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  1. Did anyone outside of England actually believe that? I figured we just saw the real World Cup Final when Belgium played France. I was hoping Belgium would go the distance, but oh well. Now I can hope for a Croatian upset and Belgium winning the 3rd place match. I might be wrong and England might win that, but I never considered any of the teams in their bracket capable of knocking off the French, Brazilian, or Belgians. I think at this point it'd be really awesome to see Croatia win the cup. It has been the tournament of upsets so far, so why not another.
  2. Spoke too soon! Wow!
  3. Welp, I couldn't have been more wrong. RIP Belgium
  4. Hoping for Mexico to upset Brazil tomorrow, but if not I think Belgium can handle them. A week ago I said Belgium v France would be a great final, but I think that will happen in the semis with whoever wins taking the cup over whoever makes it out of the 'B-team' bracket (probably England), lol.
  5. I'm sorry, I missed it. I looked on the first page and didn't see anything, my bad.
  6. I was hoping Belgium would tank it on purpose today so they could meet France in the final, but I guess I'll have to settle for them facing off in the semis (hopefully). Of course if Argentina can turn it around, then I'd prefer to see them there! And of course, as they need to win for me to have a chance at winning, I'll put them scoreless and winning on penalty kicks 4-3. Argentina 0 (4) - 0 (3) France Btw, @Zolkovo now that we're out of group play what are the prediction requirements for tie games? If I guess the tie score do I win or do I need to guess the number of penalty kicks too?
  7. I noticed BF4 - Second Assault and BF1 - Turning Tides were free today on PS4 (not PS3 for BF4), Origin and Xbone. Not sure how long it'll last.
  8. Well, Argentina has to win to have a chance at advancing, so it doesn't matter if I'm right and they don't win, lol. So I'll go with a very subtle final score prediction. Argentina 1 - 0 Nigeria On another note, I was so bummed Spain scored at the last second to tie the game. It would have been nice to see them lose. I can't recall off-hand if they would have had the tie-breaker with Iran, but even being a second seed would have been nice, cause they likely would have been beat by Uruguay. Ronaldo could have made that point moot, but it seems missing penalty kicks is the thing to do this year for anyone with the title of 'world's best player'. So now I'm guessing Spain will beat Russia, which is fine, but I'm still hopeful for early exits from both them and Brazil. Portugal might be screwed, which is also fine.
  9. My first trophy was in 2011, so I'll have to come back in a few years to update this post, haha. I Can Aim Win an Archery match in any mode. 13th Mar 2011 10:23:53 PM 72.5% COMMON
  10. England and Belgium are doing great, I'm really excited to see their match next week. After seeing their performance so far, Belgium is on my short list for the finals, but I want to see how they fare against another potential contender like England before punching their ticket. I've pretty much lost hope in Argentina, they're even more disorganized than I imagined and they might not even get out of their weak group :/
  11. I actually watched both endings, and I disliked both of them. But it was before that, during the final boss fight that I really got annoyed with the game. I also disliked the end of the first game, blood dragon (which the game itself was pretty awesome) and 4, but 3 was by far the worst, and it started way before 'the choice'. I honestly feel like the ending to these games is an afterthought, like some designer and his director at Ubi see each other at the water cooler and the conversation goes something like: "Loving the story, how's the ending coming along?" "Um, what ending, we need an ending?" "Yeah, like yesterday.... shit, just give them some ME3-esque choice BS, that'll work" "Sure thing, but first I'm gonna finish my coffee and bagel"
  12. Another one bites the dust! 👋 Peru So many early eliminations. Australia is hanging on by the skin of their teeth and actually have a shot if they can beat Peru and France beats Denmark next Tuesday. That's kind of exciting.
  13. Killing pixels never bothered me, and yet I somehow have never hurt a living soul in real life, lol. What makes me sad about this game is the absolute garbage ending that made no sense that someone wrote while trippin balls once the game was already 95% done and decided this ridiculous excuse for a conclusion was anything other than outrageously terrible. I was enjoying the game up until pretty much the final boss fight, and then everyone at Ubi dropped acid and shot heroine in unison and all hell broke loose. At least the entire story in 4 was garbage (though I appreciate the incredibly obvious twist that I guessed about 15 minutes into the game) so we weren't let down just at the end, but the stories in this series are what makes me sad, they're always so mediocre.
  14. Morocco gave Portugal a run for their money today. They had so many opportunities that they squandered. I can't remember the last time I've seen so many balls fall at the defenders feet without being cleared with a direct line of sight to the cage. And as someone who grew up playing soccer for 10+ years, I just can't understand how professionals put the ball 10 feet over the crossbar every time they shoot from within the box. It just boggles my mind.
  15. Argentina 1 - 1 Croatia I haven't lost faith in Argentina, but Croatia is biding for 1st at the group stage, and I don't think they'll take a loss. Since I don't want to see Argentina lose either, they get the draw vote. Still hoping they win though! And Egypt?