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  1. I just gotta say, that while normally score attack like in Rise would piss me off too, the way they did it was really fun. On top of that, getting the game on PS4 so it came with all DLC and tons of cards and perks, the score attack ended up being super easy. Half the time my scores were 3-5 times the requirement, and that was on my first try. There were only 1 or 2 that took me more than 1 try and that was only because I had to figure out the route. The vast majority of them were so easy it was a joke. Without cards and perks, I would have hated that mode too, but I actually found it quite fun and even played it past platinum. And I'm not even good at that style of gameplay, I'm actually quite terrible, so the fact that I enjoyed it is a compliment to how they made it. I highly recommend that if you are still struggling with it to buy the card set of a top ranking friend (or just anyone at the top of the leaderboard) and give it a shot. It's only 2000 credits, if I remember correctly, and it makes it a cakewalk to have a 400-450% multiplier AND toxic arrows, lol. If they keep score attack the same, or make it even better for this game, I consider it a welcome addition.
  2. As someone who got 1000G and the Plat on this game, I can assure you that the game is completely offline. The only thing you might not be able to do is get the Midnight Show, which only shows a little more nudity in the underground cabaret dance. I had that on 360 but not on PS3 and as far as I can tell it's the difference between showing tassels or nipples, and it adds absolutely zero to the game itself. All trophies can be earned offline. There might be a leaderboard for one of the mini-games (pigeon-shoot...?), but I don't think so.
  3. The ease of the trophies isn't in question, an Online Pass is needed to earn 2 of the trophies, and the OP said his code was already used. It wouldn't matter if he had hundreds of friends to boost with, he doesn't have a valid code to activate. Therefore his options are spend $10 for the pass in the Playstation Store, or take 5 mins to earn the trophies using PS Now free trial. When I played the game on PS Now the online pass was activated so I was able to get the 2 online only trophies out of the way. Regardless of the type of internet connection he has, it only requires he join a lobby and start a game with another person online, that shouldn't be a problem for even a weak connection. All other trophies can be earned solo or with 2 controllers.
  4. And that's the problem, Sony only cares about PS4 now so they won't dedicate any manpower to fixing their other stores. Typical. I much prefer the days of Sony losing to Microsoft, we got better... everything.
  5. You don't have to buy it. Use your free 7-day trial of PS Now (assuming the game is still on there) and get the online trophies out of the way, then go back to playing your copy. That's what I did. Just don't make the mistake of making single player progress on the PS Now version as it's a different version, so the saves can't be used with the disc version. If the game is no longer on PS Now, then yeah, you'll have to buy it. If you already used your PS Now, check your old emails. I used my PS Now, but Sony sent me an extra 1 day code for some reason, so they might have sent you one too.
  6. Did anyone outside of England actually believe that? I figured we just saw the real World Cup Final when Belgium played France. I was hoping Belgium would go the distance, but oh well. Now I can hope for a Croatian upset and Belgium winning the 3rd place match. I might be wrong and England might win that, but I never considered any of the teams in their bracket capable of knocking off the French, Brazilian, or Belgians. I think at this point it'd be really awesome to see Croatia win the cup. It has been the tournament of upsets so far, so why not another.
  7. Spoke too soon! Wow!
  8. Welp, I couldn't have been more wrong. RIP Belgium
  9. Hoping for Mexico to upset Brazil tomorrow, but if not I think Belgium can handle them. A week ago I said Belgium v France would be a great final, but I think that will happen in the semis with whoever wins taking the cup over whoever makes it out of the 'B-team' bracket (probably England), lol.
  10. I'm sorry, I missed it. I looked on the first page and didn't see anything, my bad.
  11. I was hoping Belgium would tank it on purpose today so they could meet France in the final, but I guess I'll have to settle for them facing off in the semis (hopefully). Of course if Argentina can turn it around, then I'd prefer to see them there! And of course, as they need to win for me to have a chance at winning, I'll put them scoreless and winning on penalty kicks 4-3. Argentina 0 (4) - 0 (3) France Btw, @Zolkovo now that we're out of group play what are the prediction requirements for tie games? If I guess the tie score do I win or do I need to guess the number of penalty kicks too?
  12. I noticed BF4 - Second Assault and BF1 - Turning Tides were free today on PS4 (not PS3 for BF4), Origin and Xbone. Not sure how long it'll last.
  13. Well, Argentina has to win to have a chance at advancing, so it doesn't matter if I'm right and they don't win, lol. So I'll go with a very subtle final score prediction. Argentina 1 - 0 Nigeria On another note, I was so bummed Spain scored at the last second to tie the game. It would have been nice to see them lose. I can't recall off-hand if they would have had the tie-breaker with Iran, but even being a second seed would have been nice, cause they likely would have been beat by Uruguay. Ronaldo could have made that point moot, but it seems missing penalty kicks is the thing to do this year for anyone with the title of 'world's best player'. So now I'm guessing Spain will beat Russia, which is fine, but I'm still hopeful for early exits from both them and Brazil. Portugal might be screwed, which is also fine.
  14. My first trophy was in 2011, so I'll have to come back in a few years to update this post, haha. I Can Aim Win an Archery match in any mode. 13th Mar 2011 10:23:53 PM 72.5% COMMON
  15. England and Belgium are doing great, I'm really excited to see their match next week. After seeing their performance so far, Belgium is on my short list for the finals, but I want to see how they fare against another potential contender like England before punching their ticket. I've pretty much lost hope in Argentina, they're even more disorganized than I imagined and they might not even get out of their weak group :/