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  1. My totally Originalâ„¢ predictions for next month: July 2020 Predictions Marvel's Spider-Man (2018) God of War (2018)
  2. You two do realize to get the Plat you need to get all the other trophies on the list first, right? It's not like you can exclude trophies you don't like. Considering he has more Plats than I do (almost 300) and 2000 fewer bronze trophies, and I have a 95% complete trophy list, I think that proves he's serious about Plats. Most games have at least 20-30 bronze trophies (some up to 40+), there's absolutely nothing hypocritical about going for Plats and having nearly 300 of them with only 5-6k bronze trophies. As for me, I've played tons of 100% only games. I don't really care if it has a Plat or not (though anything that takes more than a few hours to finish really should have one), but I won't play anything I can't finish either 100% or at minimum get the Plat. I don't really care about DLC, otherwise I'd always have a 100% completion list.
  3. No, I was saying the store on console got a redesign in 2011 (it was actually 2012, just did the research) and that after that change I just couldn't stomach using the store on console. I had to for work, but I had no need at home cause I didn't buy digitally. It was such a god-awful experience. So once I began using PS+ at home a couple years later, I exclusively used the web store and avoided the store on console. By the time I began using the store at home, all those features - including remote download - were already integrated. At work I had no reason to use the web store, it wasn't relevant for my job. The distinction I made between home and work use probably wasn't relevant. My point was is that I only use the web store at home, and have always used it at home exclusively, and I've never had my consoles turned on when adding a game to my remote download list, and its never been a problem... until last week.
  4. I was thinking the same thing, lol. Obvious sarcasm is obvious.
  5. This ^ I have NEVER added any content to my PS3, PS4, or Vita que when the console was on, not once, ever, and it's always worked before a week ago. And to put it in perspective, I have never downloaded anything from the console/ps store itself on my PS4. I never even loaded the PS Store one single time on my PS4 until this past week. I ALWAYS use the web store. Even if I'm in front of the tv with the controller in my hand I, instead of turning on my console I grab my computer (I have a laptop that always sits next to me on the couch, it lives there), load the store and set the remote que. ALWAYS. I was late to the party with PS3 cause of the price, I waited years to get one. Before I picked one up, I started working in game dev about 10 years ago and had to work with PS3s, among other consoles (360 and Wii) and PC/Mac and even mobile platforms. I also never buy digitally, so it wasn't until I started getting free games for PS+ years later that ever started even using the PS Store at home, but I did at work. Sometime around mid to late 2011, if I remember correctly, Sony changed the PS Store. It was so awful - sluggish and gross, among other things - that I began to dread having to use it, which I did at work all the time. So when I finally started using digital products on PS3 (and then Vita and PS4) at home, I avoided the terrible PS Store on console at all costs. So to this day, I NEVER use it on console. NEVER. I do everything through the web store on my PC. And I am 100% sure that to this day and nearly 10 years after I started using the web store, that it has NEVER required a console to be on, cause I always trigger downloads remotely on my PC before turning on the console. With that said, I do know from my WORK experience that Vita and PS4 will start downloads automatically when they are turned on, PS3 however does require some kind of re-trigger (can be as simple as logging in and out of your online account on the console). But either way, at HOME, on my personal account, I ALWAYS trigger the remote downloads when the console is off, and it's ALWAYS worked on all 3 PS devices for the last ~10 years.... until last week.
  6. I just gave it a try and ran into the same issue. WTF is Sony doing? It's insane to think they could break something like this and not immediately fix it. This is PS4 - currently their #1 console - not PS3 or Vita.... just, wow.
  7. I just finished the 100% for this game. With the exception of one trophy that needed a much higher count than specified, all trophies popped when they were supposed to (or even a little early) and NONE of them were actually hard. Here's my feedback, in case anyone else ever tries to 100% this game and are worried about the really low percentages. To be honest, not a single trophy on this list deserves to be ultra-rare. Challenges: Challenges are ok. They're not super hard, they're not super easy. If I had to rate them, I'd say most are a 3/10 or 4/10. Maybe one or two are harder than that. Ironically, the later challenges are easier than some of the earlier challenges. Once you get used to the controls, most of these challenges won't give you much trouble. I only struggled on a couple, and it wasn't because the challenge was hard, but because the time to get S rank was pretty ridiculous. There's a couple challenges where the minimum time you could possibly complete it (because the challenge makes you survive for a specified amount of time, for instance) is the exact time needed for S rank. So if you don't aim perfectly and get lucky with where your shots hit, you will add 1-2 seconds to your time and get an A rank instead. Don't be deterred by this, though. It will happen. Sometimes things spawn in weird places (like on the edges of the screen where you can't see them). Just keep trying, these will all come in time. And I HIGHLY recommend doing all of these at S rank first before playing the main game. Kill trophies: These are all very easy to get if you have 4 controllers, just a little time consuming. I can't speak for doing them against bots, as I didn't, I used 4 controllers. You won't have hardly any issues if you have extra controllers to use. If you don't, borrow a couple from friends before you get started. Even with 4 controllers, its still a little bit of a grind, and not really a fun one, pretty mind-numbing. Even with that said, they really don't take much time, though. As someone who spent over 600 hours on GT5, this grind is very short and laid back, in comparison. I did have trouble with Old School Principal, not cause I couldn't get the in-game achievement, that was easy, but for some reason the game either didn't count them all, or didn't count certain modes. I did at least 75 in both Championship and Tournament modes (in that order) and only earned the trophy after I had well over 150 total. This was the only trophy that didn't pop on time or early, so it wasn't that big of a deal. However, to help anyone going forward, here are the exact settings I used to UNLOCK each trophy. Swords in Space - Life Quantity: 50%, Arena - Tournament, Teams: No, Matches: x10, Bounties: No, Ship: Cypher, Weapon: Plasma Sword, Enemy Ships: Striker, Enemy Weapon: [Doesn't matter], Location: Luthin VII - Alpha sector Barehanded - Life Quantity: 50%, Arena - Tournament, Teams: No, Matches: x10, Bounties: No Ship: Striker, Weapon: [Doesn't matter], Enemy Ships: Striker, Enemy Weapon: [Doesn't matter], Location: Luthin VII - Alpha sector Here it comes! - Life Quantity: 50%, Arena - Tournament, Teams: No, Matches: x10, Bounties: No Ship: Cypher, Weapon: Quantic Slinger, Enemy Ships: Striker, Enemy Weapon: [Doesn't matter], Location: Luthin VII - Alpha sector Old School Principal - Life Quantity: 50%, Arena - Tournament, Teams: No, Matches: x10, Bounties: No Ship: Striker, Weapon: [Doesn't matter], Enemy Ships: Striker, Enemy Weapon: [Doesn't matter], Location: Leonis Prime - Alpha sector Xenocide - N/A - see 'Widow maker' Widow maker - Life Quantity: 50%, Arena - Tournament, Teams: No, Matches: x10, Bounties: No Ship: Cypher, Weapon: Hydra Cannon, Enemy Ships: Striker, Enemy Weapon: [Doesn't matter], Location: Uroboros Serpentis - Alpha sector You'll want to avoid teams for the first 4 trophies above because a 1v3 match will give your ship pods which will shoot the other ships. Just do no teams, so it's a free for all. As mentioned above, I used 4 controllers, so the other 3 'players' were idle, making them easier to kill. If you don't have the controllers and have to fight bots, you can decide how many (between 1 and 3) you want to fight, and can set their difficulty to easy. I used Alpha maps for these as well, because they are smaller maps, have less/smaller asteroids, and easier/smaller alien ships. Some quick tips: Swords in space - Don't just swing the sword at the ship. This will make it move away from you and do only a little damage. Instead aim the sword in the direction of the ship you're moving towards, and then wiggle it very quickly without changing the direction you've aimed. This will make the sword hit the other ship rapidly, killing it in a split second before it can move away from you. If the ship does move away from you, don't chase it. Turn 180 degrees and fly toward the ship with your sword out. 99% of the time the head on collision between your sword and the other ship will finish it off. Do not ever pin another ship against an asteroid. It will almost always credit the asteroid with the kill, and not your sword. I chose to leave enemy ships as default Strikers because they have low life and don't move around as much as the other smaller ships with low life (like Cypher and Pulsar) when you start hitting them. I could usually kill all 3 ships every round, 29-30 a match, when I played against Strikers, compared to between 22-25 against other small ships. In general, I found the Striker to be the best opponent for every trophy. Barehanded - I found that boosting (with R1) into other ships head-on worked best. If the initial hit doesn't kill them, turning around 180 degrees and boosting into them in a head-on collision worked to finish them off. More often than not I rarely took much damage this way, so you don't have to tailgate them trying to ram them from behind as I found I took more damage that way. However if you feel comfortable doing this, then ramming them from behind and 'pushing' the other ship while boosting will do consistent low amounts of damage, and as long as they don't run into an asteroid, you'll often get the kill. Again, Striker on Striker action was the easiest for me for this trophy. Here it comes! - I actually enjoyed this one. It took a few rounds to get used to the sling, but there's actually a lot of different ways to use it. For instance, you don't even need to 'sling' an asteroid. The only criteria for a kill to count is if the asteroid ends up with a trail behind it once you release it from your sling. As the default for 1st controller is green, you should see a green trail behind the moving asteroid. I found that going up to a asteroid, holding L2, then pushing it a little and releasing L2 had the exact same effect as 'slinging' it, the asteroid just didn't move as quickly. However speed only matters for the brown asteroids, as they won't kill the other ships without a lot of momentum behind them. The blue asteroids, however, can be barely moving and just graze another ship with full health and still kill it. Blue asteroids are harder to move around, but again, if slinging them in the direction you want seems tricky, you can hold L2 and just push them a little to get the trail going behind them. I also want to point out that if you are spinning an asteroid around and let go right before it hits a ship, even if the trail doesn't become visible until after the ship is destroyed, the kill will usually still count. You just have to release L2 before the asteroid makes contact. If a trail never develops (cause you didn't spin it fast enough, for instance) than the asteroid will get the kill. But if the trail pops up, you'll likely get the credit. Old School Principal - So I started doing this in Championship mode and I never got the trophy to pop. I then resorted to Tournament mode and it popped, though it was a bit delayed. The Old School in-game achievement isn't tricky, but since you never actually get the credit for these kills, I feel like this trophy ends up being a little buggy. Basically all I did for this was shoot another ship twice using the main gun with R2. That took a little over half its life. I did this and then waited for the aliens to finish off the ship. I never fired L2, and I never got the killing blow on the ship. When I did, I didn't get the Old School in-game achievement. When the aliens did kill the ships I shot first, I often did get the achievement, but not every time. I can't really say 100% what it takes to get this achievement to credit during each round, but I can say for sure I very reliably got it with this method. I have a feeling though that you need to use Tournament mode to get this trophy. Even if you get the Old School in-game achievement 50+ times and the trophy doesn't pop, don't get discouraged, just keep going after it. This was the only kills trophy that didn't pop for me when it was supposed to. And it did eventually, just took a lot more kills than I expected. So after I got the specific kills trophies, I still had a LOT of player kills and alien kills left to do. In contrast to most of the information I found online, neither of these just came from going for the others. Not even close. However, if you go for player kills with the settings I specified above, you'll usually get the 3 player kills per round, plus 300-400 bullets fired per round (for the Rain of Bullets trophy) and another 10-20 aliens killed per round. I ended up getting the Xenocide trophy way before I got the Widow maker trophy doing it this way, and I wasn't even trying to kill aliens. I just picked the system with Alien Nests and the little guys just got in my way when I was killing players. Since I did the other kills trophies first, I switched to the Hydra Cannon cause it fires 4 bullets instead of 1, and I was doing 1v3 teams, so I got 4 pods to start, which auto-fire at aliens, ships, and asteroids as you get near them. This helped to get extra alien kills without trying and firing extra bullets per round, which help with other trophies. Additionally, I already had the Space Lone Wolf trophy by this point, but waiting to do your 1v3 wins here will probably work, not that you need to worry about efficiency as you'll be doing a lot of extra matches for your final trophies. The main point, though, is that alien kills will come easily and naturally while going for player kills this way. You shouldn't need to worry about them at all. If you somehow get Widow maker first, just keep playing the same map with Alien Nests and ignore the other players and kill the aliens instead, though I promise this won't really be necessary. I had to do twice as many extra matches for player kills after I had earned Xenocide, which ended up being hundreds of additional rounds. Misc Trophies: As mentioned above, I did Space Lone Wolf before everything above, and I did it in Gladiator mode, but as long as you play 1v3 in any mode and win (easiest against idle controllers) then you should get this trophy. I can't remember the specific settings I used, but I believe I used default ship and weapon settings, played in Gladiator mode, set Teams to Yes, and Lives to 1. I think I set time to 60 seconds, also. Again, this would probably be faster and easier in Tournament mode while going for player kills later in the game. Can't touch me - Getting 5 defensive pods is much easier than it sounds. I can't remember my exact settings, but if you start a 1v3 match you start with 4 pods. The green power-ups are defensive pods. You usually get them when destroying player ships, larger alien ships, and sometimes asteroids. Start a 1v3 match, kill stuff, and pick-up an extra pod. I did it by accident, actually, lol. Don't worry about suicides until the end. Once you've done everything else listed above, you'll want to finish the rest of the 'fights' needed for Brawl Club trophy. I was about 150-200 fights shy after doing every other trophy in the game. So once you get here, just start up matches in Tournament mode, x10 rounds per match, default ship settings for all controllers/bots, and start committing suicide by holding L2, L1, R2, and R1 at the same time when the match starts. You can play 1v3 or 1 on 1 with a bot, it doesn't matter, cause you're killing yourself. Just don't do a 4 player free for all or you'll have to wait for the other ships to kill each other every round, which takes a lot of extra time. You'll get the trophy for 10 matches ending in under 3 seconds, 50 total suicides, and 100 mirror matches very quickly this way. You can also switch systems/planets and sectors after every round and knock out the Interstellar brawl trophy after the first few matches. That should be it! This is a very easy game with very easy trophies. While playing I kept thinking of so many better opportunities for trophies than the ones this game got. I can't actually recommend that you play this game, cause it's not very fun to 100% (at least not on your own, maybe I would have enjoyed it with friends). However, the percentages for this game are stupidly low. This game, under normal circumstances, should have 50% or more for most trophies and none of them should be Ultra Rare. This game is easy. A little grindy. But very, very easy. It is not hard. It is not tough. It is not tricky. But when you combine a small grind with a mediocre game, this often happens. I just want to be very clear that this is NOT a difficult trophy list. I hope that the information I provided might help someone who was considering going for this game, but was hesitant. I was very hesitant myself, and only pulled this game out of my backlog because of a competition. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it actually was. So don't think a list of all sub 1% UR trophies makes this game hard. It's just that no one is bothering to grind it once they play a few matches and find themselves too bored to continue.
  8. Once more unto the breach, dear friends, lol. June 2020 Predictions Marvel's Spider-Man (2018) God of War (2018)
  9. Well it finally popped. After getting the in-game achievement 75 times in Championship, I switched to Tournament and tried to get it there. After counting 50+ I posted here figuring it was bugged or I was doing something wrong. I don't know exactly how many it took, but I was well over 75 on Tournament. So over 150 when I only supposedly needed 50... at least it finally popped, but still... ugh.
  10. So I have earned the 'Old School' in-game achievement more than 50 times on both Championship and Tournament modes, but the trophy has not yet popped. Can someone who has earned this trophy recently please tell me the settings they used? My game is updated to the latest version, which happens to be v2.01, and most of the info I've seen for this game is based off an old v1.x patch. Thanks in advance!
  11. I'm not too bummed or excited either way. Neither of the 4 games mentioned (2 in the leak, 2 for real) were ones I was freaking out about. None of them are particularly bad, either. I'm not super excited, nor am I disappointed. I was very much a critic of Sony for a long time when they were still offering 6 games but they were all crap every month. I don't think they needed to remove PS3 and Vita games to finally offer good stuff, but at least a lot of what they've given since reducing it to just 2 PS4 games has actually been pretty good. I'm very happy with many of the newer Plus titles. But with that said, and regardless of your feelings about the individual games quality, I have to agree with others who say they're tired of getting base games on Plus that have tons of overpriced DLC, meaning to play the whole game costs MORE with plus to buy the overpriced DLC through the PS store than just picking up a GOTY or ultimate edition on sale at a retailer at a cheaper price. It's certainly not a deal breaker, a lot of games just don't need DLC, but also a lot of games I've picked up in the last couple years have had a TON of DLC that equated to a significant amount of gameplay and all totaled costs more than the base game itself once I pick that up on sale. And since the DLC basically never goes on sale, I'm starting to resort to my old routine with PS3 where I just waited 2+ years for a complete edition to get released or not buy the game at all. Of course with Plus, that's not an option, you get what you get. I think Sony are doing this on purpose to squeeze out more DLC sales, but I won't be paying and that practice in general bothers me. So even if the games are great, I still can't help but feel a little annoyed at the current business practices. But at least the quality of games has improved overall. That's something. Baby steps, I guess.
  12. Probably most were like me, had registered for the original thread and only recently realized there was a new thread which we weren't on. I didn't know I had to re-register either, I was just here to update that I had the new Plat and realized I was missing.
  13. I played this game recently, took me just under 4 hours to Platinum. I have never played a Sims game before (well, not since Sim City 2000, hardly relevant here). I used the gallery families provided by Malachen, Naomie, and Joey and followed Bushido's video guide. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone for making this possible, especially Malachen for getting the ball rolling and providing the main families for the bulk of the trophies, including all the difficult ones and Bushido for putting together the video. Your hard work made this an insanely easy and straight forward Platinum, and you deserve all the credit and all the praise. Thank you so much! As for my experience, I'll say this.... Sims is interesting. It seems like a very well thought out game, but perhaps you'd have to have played the prior installments to understand the devs decisions on some things. I found the menus to be very unintuitive, and the lag... oh my. Not just going from Build mode to Live mode and vice versa, either. The game hitched in so many ways, then was surprising when it didn't during animations I thought would surely bog it down. The controls were needlessly clunky, as well (perhaps a symptom of being a PC first title?). But if you're willing to overlook the lag and small nuisances, there's a lot to do in this game, a lot of creativity to be had. With all that said, I did have a small gripe with the guide. I read this thread, in its entirety, and watched the video before I sat down to play. I had the video running next to me as I played, as well. I referred to it the whole time. While the vast majority of the time it was smooth and easy to understand, often the directions were general. As someone who hasn't played a Sims game before, it took me a lot of trial and error to figure out some of the instructions the first time I needed to do them. Most of the time this only took a minute, but the one that got me and slowed me down was planting seeds. I played around with it for a long time and finally had to watch a 'planting seeds on ps4' tutorial video somewhere else before I got it. Obviously the decision by the devs to make this process as painful as possible is all on them. But this is the part that basically halted my progress. I think the Plat would have taken me an hour less if it wasn't for this. To be fair, one of the problems was I was trying to plant in the wrong place, and again, the game offers no help in this regard. But even after figuring out where to plant seeds, the how was overly complicated for no reason. Then after figuring out how, the process was still incredibly painful. In the end, I wasn't able to plant seeds on the ground as the video showed until after I had built planter boxes. And, the seeds in the planter box grew much faster than the ones on the ground (about half the time). In the end, just making boxes and planting there would have saved me some headache. Besides seeds and planting, the only other slowdown I had was waiting for the Culinary Sim to figure out her life, lol. I tried setting up the bar for her, mixing drinks, and other tasks, but she was stubborn. I ended up having to just wait on fast forward for her to go back and forth to work a few times. The Painter took a little while too, but still half the time as the Culinary Sim. All the others completed quickly while working on other trophies and none really required any help, except these two. In the end it was only a 40 min process, and it was all on the game's mechanics being funky. Definitely not as bad as those seeds... man, those seeds, lol. So I meant to post right after I got the Plat, but have been super busy. I wanted to be extremely detailed in retelling what I experienced, to try to help others who might have my experience level with these games, but now I'm having trouble remembering the specifics of the small things. For instance, I recall something wonky about the '3 dots' on the Lot choice screen, but can't remember specifics. Either way, I'm sure others will figure it out, as I did, and the fact that even with these small gripes and being new to this series I could still get Plat in under 4 hours is incredible. There's really nothing here to complain about, I was simply trying to offer some constructive feedback. Again, thank you so much to everyone who helped make this possible, but especially to Malachen and Bushido! I really do appreciate all of your hard work! I can only imagine how many countless hours were spent putting together all these families, the information, the guides, etc... it's truly a superb effort. Thank you
  14. I did this back when it first dropped on Plus. It was the first trophy I went for. I can't remember if I got the easy trophy for under 19 secs on my first try or not (probably), but this one took me an additional 49 minutes. So I figure I spent an hour or less on it. Not sure how long it took me when I did this on 360 way back in the day, but I think it was longer. I played this when I was still playing R6: Siege everyday, so the terribly antiquated controls took a while to get used to, but under an hour is rather painless for something like this. As someone who's been playing games since the 80s, my vision and reaction time isn't what it used to be. So if I can do this, almost anyone can. Just watch a video to know what strats work best for you and keep running it over and over. It'll come in time. It's a pain in the rear, but very doable.
  15. Once again, super original guesses for May, lol. May 2020 Predictions Marvel's Spider-Man (2018) God of War (2018)