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  1. After the way they treated Mafia 3 - and all the bullshit I had to go through just to play and platinum it - I won't be buying this game ever. If it drops on PS+, I'll only play it if all trophies work 100% without issue and the game is stable. So I'll probably never play it.
  2. Not sure what the issue is that's causing your game to crash, but I never had this problem. I played and completed (1000G, or whatever it is) this game on 360 first, and loved it. I loved it so much I got another copy for PS3 when I started playing games exclusively on PS consoles. I never had any crashing issues whatsoever on either platform. I played the disc version both times. I've had issues with digital games on both PS3 and PS4 - though more so on PS4 - not installing correctly and either never booting up, never loading past the main menu, or crashing constantly during gameplay. Every time the solution was to fully delete and reinstall the game. I've always hated digital games and excluding PS+ titles I always get games on disc, and this issue just solidified my stance. Maybe the issue you're having is related, maybe it's not, but I wanted to share that either way. Back to the game though, this was literally a random recommendation I found online while looking for something else entirely. I was intrigued, so I kept reading reviews and they were all so good that I just had to play it. As I said above, I played on 360 first, then PS3. I love this game so much that I wish I could erase the memory of it from my brain just so I could play it again for the first time. It's one of the best games I've ever played, and I loved everything about it.
  3. On numerous occasions Deebo has proclaimed to anyone who'll listen that he is Jimmy G's biggest fan. The dude has more respect for Jimmy than he does the 49ers organization as a whole, players and all. And the 49ers have done Jimmy wrong numerous times (Shanahan especially), plus they announced their intent to trade him and go with Trey Lance as starter basically minutes after their loss to the Rams - as if it wasn't looming over his head the whole season. And I'm not saying that's the only reason he wants out, but I'm sure it plays a role. For anyone not a 49er fan who may not be aware, Jimmy G was beloved by all his teammates. I made a comment about this in this thread many months ago, saying that if the team kicked Jimmy to the curb they'd lose the locker room, and that looks like exactly what's happening. And the one player they can't afford to lose is Deebo.
  4. I have over 800 hours in the game and never hit Gold once. I got close a few seasons back (was less than 10 points away) after I got lucky and found not-so-incompetent players in the initial 10 ranked games, but I don't have any friends who play this game and none of the ones that did at launch cared about ranked, so I always solo queue. And if you solo, it's actually quite hard to get to Gold, especially if you're only an average player, like I am.
  5. I installed v1.09, loaded up the game, and am stuck on the 'Checking additional content' screen. Anyone else run into this error? It's been 'checking' for 10 mins and never progresses to the main menu. Edit: Complete reinstall (total pain in the ass) and it completes the check now. However, when I start a new game, it gives me an error message saying 'The data for the following application is corrupted. Delete the application from the PS4, and then download it again from [Library] on the home screen'. I guess this game really doesn't want me to play it. Edit 2: 4 installs later and it finally lets me play. This time I deleted and redownloaded Charles and started from scratch, installed base game, loaded into game, exited, installed 1st DLC, loaded game, exited, etc... installed DLC 2, 3, 4 and 5 and after verifying the game would load after each I'm now able to play. Only odd thing is I seem to have 4 redundant save files with the same timestamp. Not sure if that's normal, but I'm kinda too scared to delete them and see if the game will load again, lol. Final Edit: Platinum and 100%! 3 weeks later, I really took my time with my first playthrough (Flip) and enjoyed the game and did everything, even non-trophy related things. Had zero problems along the way. Closed the game app and turned off my console every day (sometimes multiple times per day) and no issues with any trophies popping. v1.09 is the way to go!
  6. I'm so glad I got this trophy (and platinum) during it's initial listing where it had absolutely nothing to do with Gold ranked matches.
  7. Rocky start, but once I finally got into the game and got flying to work it took me about an hour and a half to get all the trophies. I had one crash on explorer note 48. Since that list (dossiers? i think) is so long, exiting the menu around notes 40 and 74 would probably prevent a crash there. Had no other problems with crashing, though after doing everything else I noticed I didn't get the trophy for killing all 3 ultimate lifeforms (though I did get the individual trophies for each lifeform). So I deleted island map data (which was now unplayable with all the spawned dinos), killed the dragon again, then switched back to center map and killed the gorilla and spider again and this time the trophy - and Platinum - popped. So I just wanted to say thanks so much, Optinooby! Your guide was great, and I really appreciate you taking the time to figure this out and test it so thoroughly to make this process easy for the rest of us.
  8. I feel like the Colts have something else in mind besides Jimmy G, but that's definitely a possible place for him to end up. I'm not sure what's been going on lately, but at the end of the season (about a month ago?) I figured that both the Panthers and Steelers could be interested. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he ends up somewhere completely unexpected though, like Seattle, lol.
  9. Followed the steps at the beginning (with one exception, I didn't have a High Detail option in my menu, there was just a blank space where it should be), and when I get through the options and click 'Create New Survivor', nothing happens. It just sits there. I've heard the loading times are long in this game, but it's been over 5 mins and despite the background music playing, this feels more like a soft crash. I'm on slim PS4. I might try re-installing my game, but wanted to ask if anyone else had a similar issue before I go down that 4 hour long endeavor. EDIT: Reinstalled and I can load into the game now (small victories), but can't fly in creative mode, lol.
  10. It was $5.24 for the deluxe edition during the sale in January, that's when I picked it up. A lot of Lego games in that sale.
  11. 52 days - 15 hours Congrats on the milestone! I wish I was on your country's leaderboards, mine are... more heavily saturated, lol.
  12. Yes, yes, yes, and no (you're not wrong). Jimmy is one of those 'He's better than many, but nowhere near elite' type of QBs. There's better guys out there, but the real question is are there better options out there? For the most part, I don't think there are, and no I am not in any way on board the Trey Lance train. He doesn't impress me at all. If he turns out to be an elite QB in the league, I will happily eat my words, but I don't think that's going to happen for a myriad of reasons. So back to Jimmy, and all those yes's above... you are completely right, Niners are a run heavy offense. Their stars are Deebo (obviously) Kittle, BA, and a trio - when healthy - of RBs. Jimmy isn't a star. HOWEVER... when Jimmy isn't throwing stupid INTs late in the game that completely change the flow of the game and allow their opponents to get back into it (see Dallas 10 days ago), he has the potential to make amazing throws, and has on numerous occasions. But most of his throws? Yes, they are short, sideways, or toss backs. But I've seen him also do some pretty awesome things that puts him above pretty much every other QB the Niners have had the last 15 years. And that's the real question, not is he the best to ever play the game, but is he the best option out of the available options? I'm certain many football fans would argue that Lance is the better option right now, although ironically, most of my local friends who are hardcore Niners fans are like me wavering between Jimmy on his good days and 'the grass may be greener elsewhere' on his bad days. He has a lot of weapons that make him look good, he also has a pretty great O-line which gives him enough time for an elite QB to dissect opposing Ds (occasionally he does, usually he doesn't). But sometimes he overthrows his receivers or holds the ball too long and gets sacked, and simply proves he's not elite. So play the rookie instead? Maybe. But the idea of trading for an old elite QB doesn't interest me. I know Shanahan wants to develop Lance, and he's not wrong for doing so, but Jimmy isn't that old, and he also has a lot of good football under his belt. Both coach and QB came on board when Jimmy was roughly the same age Smith was when Harbaugh took over and helped turn his play around. A good coach would have tried to help Jimmy get better. It's no secret in the Bay Area that he hates Jimmy, and it shows. Also, what I've been seeing of Jimmy this year is that he's trying to do too much, just like he did in the second half of the SB 2 years ago. He's probably nervous and anxious cause he knows he's getting traded at the end of the year, and in these playoffs especially I've seen that nervousness on the field. Being in the position he's in doesn't help. So he makes stupid mistakes. Is he underrated and underappreciated? I don't know, maybe among some, certainly by his coach, but in general probably not. But what if the alternatives all end up being worse? Niners haven't had an elite QB since Young, and they certainly don't grow on trees. So I'd rather put my support behind the group that got the team to a SB 2 years ago and an NFC championship game this year than pretend there's a long-term solution out there.
  13. I hate prevent D... HATE it. It only prevents the team who does it from winning the game. In the 90s the Niners would get big leads, then play prevent and let the other team come back each and every time. It drove me nuts. How do these coaches see their D play great all game and then think 'Ya know what, let's play 20 yards off the line and a soft zone and give them lots of free yards, cause holding them to 3 points for 3 quarters just wasn't fun'. It's stupid. Ok, rant over. In regards to overtime, I wish they'd change the rules back to how it used to be. So many games ending in ties. Every season there's at least one, and sometimes far more. The sudden death aspect of OT was fine, not sure why that needed a change in the first place. It just makes already really long games even longer and offers more opportunities for injuries. Remember when they said no helmet hits, cause you know, injuries? Remember when they moved the kick-off to the 25 yard one to prevent more returns, cause, you know, injuries? Also, remember when they got rid of instant-replay cause it supposedly made the games too long? But now longer OTs, playing through COVID even if a team can't field a real QB, fucking Thurs night games.... guess game length and injuries don't really mean jack. (Again, rant over)
  14. In probably the unlikeliest of scenarios (other than the Eagles going all the way), the NFC Championship game will be an NFC West affair. I'm stunned. I'm absolutely elated, but still stunned. The Niners pulled it off.. somehow. I can't remember the last time they had a blocked field goal or a blocked punt - let alone in the same damn game - but there it is. Fantastic! Also, the fact the Rams managed to beat the Bucs... wow! Was not expecting both Kaaron and Brady to get knocked out this weekend. I don't even care what happens next week, just the fact that neither of them have a shot at the SB makes me happy. I'll still be cheering for the Niners, of course, but to be honest, I never expected them to make it this far. And it's soooo damn hard to beat a team 3 times in one season, so this next one is going to be really rough. But at least the teams remaining aren't the few I despise, meaning regardless of next weeks results, the SB will be worth watching. On the AFC side, I'd like to see the Bills win today, only because neither them or the Bengals have had a chance in decades. But I won't be bothered either way.
  15. Hold triangle to go to the character menu then hit square to load the vehicles menu. You can place any vehicle you've already unlocked (and purchased). Also, there is one of those events to drive the criminals from point a to b near the race start location if you want that car.