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  1. The game more or less explains this (perhaps depending on the path you took to the end). **Minor spoilers ahead** Basically Connor is the latest [prototype] android that was designed to work with police as a representative for Cyberlife and help find deviants. He is unique. There is no other android of his kind. That part is obvious and mentioned throughout the story. The part that isn't as obvious is that Cyberlife/Amanda basically backdoor into Connor's system/memories so they can control and back-up everything so that if he's destroyed they can put his memories in a new Connor and continue moving forward. Every scene that plays out with Amanda in the Zen Garden is not in fact real, and happens in a virtual reality. This is alluded to by the fact that Connor seems to 'wake from a dream-like state' after each of his interactions with her. There's also a single scene in the game that is not well explained where Connor basically realizes he's being used the whole time and has to essentially 'unplug' himself so he'll truly be free (if you don't, Connor does something really 'bad' right afterward). This is at the very end of the game, meaning he's essentially their puppet before this point. But in regards to how he keeps getting resurrected - he is in fact special and has a constant back-up/uplink so his 'memories' (database) are preserved in case anything happens to his body during the investigation.
  2. None, ever. I just kept at it until I got them. It may have taken me 2 straight weeks of multi-hour sessions to win 2 races in Gran Turismo 5, but I did eventually win, lol. As with anything skill-based, persistency usually leads to success. As the old adage goes: Practice makes perfect.
  3. And not a single one of those reasons has anything to do with the trophy list. I can name 100+ games on PS3 and PS4 that got Complete/GOTY/Definitive versions with all or some DLC on the disc and none of them had brand new trophy lists because of it. Whatever the reason CD Projekt Red had for creating a new trophy list I can't speculate, but they certainly did not have to do that simply because the DLC was bundled. This may be becoming more popular due to devs finally realizing trophy hunters exist (and will buy their game multiple times to complete additional lists), but for the last decade it certainly was a rare case. Yes, there's plenty of games that gave the DLC in those editions as codes, but there were just as many that created new discs with the base game and DLC on the disc and used the original trophy list, including all the DLC. There is no requirement of a new list just because it's bundled on the disc.
  4. Got em! Thank you so much, pablocebo!
  5. I sent you a friend request. If you can help, I can be on almost any time, whatever is convenient for you.
  6. I just did Escapist and Monkey Around solo, so that still works easily enough. Sadly some of the others require a lot of luck, like 2 kills with 1 grenade, which is extremely hard with games barely comprising 4 total people. The ranked wins are basically impossible without boosting. If anyone is still looking to do these trophies, I created a boosting session.
  7. I don't have the game on me right now, or else I would. But he's very easy to solo if you're going for plat. Use Salvador, get him to lvl 50+ and go after Terra on your normal playthrough. Gunzerk with a conference call or something equivalent.
  8. I'd like to point out, that unless something has changed on PS4, Amon is an incredibly easier fight if you bring along 3 shotguns. If I remember correctly (it's been years since I played it), you can get 3 shotguns while doing all the side missions. Using them all on Anon took off a little more than half his health. Considering the difficulty of this fight, getting him to half health with little effort makes this fight so much simpler.
  9. I too would love a taxi ride. I have my permadeath save ready to go, I even crafted half a dozen extra warp cells, just in case.
  10. Any update on this? I often found this a useful resource, and it's been over a year, so I'm not sure if it will ever make a resurgence.
  11. For some reason I thought Arkham Knight had been on + before, but appears I was mistaken. So great! I'm interested in both games, but especially that one! I just need to play City first... I agree with some others in this thread, after 2+ years of mostly crap and indies (also mostly crap), it's really nice that we're getting some larger scale, good quality, AAA games. I'm not always interested in them, and some I already played, but the quality is the important thing for me. There's some decent indies out there, but I'd take a solid 40 hour AAA game over a 2 hour indie mess any day. Even the good indies just aren't as interesting to me as the bigger titles (well, the ones that are made well). So hopefully this trend continues.
  12. I'd love to try this. It's like the ABC Platinum thread, but only 1 year to do it and no numbered game (for a 27th completion/plat/100%). I think Q will be tough for me. Since we can use 100% lists without a Plat, there's lots of options for most letters, but Q is still tricky. I'll post a list closer to the end of the year as I have no idea what I might want to play before then. But definitely sign me up! Btw, what's the cut-off for adding a list? You may have said this somewhere, sorry if I missed it.
  13. Borderlands 3 all the way! Looking at my profile, it's not hard to see why I voted that way
  14. Don't worry about it man. For some reason it's impossible for most people these days to read anything more than 140 characters that isn't in txt speak with dozens of smilies and then actually comprehend what they just read. It's very obvious what you were talking about. I've yet to play the remake, but I played the original many, many, Many times growing up, absolutely loved it, and I completely understand your point. You were quite clear that your gripe was with the fact that in the original your first playthrough of Claire/Leon affected your environment and the bosses you faced and where you faced them. Then on the subsequent playthrough as the other character, things had changed as a direct result of your first playthrough, most notably the boss battles. In the remake, it appears that this isn't the case, that playing as the other character is considered more of a separate replay of the game, and not a consequential playthrough based on the first. To me, this is not something to praise. It sounds like the devs - despite making a fun game - were too lazy to do what the original devs managed to do decades ago, and they did it with a 2 disc system and individual save slots on a tangible memory card! The point you made of the lore and consistency not adding up, versus the other argument of simply 'is the game fun?' are two mutually exclusive points. I look forward to playing the remake at some point, but I'm sure that will bug me too, even if I do end up enjoying the game itself.
  15. My understanding from friends who played it (even one who loves the series and only bought her PS4 to play that game and has played nothing in the years since) was that it was a pretty direct remake of the original first game, with nothing new or exciting added. While that doesn't bother me, I have seen the film, which was sadly mediocre. I liked the first game when I played it many years ago, but an exact recreation, even if it reviewed well, is nothing to write home about. Personally, I loved the new innovation in the later R&C games and have been hoping to see more of that. The original trilogy was good, but the later stuff was better. Reverting back to the way it used to be isn't the right move, imo. I WILL play this game, I just have a backlog of 100+ games, so it's taking a while. And on the note of it selling better than expected, you know that this game was not only bundled with the PS4 slim releases (which is why I have a disc version of it), but it was also given away for free on PS+? Those count as sales since Sony pays the devs in both of those scenarios, even if the consumer doesn't pay directly (you still bought the console/+ sub). So it's a very easy way to inflate numbers.