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  1. I completely agree here. Bruce is an awesome actor, I loved him in Brisco and Burn Notice, and he has the exact attitude and look for a live action Sully. Mark is a great actor, and I enjoy pretty much everything he's in, but there wasn't a single moment in the trailer that made me believe he was Sully. Same thing goes for Tom, fantastic young actor, he's made some awesome movies (beyond Spider-man), and while I got a decent young Nate vibe from him, it looks more like he's supposed to be adult Nate, which makes no sense. This movie was obviously made to hit maximum number of movie-goers (big name actors to pull in people who know nothing about the games, and IP recognition to bring in the gamers) and not actually be faithful to the franchise... like pretty much every other video game movie ever. I guess we'll have to wait and see, just not getting my hopes up.
  2. I know this will most likely be an unpopular opinion, but after watching that trailer I have even less interest in this movie than before (which wasn't much to start with). It didn't look bad (in fact, some parts looked pretty cool), but the overall feel wasn't right, to me. Rob as Batman just didn't work, he's far too soft and looked like he was trying too hard. And as Bruce, well, he just didn't hit the mark. I like him as an actor. There's a few films of his I've seen where he proved he is very talented. But I don't think this is the role for him. On top of that, having a completely unoriginal idea for the plot of the film and bringing back the same villains we've seen numerous times in both live action and animated Batman films and tv shows, as well as video games, while there's still plenty of other roads they could have taken that would have been much more interesting and original, didn't help. I mean seriously, how many times can they re-hash the exact same themes before viewers finally say enough is enough? Like I said, I'm sure most people will disagree and be super hyped after this trailer, but I'm just not one of them.
  3. Well, they did give away Handball '16 a few years ago, so... yeah? Probably? lol
  4. Here's my list submission. Also, concerning UR status, can someone please clarify what 'or a game with an UR trophy with DLC will count' means? #Another WorldBreakquest: Extra Evolution (UR)Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey MouseDuke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition (UR)EFar Cry 3 Blood DragonGHohokum (UR)In Space we Brawl (UR) Jurassic ParkKLMachinariumNelson Tethers: Puzzle AgentOPlaystation HomeQ.U.B.E: Director's CutRainSyberia 2The Cave (Was UR, now 5.04%, grrrr)Unmechanical ExtendedValiant Hearts: The Great WarWelcome ParkXeodrifter YZ 19/27, but missed out on the UR status, cause I only have 4 games that are UR... I think.
  5. Exactly, the Niners could have still had Trey or Fields or Jones with their original 1st round pick. They didn't need to trade away the next few seasons of top picks to get one of those guys. And the fact that the Pats got Jones (without trading away jack shit) was one of those 'oh no' moments. Just watch him shine in NE and everyone start talking about how the Niners coulda, shoulda, woulda. I'll be happy if Trey works out, but I'm not holding my breathe. For shits and giggles I sat down with my wife and went down the list of QBs taken before Brady 20 years ago, and literally every single QB I named she said 'Who?'. Granted, she's not a hardcore football fan, but when your shining star in that group is Chad Pennington, it's easy to forget. Anyway, there's no guarantees a 1st round pick will work out... hell, there's no guarantees a 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th round pick will work out either, lol. I just wish the Niners hadn't wasted so many picks to get this kid, when it looks like they would have got him - or one of the other top QB prospects - without having to trade anything. How much you want to bet they are going to sorely miss those '22 and '23 1st round picks next year?
  6. Niners traded away their future for the #3 overall pick and they got... Trey Lance. I hope it was worth it.
  7. At this point I just assume Sony orchestrates these 'leaks' to keep us all guessing throughout the month.
  8. I'll guess an even 598.
  9. Supposedly most are compatible, though Latin American editions might have problems. Here's their FAQ which details each code and region -
  10. It's basically unscrewing 16 screws (the laser deck falls out, put the new one in the same spot, the wire/cable is held in place by a plastic clip) then screw back in those 16 screws. I just did this on my slim PS3 a couple months ago after waiting for like 3 years cause I felt the same way you did. So I understand being intimidated by tech stuff, but replacing a laser deck is actually very easy on PS3. Took no more than 10 mins. I got the laser deck on Amazon for like $20, this is what it looks like *Link*. I had a friend that went the same route you did - getting a used PS3 instead - and it died a little more than a month later. Replacing the laser just seemed like the more reliable, long-term solution for me, but to each their own.
  11. I don't actually know, lol. I believe people here can hide individual trophies - 1 at a time - whereas on PSN I think you can only hide trophies per game, so it's all or nothing (but I could be wrong). I looked at my trophy list here and couldn't figure out how to hide a trophy, so I'm not sure.
  12. I don't hide trophies. I only play games I intend on playing, and if I play it, I get the Platinum or 100%. Plus the 'H' on the profile screen looks terrible, imo. I don't really care what other people do with their profiles. However, I read that you can hide trophy lists for games directly on PSN. Do they still show up here if you do?
  13. If I get a request from someone I don't know I don't accept it and leave it there so they can't keep sending it. Once it's received I never get another notification and I have messages from non-friends turned off, so essentially it blocks their ability to harass me every again. I also never accept close friend requests, period. I don't care who you are, even close friends in real life. It's a ridiculous 'feature' that I'm not interested in entertaining. Why people feel the need to put every sensitive piece of information about themselves out there on the internet for anyone to see just boggles my mind.
  14. Nope, no thanks, a swing and a miss. There are plenty of great actors out there who can play lots of diverse roles, and as far as Pedro and Bella are concerned, they can probably do a great job in many roles, but as far as Joel and Ellie, they aren't it. These two characters are incredibly unique and I would have much preferred using the actual voice actors (especially considering Ashley was a screen actress long before she got into voice work) if they couldn't find the perfect duo elsewhere. Looks like HBO just went and hired two of it's own, as generic hollywood as you can get. I really hope they prove me wrong, and I'll of course give them the benefit of the doubt and watch them in action before judging their performance, but I just don't have any real hope for this. And considering how awful most video games films/shows end up being, that hope wasn't very high to begin with.
  15. I recommend the 5 gold matches. If you want to play on Insanity for the challenge, then go for it, however playing online matches is faster, easier, and provides single player rewards. On top of that, it makes the handful of online/strike team trophies that much easier and quicker to accomplish. Plus the online is actually fun (imo), compared to most games where it's just an annoying grind. I enjoyed the ME3 online more, but there are some positive changes with the MEA online. To make things really easy, do a few matches with the human soldier on bronze and open basic packs and hope to rank up your soldier. Once you get to level 10 (which shouldn't take long) and hopefully get at least a few ranks too, you should be able to upgrade your character enough to join random gold lobbies. You will probably die a lot, but there's a lot of experienced players who still play gold daily, and if you find a lobby with some XX rank level 20 characters, they will easily carry you. Gold matches also give a lot of credits and gold loot boxes for single player, so you can get some decent weapons. I have a few URs like the Black Widow in single player because of online loot boxes. The most important thing though, you have to extract for it to count. If you die or go down right before the shuttle picks up, it doesn't count. So make sure you are standing in the extraction zone on wave 7 and are actually still standing when that countdown hits 0. If you go down right beforehand, press down on the D-pad to instantly revive yourself. I've had to do that a couple times. If you go down with like 20 seconds left, you can wait until 2-3 seconds left before reviving yourself (unless either your teammates revive you or an enemy comes over to execute you). If you choose Insanity, good luck! I recommend following priority missions and staying away from architects. Not saying you can't do side content on Insanity, but you will die... a lot. I did Insanity runs on all 3 games in the original trilogy and it wasn't that big of a deal, but I'm glad there's an alternative with this game. It's way more fun playing on the easy difficulties, for me at least. There's so much story [talking] and content [talking] and other things to do [like talking] that not having to get frustrated over countless deaths, especially ones that lead to redoing steps [aka - talking] is the better way to go. This game does seem to save every 5 seconds and have about 1500 save files, so there's rarely any significant back-tracking, but there's a few spots where it's a big pain in the ass. What other difficulty-related trophies? Unwavering is the only difficulty-related trophy in the game. Maybe you're thinking of the original trilogy?