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  1. Why wasn't this posted in the RDR2 forum? Anyway, there's already a boosting session going after the exact trophy you need -
  2. Great games so far today. Maybe not every game itself, but the results were all great. Entire NFC West losing except the Niners, perfect! It wasn't pretty, but it was a win. Niners now a game and a half ahead of the Hawks. Speaking of the Hawks, that OT run by Jacobs for the win was spectacular. And all the cameramen aiming up into the stands to look at the stunned Hawks fans faces was priceless. But wow, what an ugly game. I think here were more turnovers than touchdowns, and there were a LOT of touchdowns. The Cards lose, Rams lose, Bucs lose, Broncos lose, and Jets win big. Mike White had himself a game! Even more impressive considering the heavy rain all game. Also, honorable mention to Jacoby Brissett flattening a Bucs corner to help his man get the TD on the end around. You don't see QBs do that... ever!
  3. Just chiming in to say I was trying to upload my massive ME: LE save (about 400 megs) and am getting this same error and thought it was just me. Glad to see it's not, and that it's a Sony issue, though it's unfortunate its happening at all. I backed up to USB already, which I do after every gaming session, but would love to have the redundancy for peace of mind. West coast US here, and I don't think its a region specific issue. Hopefully a fix comes soon.
  4. Niners had a great game tonight. It's been a while since I've seen a team admit defeat so early by pulling their starting QB with almost an entire quarter of football left to play. If it wasn't for that Dallas game yesterday, tonight's 38-10 score would have been the most lopsided win of the week. Now I just hope they don't do what they usually do every time they have a great game, which is follow it up with a pure trash performance the following week. They really need to keep it rolling and beat the very beatable Saints and maintain a firm grasp on the division. Still a lot of football left to play this season.
  5. Of course, but I'm still always hopeful. I've been watching WC for nearly 30 years, and it's always funny how it's promoted here, like 'Yey, we're the US, we're so good at sports, we're totally going to win and shit', and then the reality sets in when we get one win if we're lucky, maybe limp into the round of 16 despite having a negative goal differential, and if so, get run off the field in humiliating fashion. The problem is the fluke that was the 2002 WC set unrealistic expectations (as did winning our group in 2010 - by hilarious triple tie-breaker), so our fair weather fans now think we have a legit chance and every 4 years they cheer extra loud.... at least until the group stage ends and we go home. I don't even remember seeing any live coverage for the WC in 2018 simply cause the US didn't even qualify (how embarrassing was that?! lol). I think Fox had the broadcast rights but only posted recap videos on their website, but I could be wrong. So, can we get out of the group stage this year? Sure. Will we? Probably not. But it's definitely a possibility, stranger things have happened, and I'll still be hopeful. I mean, we got Pulisic, right? Just ask any 'fan' on the street and they'll tell you, he'll take us all the way! (Honestly, I think he's the only player anyone in this country knows by name since Landon Donovan retired).
  6. From what I understand, the PS3 versions have much more prevalent bugs than the PS4 versions. I never played the PS3 versions, but I played this collection a while back and got both platinums with relative ease. As mega-tallica said above, all the major, potentially game-breaking bugs are well documented, and in my experience, the ones for this collection didn't exist in the PS4 versions, or were much more easily avoided. You'll likely need a guide anyway for some of the more nuanced trophies and collectibles, so best to consult it before playing to see if there's any major bug warnings. But anyone who has played a Lego game before already knows this. As far as the games themselves, the playstyle of these 2 Lego games are a bit different than most of the others, so if you're used to say Lego Batman, Lego Marvel, or Lego Pirates, it's a bit of an adjustment. However I found them very enjoyable, and I played them right after doing a two-week Potter movie marathon with my kids, who are playing the games themselves now and also very much enjoying them.
  7. As a hardcore Niners fan for well over 30 years, I'm always excited when the team makes a move that fires up the locker room. A lot of those guys are really excited to have McCaffrey, which is a good thing. That same energy turns into something else, something positive, on the field. Hell, I'm old enough to remember when Christian's dad Ed played one season with the Niners (which coincidentally was their last SB winning season) back in the 90s. It was the same season they picked up Deion. Sometimes getting just the right player at just the right time makes all the difference. Christian McCaffrey might be that guy this season. And he expressed interest in playing in the Bay Area, so there's a lot of positives here for everyone involved. Plus this helps get Deebo out of the backfield and into the open field where he belongs. So, will the Niners make the playoffs? The SB? Who knows, and that's a long way out to think about, but every news outlet reporting on this trade is talking about a SB run. Personally, I think it's a bit too early, especially when we're talking about a 3-3 team with some critical injuries and a lot of fall/winter football left to play. Will this trade make all the difference? I don't know... I hope so... but I also have my doubts. But one thing is for sure, this season just got a lot more interesting for the NFC West.
  8. That means that whatever evidence they produced was enough to convince CRT that they didn't cheat and their account cleared. Sometimes I'm amazed that some accounts stay up. Super obvious cheaters who could in no way have earned the trophies in the manner in which they did are allowed to stay. It can be very frustrating. But to be fair to CRT, there are a lot of cheaters who are removed, as well. I don't know what their job entails, they may get thousands of reports a day and there's only 4 people on the team. I know it can also take a while for them to address a report, so if it was reported recently, it might just be a delay vs inaction.
  9. The Niners season might be salvaged.... maybe. Don't get me wrong, it's absolutely awful that Lance won't be playing because of an injury. I'm really sorry that he got hurt, and I wish that never happened. I didn't want him in there, but not this way. I can't remember how long ago I said it, but regardless of what Niners front office says, he is not the future of the Niners. I'd love to be wrong on this, but I just don't see it. He's talented, but I don't think he'll ever be an elite NFL QB. Doesn't mean I think Jimmy G is elite either, but I believe he is the best option for the Niners now and in the future, and I've been saying that since last season when d-bag Shanahan wanted nothing more than to get rid of him. He gave Jimmy nothing last year, no support, no love, nothing, and Jimmy defied every expectation. Lance showed us who he is last week against the Bears. Jimmy showed us who he is today against the Hawks. If you're not convinced, I can't blame you, the Jimmy G ride is quite the roller coaster. But with Lance this would have ended up being a losing season, .500 at best, and all the excuses would have passed the blame to anyone and everyone else. I bet they'd even have deemed this a 'rebuild' season, despite the entire core of playmakers is still there from the last couple seasons. But now I feel like I can look forward to sunday games again. Niners won't win them all, but at least it should be fun to watch. And hopefully they'll have a good season, maybe even make the playoffs, and maybe Jimmy can continue to prove people wrong. If he can stop making stupid mistakes at the worst time, he may well just do that. On that note, I also wish Lance a speedy recovery. Hopefully he'll fully recover and the injury won't affect his future.
  10. Yes. - 1350: 70 bronze, 1 plat - 1290: 11 gold, 1 plat
  11. It should increment, but you cannot earn the trophies through the app. That's why the trophy guide has this message in it "Warning: if you are using the APEX app to send strike teams, make sure to send the last one while playing, as many have reported the trophy will not unlock unless you do so." So just make sure you do the 5th one for explorer and 25th one for veteran yourself and not through the app. Chances are the 5th, 10th, and 15th ones you completed were through the app, that's why you didn't get Explorer any of the 3 times you completed that.
  12. I haven't played in years, unfortunately. Life has been in the way for a long time. I played a little bit in college, but since then work and family have taken preference. The only instrument I have left is my old alto, which sadly sits in its case in the garage, unused. Some day I'll buy new reeds for it and teach my kids how to play (when they get a little older), but I doubt I'll ever get back into it myself.
  13. I can't play string instruments, but wish I could. I never learned cause my fingers never would cooperate properly. I played a bunch of brass and woodwinds over the years, no problem. I can sorta play piano, but only one-handed (so not really, lol). I always wanted to take lessons for it, but already took lessons on other instruments and played in 3 school bands, so didn't really have the time. I'm always envious when I meet people who can play piano properly. That movie came out when I was in high school. I don't think a day went by that the girls who played flute in band didn't get harassed
  14. It's been a long time since I played this game, but I don't recall having any issues with collectibles not showing up. I looked at this vid - - and it appears there's 2 lollipops in basically the same place. Did you get both of them? In the vid it seems only the second one counted. I linked to the exact spot in the vid where #15 is located, but feel free to watch the whole vid from the start, maybe the narrator gives some insight. And good luck!
  15. I played Alto for 7 years and Baritone for 4 and never played it on either, yet I taught myself how to play it on the recorder as an adult (for the loz, of course, and to entertain my office coworkers during late night crunch time). And of course I voted for it.