattle, any scenario where they are tied, Saints get the edge. Currently Niners are still #1 based solely on 2 facts, 1) they have more points than the Saints, and 2) Seattle hasn't played yet. If Seattle wins, they would take #2, Saints move to #1, Niners move to #5 and Vikings stay where they are at #6. If Vikings win, they move into #5, Seahawks move into #6, Niners stay #1, Saints stay #2. However that Packers v Vikings rematch isn't all that cut and dry. If the Vikings win that, and have the same record as the Packers going into the playoffs, they would STILL be a wildcard team, due to tiebreaker rules, unless the Packers somehow lose to Detroit and Chicago. If that happens, and the Vikings win their division match-ups, then its possible they take #3, but the easiest way to do that would be to simply win more games than the Packers, which would happen anyway if the Packers manage to lose to both Chicago and Detroit and the Vikings in the next 4 weeks, which I highly doubt. BUT if the Vikings win out and finish 13-3 and Packers finish 12-4, then yeah, they'd switch places. Next weeks game between Niners and Saints have many outcomes on its own, depending largely on tomorrow nights game. If Seattle wins tomorrow and their game next week, Saints are playing to keep #1 only, Niners stay in #5. If Seattle wins 1 and loses the other, Niners and Saints are playing for #1 with the Saints staying at #2 and Niners staying at #5 if either loses. If Seattle loses both games, Niners are playing to keep #1 and keep Saints at #2 and Saints are playing to take #1 and move Niners into #5. Considering the Seahawks are playing the division rival Rams on the road next week, on a short week to boot, anything can happen. Especially considering how the Rams are dismantling the Cardinals as if they were the Jets, right now. Green Bay probably won't factor in there. I mean, they can, certainly, but it would require a lot to go wrong for a lot of teams. They can't pass Niners, Saints, or Seahawks without winning more games (Niners have a head to head tiebreaker, and I believe both the Saints and the Hawks would win based on other tie breaker rules, though this is still semi-dependent on the remainder of the season). So the Packers would need a better record than either the Niners or Seahawks, and/or the Saints to move up from #3 to #2 or #1. This is plausible, but unlikely. The Saints - sans the 49ers - have a pretty straight forward schedule remaining that after next weeks result, however it goes, I expect them to win out the remainder of their games, meaning at best the Packers would tie them in wins if they also won out, so they'd remain #3. If the Saints move into #1 based on any of the above scenarios, and the Packers win the remainder of their games, the Niners or Seahawks, whoever is in #2 in that scenario, would both need to lose at least one more game each, and it gets tricky. If the Seahawks beat the Niners again, they could technically lose one of their remaining 4 games and still be ahead of the Niners even if they won all their others, and still keep the Packers at bay. If they beat the Niners and lost 2 more, the Niners would also need to lose again or they would keep #2 over the Seahawks and have the tie breaker over Green Bay. If the Niners beat the Seahawks, it becomes almost impossible for Green Bay to pass them unless the Niners lose two or more of their remaining games. However, if this happens AND the Seahawks lost multiple games too, then it's possible for the Packers to overtake them. Again, it would require them to win out. With all the possible outcomes of the remaining 4 games for each the Saints, Niners, and Packers, and the outcome of the remaining 5 games for each the Seahawks and Vikings, it gets really crazy. Bottom line is the Packers would need both the Niners and Seahawks to lose a few games to have a chance of overtaking them, and they'd need the Saints to lose more than one game, which I don't see happening with their remaining schedule (though, it is entirely possible...) The simplest hypothetical so far! lol If both Seattle and SF win their remaining games, do they keep #1? Yes There's no way for anyone to pass either of them if they both win out their remaining games. That would mean that both would go into week 17 with a 13-2 record. The Saints, if they lost to the Niners (which they would in this scenario) would finish no better than 13-3. The Packers, if they win out, would also be at best 13-3. Meaning whoever wins in week 17 would be the only 14 win team in the NFC, and therefore untouchable as far as playoff standings go.
  12. Another missed field (well, this one was blocked) and another loss by a single field goal. Again Jimmy G takes a strip sack deep in his own end that costs the team a huge score. These mistakes, which happened in BOTH losses, need to be corrected. Jimmy has to learn how to hold onto the football. These plays are the difference makers in these big games. Doesn't matter what their record is at the end of the year, if these mistakes happen in the playoffs, the Niners are going nowhere.
  13. Yeah, that's my feeling too. I understand it's based on average completion, but a Plat is a Plat. It really should never be below A rank. I also don't understand why DLC we don't own and haven't started is counted against our completion percentage. If you're going to count something against us that we don't own, may as well count every trophy from every game ever. We'll all drop down to under 2% (except Hakoom) which is accurate for the entire Playstation catalog. It seems arbitrary to count DLC if I don't have a trophy in that pack. Other sites I belong to show me as 99%+, which is accurate for what I've played. Then I come here and I'm down to 94% because I don't spend more on a 2 hour DLC than the entire 80 hour game cost me. Yeah, ok....
  14. It depends on what you want to do. If you want to get Platinum w/o DLCs then spend tokens on suits and just enough upgrades to get the trophies. If you're just looking to have fun, spend freely as you wish. I didn't save tokens. I spent on the upgrades I wanted and the suits, while aiming for Platinum first and foremost. By the end of my 1st playthrough I had everything I wanted, including Platinum. Then I played NG+ on Ultimate to get those free trophies out of the way (I have no DLC). I basically stuck to crit path the whole way, but I did do a couple extra challenges in that playthrough to max out everything. For the most part it was completely unnecessary. I had no use for 2-3 of the gadgets, so upgraded or not, it made no difference. I almost exclusively used web shooters and web bombs on both playthroughs, though there are plenty of opportunities to make use of concussive blast and trip mines. I found spider drones and suspension matrix to be more of a burden than anything and never used them. So in the end it's up to you, but if you're planning to do 2 playthroughs and DLC for all the trophies, you will have no issue whatsoever getting all suits and upgrading everything along the way. If you choose to do only 1 playthrough, prioritize. Good luck!
  15. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001081943/article/former-nfl-wr-terrelle-pryor-arrested-after-he-was-stabbed Talk about adding insult to injury...