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  1. Ok, thanks for clarifying. It makes it easier to pick and choose knowing these specifics
  2. @Dragon-Archon Your first post says 'If a game can be completed within 5 hours" the multiplier is reduced to .5. Does that mean that the avg time to completion/plat has to be under 5 hours, or does this include 5 hours. For instance, a game stated as a hard 5 hours, with no range, or a game with a range given, such as 4-6 hours would average to 5 hours. Is this a .5 or 1 multiplier? Or is it 0-4.99 hours = .5, 5-9.99 = 1, 10-19.99 = 1.1, etc? I ask cause I've run into a couple games that are exactly 5 hours to plat, but if that's only .5, I can get a better return on a 10 hour game. Thanks!
  3. Thanks everyone! I should have checked this thread sooner. I'm so glad others have been able to get past this silly crash. I can't for the life of me understand how this was OK'd by the dev. At least one tester would have surely encountered it and reported it. SO lazy. But anyway, thanks for the feedback, I'm really glad you all were able to complete your race, and hopefully get platinum too
  4. I know what you mean, but in this case when someone makes a guide for a game on they're required to use the time estimates from that thread (whatever exists at the time the guide was made), so like I said, it'd be the same thing as we'd get if there was a guide. PST is pretty good about establishing rules for voting on estimated time and in the end it's an average of all the times that people voted, so the bigger the sample size, the more realistic the estimate.
  5. To be honest, the time multiplier is going to be a headache in general, especially since so many games have time ranges, and time in general (in terms of playing games) is completely subjective. It's obvious for most games just by looking at the top 50 fastest times, which supposedly are the 50 people who tried to 100% the game as fast as they could, that times vary greatly. I think it was lost in my last post cause I wrote so much (my bad), but I was basically saying that if PSNP and have no time estimate available, then common sense should be used, as opposed to sticking to just one arbitrary site. It's possible howlongtobeat has accurate times for some games, but I haven't seen it yet on my own personal searches. I personally think that the time averages on TT (truetrophies) are pretty accurate for most games. Most games have dozens of player submitted times, and even ones that don't, still seen fairly accurate. Maybe just for these games all the factors can be taken into account, PSNP fastest times, TT times, howlongtobeat times, and the most prominent pattern can yield the time used for the multiplier? Honestly, I'm more or less unaffected by this, and don't plan to keep talking your ear off about it. There was only 1 game I wanted to play that's affected, but the times on howlongtobeat are so ridiculous I'll just skip it and play it next month. But I really do want this competition to be fair, and I'm trying to provide feedback more than anything else. In the end, there's not that many games that won't have guides on either the 2 main sites, and it's up to you how you want to handle them. EDIT: I just realized that every game listed on seems to have an 'Estimated Time to Platinum' forum thread where people vote. So even if there isn't a guide, this thread should provide the information needed to get a time estimate (the guide would use this time anyway, so it's the same thing). Every game we've been discussing without a guide has one of these forum threads with times submitted.
  6. I got the plat in the PS3 version of Gat just fine last year. Are these bugs and server issues new? In regards to the time multiplier, if PSNP doesn't have a guide AND doesn't have a guide, I can understand using another available resource, but I've been looking at the times listed on howlongtobeat and some of them are ridiculous. There's a game I'm looking to play that's a lot like heavy rain where the main playthrough alone takes at least 5 hours to get through, and even if you set up each playthrough in advance to reduce the time between first and final trophy pops, it would still take a minimum of 5-10 hours to plat, WITH a guide/walkthrough and full knowledge of where everything is AND what you need to do to satisfy every trophy condition as you go, including a competitive playthrough mode with 2 players. Every forum post about the game where someone who has plat estimates the time they say 5-10 hours or more with a step by step walkthrough. To emphasize this, the fastest completion time in the world, according to PSNP, is over 5 hours, with most of the times on the fastest list at 10-24+ hours, yet howlongtobeat claims it only takes 2 hours for All Styles. That's just insane! There's no point playing a 10-20 hour game for this contest, that should be a 1.1 time multiplier, just to be given under 5 hour credit of only a .5 multiplier just because there's no proper guide on either of the main sites we use for guides. I'm not surprised now that I've never heard of howlongtobeat, it's a really terrible resource imo. I feel like a better alternative, if there's no common sense time multiplier available on PSNP or PST, would be to take the fastest and slowest of the top 50 times on PSNP and get the average. For the game I mentioned above, that would average to 20 hours, which is a 1.2 multiplier. If you think that's too generous, then take the 1st and 25th fastest times average, which in this case would be 13.5 hours, a solid 1.1 multiplier, and a much more fair estimate for this game. Taking Aprillis' example, Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 is listed at 5.5 hours on howlongtobeat, yet the fastest time in the world on PSNP is over 14 hours. That's a glaring discrepancy that really shouldn't be ignored. At the very least, take the higher of the 2 times (between howlongtobeat's All Styles and PSNP's fastest time). I was already unsure about the time multiplier simply because of the strange round down rule (in math, you round up if above 5 and down if under 5, so 18 would round up to 20 for a 1.2 multiplier, but for this contest, 18 somehow rounds down to 10 for a 1.1 multiplier); my math brain keeps exploding everytime I see this.. But if howlongtobeat is the resource for any game without a guide here or on PST, I think I will just avoid those games for the sake of this contest. I understand the changes this year were meant to make things more fair, but all they really did was greatly skew things in a new direction. For example, easy plat/100% games that take 6-10 hours (1 or 1.1 multiplier), really hard games with lots of easy DLC where main game was mostly completed with only plat left and all DLC available, and lastly any easy game with simply lots of DLC in general. For instance, why play a new game from the start with 5% rarity that takes 50 hours (which would yield just shy of 150 points), when in the same time you could play 5 100% games that take under 10 hours each and have rarities of 20-30%, which would yield 350-400 points? Even with rarities of 50%, those 5 games would still earn 250 points, nearly double the longer, harder game. There's absolutely no incentive to play longer games (unless they fall into one of the examples above), just like previous contests. Now if you're just playing whatever you have in your backlog and aren't trying to be competitive, then it's no big deal, but most people have huge backlogs and can pick and choose what they play for a contest like this. It's just a different strategy this year compared to previous years, but I really don't feel it's any more fair, just different.
  7. 3D Dot Game Heroes (UR)Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (UR)Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (UR)Crysis 3 (UR)Dishonored (VR)EyePet (UR)FarCry 3Gran Turismo 5 (UR)Hotline Miami (VR)Ico (VR)Just Cause 3 (UR) K:LittleBiGPlanet (UR)Metro: Last Light (UR)N:Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD (UR)Payday 2 (UR)Q:Red Dead Redemption (UR)Sports Champions (UR)Thief (UR)Unit 13 (VR)Vanquish (UR)Watch Dogs (VR)XBlaze Lost: MemoriesYakuza 3 (UR)Z: Added an X game (thanks ps+) and edited a couple lines and spacing. I now have 23 plats so I can finally move up to Beta Collector!
  8. I know this is an older post, but I'm playing this game right now and this info is relevant for anyone still looking to do this trophy. While not an alternate method for the trophy, it is an alternate to buying a turbo controller. If you're like me and have a turbo controller that worked for PS3 (mine was a PS1 controller using a USB dongle) but doesn't for PS4 or didn't have one at all, and don't feel like spending the money on one, then you can still fake it as long as you have the following: Win 8.1 or Win 10 PC (or Mac, I hear that works too, but can't confirm) ** or ** Win 7 and the willingness to use virtual machines PS4 controller and charging cable Rubber-band Strong internet connection If you have Win 8.1 or Win 10, then great! The PS Remote App works with these Operating Systems. If not, you'll need to run a Win 10 virtual machine. If you're a Mac user I think only El Capitan and Sierra work, and I don't Mac, so I can't help you out here. But as long as you meet these requirements, then move on to the 3rd step, if not, then follow along from the beginning. If you have Win 7, you'll need to download a virtual machine (I recommend VirtualBox) and a free 90 day evaluation copy of Win 10 here Install your VM, save your copy of Win 10 to your hard drive and point your VM to it and get it up and running (this step can be rough, here's some instructions) After the VM installs Win 10, download and install the Playstation Remote App - you'll need to login to your PSN account and find your PS4, which should happen automatically on the same wi-fi network Now that you're up and running in Win 10 (native or virtually), and have the PS app installed, plug in your PS4 controller and wait for the drivers to install If you're running a VM, then you'll need to enable the controller within the virtual environment - to do this on VirtualBox, find the USB icon in the bottom right corner of the VM window and enable the 'Sony Wireless Controller' If all has gone well to this point you can use your DS4 on your PC through the Remote Play app, so make sure it's turned on and connected Start your game (in this instance, Beach Buggy Racing), find the track you want and hover over it, then complete the final steps below Get your rubber-band and rubber-band the R2 button Download an automatic button presser, I used this one - it's very easy to use, but might not seem that way on the surface. Select the Start/Stop and Play hotkeys (I used F5, and Spacebar, respectively), then press the 'Set' button for each Press the Start/Stop hotkey (you'll see a countdown begin) and press 'Enter' once or twice a second for the next couple seconds, then press the Start/Stop hotkey again to accept these key presses and you should be all set Press the Play hotkey to begin auto-pressing the Enter button, then quickly put the Remote Play window on top That's it, if done right, the R2 button on the controller will be held down so you accelerate on your own and the auto button presser software should press the Enter key on a regular time interval, automatically restarting the race for you over and over. You can do this with either a short 2 lap race like Spooky Shores (3-4km every few minutes, plus 200 coins) or an elimination race (240 coins every 30 seconds, plus about 300-400 meters), as long as you're on the Typhoon Trophy races, otherwise the coin payout is less. The only reason this works is because on a keyboard I only found 3 PS controller buttons that work: X (Enter), O (Esc), and Dpad (arrow keys), and despite trying to remap them through the PS4's accessibility menu, the keyboard didn't respond (I remapped R2 to O, yet Esc still worked as O). If you need to button mash X, O, or Dpad for any game, this will work. Sadly, if you need to press anything else, you'll have to use the controller. Here's a screenshot of my setup below; I left it running overnight and accumulated 150,000 coins in about 6 hours doing elimination races: If you have any questions, just ask and I'll try to answer them. Again, this is only for PC, as I don't know much about Mac, so if you're trying to get it to work on Mac, I wish you the best of luck!
  9. @Dragon-Archon I just did a quick scan of the thread and didn't see an answer (maybe I just missed it), but I wanted to clarify. If .1 is added to the time multiplier for every 10 hours the game takes to platinum, and a game that can be platinumed in under 5 hours counts for a half multiplier (.5 instead of 1), does that mean only games between 6 and 9 hours count as a 1 multiplier and a 10 hour game would be 1.1? Also, if the trophy guide for the game says 35 hours is that a 1.3, 1.4, or 1.35 multiplier? What if there's a time range, like 50-60 hours, will you be using the higher, lower, or average? Lastly, a number of games I have don't have trophy guides here, will you be using the averages for those games? Sorry for all these last minute questions. I'm trying to set up my own algorithm in an excel spreadsheet so I can keep track of my games as I go. I also want to be able to test numbers for potential games I might play, just to make sure they're worth playing for the event before I start them.
  10. Wait, wouldn't 100-4.66 = 95.34 and 195/1140 = ~.17? Shouldn't this be 16.3 points? Because if people are auto-popping dozens of plats at the start of this event for 100 points each, it's kinda impossible for everyone else to compete.
  11. They mean that no existing trophy list without a plat had a plat added to it after the fact (I can't confirm, I have no idea, but it does seem unlikely). The example of BTTF differs in the fact that each ep was released individually on PSN, but the disc compilation got a plat as on disc it was considered 1 game (compared to 5 games on PSN). But that original digital product was never updated to be one list with a plat. It's a subtle difference, but it's there. And don't worry, I was thinking the same thing as you until I read the whole thread. Sadly, people on the internet enjoy being vague and unclear and then act like others are idiots for not understanding them.
  12. After reading the comments it's clear some people are worried about trophies being labeled or color-coded differently for this as it can be distracting, so I thought I'd mention that another site I like and use, true trophies, simply makes a note on the game's trophy page and doesn't mark up each trophy (or at least I didn't notice it when scanning the trophies). I was just checking out my top games/platinums before I saw this thread and my GT5 plat wasn't as high on the list as I expected (it's my second rarest here, but only 10th rarest there). Anyway, when I clicked on the GT5 trophy page there was a big box on the right side of the page in red that noted that the servers were closed as well as the date they closed, and a second red box specifying exactly how many trophies can no longer be earned. Here's a link, if anyone's curious. I'm suggesting copying it, just using this as reference, since it's quite obvious and easy to see, but avoids changing the trophy background color which seems to be most peoples biggest aversion to this suggestion.
  13. Please sign me up as well, thank you!
  14. I also wanted to add that Move controllers will be recognized as an additional character and can be used, but they are extremely hard to control. If my memory serves (and it's been years, so maybe not, lol), I think I was only able to use my Move controller when the character just needed to hold something or stand in a specific position, and I had to switch that character to my primary controller to move him into position first. Just think about it going in if you have a Move controller and not enough regular DS3s. I also wanted to note that if you have PS1 or PS2 controllers, you can get these small USB converter cables online for a couple bucks each. I got mine off ebay (here's an active listing), and was able to use my official PS2 controller (the off-brand one had issues with analog sticks and other buttons not working), and use my turbo PS1 controller (off-brand and it worked). The PS1 controller had no analog sticks, but it still worked. My memory is a little fuzzy on how it works, I think the dpad worked to control the sackboy, but it definitely worked. It was also a huge help in create mode (24 hour trophy), and many other ps3 games, as I just rubber-banded a face button and set the turbo to it's lowest setting (2 clicks per second) and left it overnight. I wanted to include this info as most people don't realize their PS1 and PS2 controllers can be plugged into a PS3 and most games will recognize them. I think the only stipulation is you need to manually change the DS3 controller settings.
  15. While I understand the lure of synching these trophies (I did it), getting the plat legit isn't that hard. I played for a couple hours 2 days in a row during my downtime at work and got the plat. I heard death mode was horrible, and it really wasn't. There's a trick to every level, and most I did first or second try. If you are really against replaying death mode, then just shelve the game in the off chance synching ever gets fixed and forget about it until that time. I'll probably be wrong now that I'm saying it, but I doubt they'll ever fix this. I hope they do, but you really can't count on devs to do the right thing anymore. It definitely sucks that it's not working.