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  1. I'm back after not playing video games for far too long, not sure where to pick up from really, left so many games barely touched! suggestions?

  2. Brand new channel and first video has just gone live! Please check it out!

  3. Please check out this tweet and give me some feedback -

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    2. Matthew_Banfield


      Training to be yes

    3. SilkyJay86


      It's not bad at all. Something about the name doesn't want to roll off my tongue quite right. Don't listen to me tho! Better than I could do..

    4. Matthew_Banfield


      Yeh it is a bit long winded isn't it, maybe just abbreviate it to TTG?

  4. Are there many people on PSNP who are youtube gamers? Would be cool to find people to work with

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    2. MrCostari


      So I don't need the new one, the HD60 to have it work for my PS4?

    3. Matthew_Banfield


      nah the hd works fine

    4. MrCostari


      Okay great! I didn't know that.

  5. Merry Christmas Everyone!

  6. P v Z is pretty fun :) glad I got it free on PS4

    1. xZoneHunter


      I got it on release day, was not disappointed. Glad everybody gets to enjoy this gem, because it was pretty underrated imo!

    2. Matthew_Banfield


      massively! I was about to buy it before I got it free too

  7. That's a decent set of wheels man! I'm a sucker for a smart interior
  8. Click my signature for my channel
  9. hi

    your friends recommended wisely, this site is brilliant for all aspects of playstation gaming
  10. This is a great little checklist, will definitely be following this thread for when i choose to grind trophies
  11. Good to know sleeping counts too, cuts this trophy way down hoping I will get this through simply chilling out and playing
  12. This has happened to me numerous times on PC whilst using mods but never on console? I'd say again, like others, try find a save in the cloud. Glad you managed to rebuild it quickly
  13. This is a great idea, I never thought of doing this!
  14. This would be such a pointless trophy if it wasn't for me liking to make buildings out of stone brick! Just to confirm: I can change my difficulty mid game and it won't matter?
  15. Thank you all glad you enjoyed