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  1. Yeah, not sure if you follow the other football, but when the Seahawks beat my 49ers in the conference finals a couple years ago then went on to win the super bowl, I had a friend that said we should still root for them over the Broncos. He's no longer my friend...
  2. I knew this thread would be hoppin after the Dez news. I'm hearing he might be headed to SF (or at least that they're officially interested)... god no, please... after adding Sherman, this would just be an added distraction we don't need.
  3. Thank you sir, your generosity is appreciated!
  4. Second image is the Saboteur. As long as the game is that good, I couldn't care less about the image size. What bothers me more is when devs add a Platinum trophy to their list and can't be bothered to change it from the default Platinum trophy image and/or 'Platinum' text. I mean, you just did it for the other 50 or so trophies, you really couldn't waste 10 seconds doing it for one more, and the most important one at that?
  5. 3/10, which fits right in with the 3.1 average, lol
  6. I think this will be Argentina's year, so I'm voting for them, but I also think France and Germany have a pretty good shot. Anyone but Brazil is fine though, lol (maybe they'll face Germany again, heh). I might be way off, but I think (and hope) Argentina will figure out their defensive issues and have definitely not the easiest time in pool play, but hopefully the smoothest, moving on to the next round top of their grouping. Or maybe I just really want it for Messi, so I'm biased. Either way, I'll be hoping they pull this off. Was surprised to see Italy and Netherlands missing, but that's Europe, too many really good national teams all fighting for the same few spots. Can't help but laugh at my own country for not even qualifying in easily the least competitive grouping imaginable. Good luck to those who qualified in their place. If we don't go to nuclear war with North Korea or Syria, then maybe someday our country will find 11 young men in a country of nearly 350 million people who can actually compete on an international level in this sport. (Stealing Jaco's flag gif)
  7. Not sure if it was patched (probably not), but I did this back in July: I might be remembering wrong, but I think I got 3 in a row easily, then had to back out a couple times for that elusive 4th win, lol.
  8. Well I don't have their credit card and my introductory bonus expired last year (3 years after I earned it) and only 35 of the remaining points I've earned over the last 3 years expired a few days ago, so not sure what's going on there. [Edit] To add some dates: 100 pt sign up bonus Nov 5 2013, expired Apr 1 2017 (3.5 years latrer) First 35 pts earned between Apr 22 2014 - Mar 21 2015, expired Apr 1 2018 (3-4 years later) All other points earned between May 22 2015 and today have not expired. (nearly 3 years) Again, don't have a PS CC, never have, never will. So 1 year can't be accurate, though you appear to be correct about Apr 1st being the expiration date.
  9. Currently I have 4753 points, but 35 just randomly expired 2 days ago, lol. I also had the sign-up 100 expire a year ago. Not a huge loss, as my gaming will make up for it, but still annoying that points expire and it always lists all my points as expiring a year in the future, so not sure why some just expired. Guess I'll have to redeem some soon. Was really hoping to hold out for that 30k point 1TB PS4 system
  10. My timestamps between white and green are even shorter than his. If following the PST guide it even says to continue your last save. A lot of the later trophies come quickly and at about the same time intervals if following that guide.
  11. That's not true at all, and if you're following the trophy guide, your 2nd ending is the white ending and your 3rd is the green ending. I did it the same way and I followed the same guide (I always use PST.orgs guides as I can't stand the format for the ones here).
  12. I compared your close trophy timestamps to my own and they are relatively similar (a lot of events happen in quick succession or are scripted, so time differences should be the same). And as you said, trophies pop when you sleep, not when you fulfill the requirements. I have to agree that whoever flagged you just doesn't understand how the game works. Hopefully you earned them all legit, but I see no reason to doubt that you did, at least not based on your timestamps. And listing 'too fast, trophies out of order' as the reason when you followed the path of the trophy guide and earned them in generally the same order that all others did, and at relatively the same time intervals, is just kind of odd. It's like the person who flagged you was just going through your games to see if anything stood out and just flagged this one. Have you pissed anyone off recently?
  13. Yeah, I remember the dash race(s... weren't there more than one?). I don't remember them being that hard though. I definitely played the NA version, so maybe that's why. And the Spelunker playthrough with all the upgraded weapons wasn't hard. Like I said, I believe there's a 1-hit sword at that point in the game that was so big swinging it would take up half the screen, lol, so it kinda evens things out. I just remember the game taking a lot of time cause it required 3 distinct playthroughs, but as far as difficulty, it wasn't that bad.
  14. I think it's obvious... But in all honesty, if you are posting here, and it's showing up for the rest of us, you must have internet access. Not sure why all other sites would be loading errors, but if you don't have internet access, anything you post or try to post would not be visible to us. I've had issues before (a long, long time ago) where my internet 'went down', but I still had access to things I was already viewing. For instance, I was able to navigate through already loaded webpages, but trying to load a new site would time out. Sounds a lot like what you have, but I haven't experienced this since the days of Cable Internet's infancy. In reality, my internet wasn't down, it was just Comcast being stupid (read; a bandwidth issue). Resetting my modem/router usually fixed it. Again, we're talking pre-2005 here when our internet would go out for hours at a time every few days. The only other thing I can think of with my incredibly limited knowledge of how ISPs, modems, networks, quantum physics, and the internet work is that maybe your anti-virus software thinks it found something and is blocking or quarantining your system, or that you accidentally blocked all ports except the one psnp uses, or something else along those lines. Have you tried completely restarting your system? Anyway, that's all I got, and it ain't much... good luck! Note: ^^ quantum physics was a joke, I'm actually an expert in that.... j/k
  15. There are 2 games I bought solely on the anonymous recommendations of internet peoples, one was 3D Dot Game Heroes, the other was The Saboteur. All the reviews I saw said how amazing they were and gave reasons, and I thought I'd like them. I loved them both. Honestly, The Saboteur is probably one of my favorite games of all time, so if you're into the concept of GTA as an Irish race car driver in Nazi-occupied Paris, then you'll probably like it too. It's so damn good. 3D Dot Game Heroes on the other hand is exactly what I grew up playing (I grew up on NES, so Legend of Zelda, SMB 1-3, Mega Man 2, and especially Dragon Warrior shaped my concept of gaming at a young age). I am so glad I picked up, played, and platinumed both of these games. On a side note, I don't remember any aspect of 3D Dot Game Heroes being that hard, but I did play the NA version. If the EU version is harder, I can't comment as I don't know the differences. But at least on the NA version I don't recall anything being that overly difficult, even the 1-hit mode (I'm pretty sure you can reload a save, and it's only dungeons you need to do in one go, but I think you also get 1 hit kills, so it's not too bad... I could be mistaken). In the end, this only matters if you want plat, if you just want to play the game, the normal mode is a ton of fun and will bring back all those late 80s/early 90s feels (if you were around back then).