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  1. Hi guys, I am looking to start a journalism masters in September and was maybe looking at the possibility of gaming being an area I could work in... It would be much appreciated if I could get your feedback on my work, most of which I will post via twitter. My account is @banfieldmatthew. A follow and then feedback from you guys would be great! Cheers all and happy trophy hunting MB
  2. Hi all, Simple question, which next generation first person shooter will you be picking up? Answer the poll by choosing your game, then make a comment below explaining your choice! I understand that Killzone shadow fall is also a choice when discussing fps games but this poll is solely for the cross platform games. This poll will hopefully help make my mind up on which to buy... Cheers, MB
  3. I'm back after not playing video games for far too long, not sure where to pick up from really, left so many games barely touched! suggestions?

  4. Brand new channel and first video has just gone live! Please check it out!

  5. Please check out this tweet and give me some feedback -

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    2. Matthew_Banfield


      Training to be yes

    3. SilkyJay86


      It's not bad at all. Something about the name doesn't want to roll off my tongue quite right. Don't listen to me tho! Better than I could do..

    4. Matthew_Banfield


      Yeh it is a bit long winded isn't it, maybe just abbreviate it to TTG?

  6. Are there many people on PSNP who are youtube gamers? Would be cool to find people to work with

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    2. MrCostari


      So I don't need the new one, the HD60 to have it work for my PS4?

    3. Matthew_Banfield


      nah the hd works fine

    4. MrCostari


      Okay great! I didn't know that.

  7. Merry Christmas Everyone!

  8. P v Z is pretty fun :) glad I got it free on PS4

    1. xZoneHunter


      I got it on release day, was not disappointed. Glad everybody gets to enjoy this gem, because it was pretty underrated imo!

    2. Matthew_Banfield


      massively! I was about to buy it before I got it free too

  9. That's a decent set of wheels man! I'm a sucker for a smart interior
  10. Click my signature for my channel
  11. hi

    your friends recommended wisely, this site is brilliant for all aspects of playstation gaming
  12. This is a great little checklist, will definitely be following this thread for when i choose to grind trophies
  13. Good to know sleeping counts too, cuts this trophy way down hoping I will get this through simply chilling out and playing
  14. This has happened to me numerous times on PC whilst using mods but never on console? I'd say again, like others, try find a save in the cloud. Glad you managed to rebuild it quickly
  15. This is a great idea, I never thought of doing this!
  16. This would be such a pointless trophy if it wasn't for me liking to make buildings out of stone brick! Just to confirm: I can change my difficulty mid game and it won't matter?
  17. Hi guys and gals, Today I had an article published in a teaching magazine that was about the use of video games in education. Please click the link and check it out, it would be great to hear what you all think. Just so you know I don't get paid for this so you clicking doesn't gain me anything, I just wanted to show it off and see if it might spark up a conversation here? Thanks all! MB Article -
  18. Thank you all glad you enjoyed
  19. The Wishlist: Destiny, Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Crew, Dying Light... I think that is everything, all on PS4, anything I've missed?

    1. MrCostari


      You should have missed Destiny :o

    2. Matthew_Banfield
    3. MrCostari


      It can be fun and very addictive but extremely grindy, repetetive and boring. Watch Angry Joe's review please!

  20. Looking at what you already have I'd go for AC:Unity... play it... then tell me what it is like so i can decide whether to throw money at it!
  21. Hi Precision, Apologies for not replying to your direct message, I've been bogged down with uni work so haven't been on the site in a LONG time unfortunately! I'm happy for you to take me out the league as I would not have the time to compete at all right now. I hope everyone continues to enjoy this well run league, I'll be sure to reapply if I ever get the time to compete properly! Matt
  22. Resogun is the only game I have truly enjoyed out of the PS4 free titles... Amazing Game
  23. Hi all, On my channel I look at using video games in education and I was wondering if you thought this game was a good idea for one to feature on a child friendly channel? What I was thinking was it could be portrayed as a child friendly answer to call of duty? Vote yes or no in my poll and if you'd like to pop a little comment below with your reasons Thanks all, Matt (TheTeacherGamer)
  24. Thank you for all the responses so far, having not yet played the game I was unsure as to whether it was suitable. Reading your comments has helped paint a better picture of the game to me, maybe the humour of the game steers more towards teenage years and there might be other games far more suitable? Let me know if I'm on the right lines! Those games are all great suggestions thanks! Would you also put games like ratchet and clank in contention? haha I'm guessing it isn't the most entertaining game to play then, I watched someone on youtube playing it and I did quite enjoy it, but i guess that is because i'm more into the "kid" games Thanks Daki I must admit even at the age of 22, I still want to go and give it a go
  25. I redesigned my Youtube channel today, any thoughts on how it looks would be cool from you guys :)

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    2. soniq


      I wasn't judging ^^ All I was saying is that whenever I see Comic Sans, that site comes to my mind.

    3. amebapiko


      wait what? I thought that was someone else since you made an account here as that youtube name

    4. Matthew_Banfield


      haha i didn't think you were soniq! I will never be able to look at comic sans the same way though :P

      Hi KillCount, yeh I did make an account here under that name but I was asked to use this account instead as the guys here at psn didn't want an account on the forums that was solely promoting my channel, which is fair enough. I wasnt looking to promote the channel really, more just talk about video games and education, but i do get where they were coming from :)